Shivapuri Hiking: Not a Travel Guide

Reminiscing Shivapuri Hiking. Been 7 years since, and that which manages to stay alive within me till date…Wait! I need to give you the background first 🙂

If its a name, chances are I might forget them the very next moment (so bad at it). If it’s a face, I don’t forget but I wouldn’t remember them either. Although, I never forget faces, why would I recall them? 😉 But a simple act of humanity that has deeply touched the heart, will not only be vividly remembered but also cherished for a lifetime. This blog post is dedicated to that feeling, a strange man had instilled in my heart, which lives with me till date. In fact, has grown stronger with time. Oh no! Don’t get me wrong, this is not a love story (would be weird if it was). And definitely not a travel guide.

Back in 2011, I and my friends planned to go take a hike. The idea germed from a whim of fulfilling our leader’s demand (she who, every now-and-then would ask us to go take a hike). So for this one time, we took her advice seriously 😉. A supposedly short trip in its own little way shaped my outlook towards life. Back then I used to work in a call center. After our shift was over (at 6:00 a.m.) we headed for a hike to Shivpuri, with no proper plan whatsoever. As a result, what was estimated to be a short hike of 6-7 hours lasted 12+ hours(both ways).

With little sleep, a day before and staying up all night–dialing, with no food and no plan, here we were climbing uphill. All we had with us was a bottle of water and a couple of chhurpi (aka durkha). Those little treats which I’d accidentally found in my bag, helped us cover a few miles. However, the water ran out sooner than expected. Without a doubt, we’d either overestimating our stamina or underestimated the terrain. At the foothills, we did get a chance to fuel ourselves, but we skipped that meal too. Why? Because we weren’t hungry then (speak of an opportunity knocking the door once).

Nevertheless, to begin with, we had nothing to complain about because we had the necessary zeal and energy to keep us going. We walked through the friendly trails leaving the valleys behind. In sheer excitement, we climbed uphill. Hiking route seemed like a play amid good company. We walked, crossed the jungle, stopped by the abandoned temple and pranked each other (feeling and acting lost). But the vigor didn’t last long. Soon hunger struck and a few minutes seemed like an umpteen hours. Slowly the pranks, laughter, giggle, talks—all decreased. Then came a point when we were literally famished. Our stomach was growling with hunger. For the first time in my life, I experienced hunger in its real sense. Then, all of a sudden what we encountered before our eyes was like a desperate urge–an unuttered prayer being heard.

To our surprise, in the middle of nowhere, where there was not a single sign of human other than the 5 of us, we saw a small hut. It lay there abandoned as if it was a stranded piece of an ashram. What we saw in front of us was not a hut but an opportunity to feed ourselves. If not for anything at least to regain the energy to reach home safe before dark. But to think about it later…an abandoned hut in the middle of nowhere would be rather creepy. If we weren’t starving, our brain would do the trick. And why wouldn’t it? As it is, we are fed with Hansel and Gretel sort of stories since childhood, crime thriller movies and horrendous news to add to that? In that case, at least one of us would hesitate to enter the hut or call for help. But the situation we were in was a blessing in disguise. We didn’t have to assemble courage to shed all our inhibitions, an empty stomach did that for us. Our so-called logical mind took a back seat and the survival instinct was full on. Body spoke louder than the head of course. Therefore, it didn’t occur to none of us (to think) but act. That very moment, food was a god.

Fortunately, an old man (Jogi/Yogi) graciously welcomed us inside his hut and offered us to choose the food and prepare them ourselves (if we so desired). Food items he had were RARA noodles and biscuits. Without much thought, we stodged 3-4 pieces of biscuits at once (as if in an eating challenge). We could hardly chew with a mouth full so then we gulped it with water. You can imagine how hungry we must have been to act so savage. The biscuits didn’t satisfy the hunger, so we used his mud stove to cook RARA. Now stomach full and happy, we had the most joyful smile spreading on our face. Satisfied, we washed the dishes and thanked the old man. Honestly, we couldn’t thank him enough. With little of what we knew OR how we thought we could show our gratitude—we offered him some money. Also, coz that was the only thing we had with us then. After that, we continued on our journey.

