To my non-readers

Most of my readers are non-readers turned readers and I take pride in the fact. So here’s to those non-readers from all around the world. All those curious souls in all size, shape, creed and color, or an accidental SEOs…Whatever it is that brought you to the world of Alexa Creation – you are welcome. I’m glad you are here.

When I’d started Alexa Creation (7 years ago), the objective was simply to let it out; with no mere intention of being noticed. Back then few of my dear friends had suggested that I must start a blog; I wasn’t sure if I was ready but I gave it a try; spilled my heart out and it felt good. Therefore I continued for nothing but self-healing, but now I have a bigger reason.

As we know: The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change. We are in search of the highest and the brightest within us. Similar to those trillion cells in our body mutating every millisecond and on an external level, those life experiences helping us grow spiritually until we’ve learned our lesson…I too am in that process of transforming into my complete self and I’m glad you are here to witness. So, cheers to our commonality that has connected us, despite our differences.

Writing to me is not just a form of an expression, but my existence. It is sincerely from the heart and its sheer earnest attempt unfolding every aspect in me; where not only one facet alone fully defines me. I’m glad some of you have recognized that.

Your messages on how my writing to your own surprise has turned you into a reader 🙂 encourage me to continue. Without the motivation, even the unencumbered attempts or the greatest of ideas lay adrift. So I thank you all for appreciating, encouraging and giving it a purpose.

No matter how you relate/connect: be it thought-provoking or a sheer pleasure of wordplay. Feels amazing to learn that ‘I in my own little way’ have touched your hearts for good (if not better). My heartfelt gratitude to all my non-readers turned readers and all others.

P.S below I’ve shared few of my favorites in no particular order🙂

Happy reading 📖




Writing back to readers/followers whom I’ve disappointed!

I’ve received messages where some people have expressed their disappointment. Now should I be sorry to disappoint my readers and few followers?

There’s no more drama happening in my life and I can’t help it but be thankful. As it is for the 1st time in a long time I am loving my life because it is normal, just like I’ve always wished for. There’s nothing to complain and nothing to boast about. Now if I am too busy living my normal life rather than entertaining anyone, that isn’t my problem.

Whenever I posted something in Alexa Creation fan-page, on Twitter or on my blog, I always used words to heal. Though am aware that the entire world is on the internet, however the purpose wasn’t and still isn’t to attract followers and least was I intending to entertain anyone.

I used web as a counselor. Someone to talk to whether or not s/he/it is listening. I just wanted to let those impetuous feelings out. I care less about what others think as long as I get to do what I want to, and as long it helps me feel better.

I never thought twice to express my feelings, no matter how private they were. I do understand if this is my strength it is also my weakness. If you don’t get it I too don’t get why you don’t get it. This is who I am and this is who I choose to be so let me just be.

I may have disappointed you all but I didn’t intend to and I am not apologetic too.

Thanks and TC! – $hri§T