A few steps past…our senses came to its so-called normal state or should I say its ability to bullshit. The food we just had with such delight was now a matter of ridicule. Not that we intended to be disrespectful to the food or the offering, but we couldn’t believe ourselves: the food that we just had and especially the way we ate it. Without exaggerating, those RARA were so stale that it required a strong press from both hands in support of thigh to break into two. Those biscuits, on the other hand, had long lost its crispness and were soggy. But in the process of eating it, we saw no flaws. We ate it as if it was the biggest feast of our life. Seriously, we humans can be intolerably impossible when our basic needs are taken care of. And of all, money that we place such big importance to, couldn’t even feed us at time of need. To think about it now, I feel so small in front of a yogi although I was on the side of offering him the money. He, who on the other end seemed like the richest man alive. When I say rich, NOT referring to an abundance of wealth alone, but fulfillment in all aspects of life.

It’s been 7 years since, and that which manages to stay alive within me till date is that simple act of a yogi’s kindness. The unfathomable grandeur of life is such that, the more we experience, the more we realize we know so little and above all feel so small in comparison to what’s there. That yogi we met in the middle of nowhere, left a huge impact in me without even uttering much. I still remember his graceful face, lighting up with joy, when he was watching us all quench our thirst and hunger.

There are few moments in life that we cherish—ones which leave an everlasting impact. Those moments are rare which inspires us to ‘better be’ and ‘be better.’ That particular experience for me was my moment ‘to simply be.’ It is experiences like these that shifts our focus to things that really matter. Unplanned, uninvited, as life is, such moments unfold in mysterious ways. They teach without preaching. Thanks to that experience, hike to Shivapuri, was more than just a hike. The best part about an adventurous trek, hike or life in general, is the journey itself. Needless to say, the feeling of reaching to the top and the view from up above is simply ineffable. But the experience gathered in between and the learnings are the real deal.

The beginning and the end of our life is defined, we have no-to-little say on it, but it’s the ‘in-between’ that we really have; that which shapes the quality of our life, our being. These days, I do less, talk less, think less but observe and be more. Feels so calm and happy simply being. Also, been traveling a lot lately and reading (anything handy) like never before. So in this process of traveling and observing, have noticed sth which isn’t new. And i.e. with so much one has achieved and owns, simply smiling seems like an arduous task for many. On the other hand, those who own less or nothing to lose carries the most infectious smile: like that of a happy baby, like that of a playful dog and like that of a Yogi.

Happy Being!

Travel Diary: Chitlang 2018

The beauty of Mountainous region is that; not too far away from the city, one can escape exploring its unique landscapes.

Although born and raised in Kathmandu, the city has never failed to surprise me (especially it’s outskirts). We can say the same for the country in its entirety. No matter how much and how far one has traveled, there’s no place like home. In that sense—when familiarity breeds comfort, there is no room for boredom.

Route to Chitlang

We took the route of Thankot via Chandragiri (I.e before heading towards its gate follow the road on your right). If you are heading down from Chandragiri, turn left. A prior research and google map study comes in handy, but the latter is rather confusing (especially in the context of Nepal)—can’t fully rely on it. If that’s the case, follow the old school method (if confused, ask the locals at every turn).

The Road

Currently, the road laying process is at its initial stage. It’s a great route for hiking no doubt and two-wheeler can get on it too, but those gravels can be a pain. So make sure it’s a tubeless tire; which is more of common sense. However, what’s common sense for one isn’t so for the other :/ …that’s another story altogether. Anyways, the road condition isn’t quite ready for a four-wheeler, but if you are in for some adventure, why not? Personally deadlier the road, better it quenches the thirst for the adventure right?…No?…OK! But hey! Don’t take my word for it—the road isn’t all that bad for mild adventurers and adrenaline junkies, but not quite ready for comfort seekers.


Although the distance from Chandragiri to Chitlang is 14 km approx; the road condition can add to it, so plan accordingly. Expect a few twists and turns that lead to an edge giving an impression of a dead end, but the idea is to keep moving and you’ll find your way. 🙂


Despite the narrow lane, a gravel road spurting pebbles and clouds of dust, the inviting landscape makes it all worthwhile. Just about 2 km from Chandragiri, if you stop to look back, one can have a presumable neck to neck view of its cable cars sliding up and down. Well, not sliding literally, but whatever…you get my point. 🙂 On a clear day, the mountains appear to crown the valley submerged in between. It’s moments like this when I really wish to have a professional camera, but even then it would do no justice to what meets the eye.

Although I’m no stranger to these hills and mountains. And seemingly they may offer nothing new to someone born and raised in Nepal. Nevertheless, they never fail to excite me, each time I come close. Simple things in life (travel in particular) gets me all energized which only adds to my childlike spirit. This enthusiasm can be easily misconstrued to put me in the false light—making me appear as someone who has never traveled. But like I always say ‘their thinking can never change my being.’ Who are ‘they’ BTW? 🤔


Not too far away from the city, witnessing a different lifestyle amid its unique geography–our first stop was:

Chitlang Organic Village Resort

Based on its online reviews and popularity, one may easily plan their trip for a night stay—we had similar plans, but after reaching here we realized, it isn’t a good idea. This place might very well work for a group getaway, boy’s gathering, corporate retreat etc. For those seeking to enjoy the bonfire, followed by drinks, song-and-dance at night and no sleep or few hours to doze in the tent. However, I wouldn’t suggest the same for a couple or a family. I say so because the tent isn’t secure as one might expect. Also, for 10 tents and 2 cottage (each accommodating 6 people), the resort only has 2 small toilets and one wash basin.

Anyway, if you must stay, prior booking could help as they sell quickly especially during weekends and holidays. Also, there are few other resorts and homestay facilities in the area. However, if you are in early, a few hours is enough to explore the place and head towards the next destination (if you ask me).

Food to try in Chitlang?

Try trout fish-thali. We had the same for lunch and it was fresh and delicious. Also, they are known for alcohol and juice made from Naspati (Pears),. Although we couldn’t taste, as they were out of stock at that moment.

Nearby Attractions

You may visit the nearby goat cheese factory (which is first of its kind in Nepal), owned by Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh Thakuri.

Mr. Thakuri takes immense pride in his work and I mean that in a good way. Passion for his work was evident in our conversation and more so in his success. He gave us a tour around the factory, which basically is a single-storey building. Apart from owning a cheese factory, he runs a home-stay (next to his factory) and produces wine too. Currently, these goat cheese gets orders from 3-5 stars hotels and bakeries in Kathmandu. One of my favorite bakery (Hermann Helmers in Jhamsikhel) happened to be one of his clients.

Before entering his workplace, all visitors are advised to:

  • Buy an entry ticket (a nominal fee for his time and briefing).
  • Replace your footwear with a poly-bag (it’ll be provided)
  • Change to a surgical-like gown and a cap (can wear it on top of your cloth and this too will be provided).
  • Be respectful 🙂

Mr. Thakuri briefed us on the manufacturing process and attuned to the mood, an inquisitive child and a journalistic bug within me tried to make the most. I must admit, although I had no intention of a similar start-up, passion for his work was so contiguous that for a moment I was like—why not? And who knows, I might as well 😉

Mr. Thakuri seemed more than happy to share his knowledge, in fact, he was so pleased that he refused to accept the entry ticket from us later. His reason was, “it’s a pleasure to explain it to the people who show genuine interest.” Hmm…was the interest genuine or just a trick-of-the-trade of a journalist? 🤔 that too a good one. 😉 J

Even after the open house tour, our conversation did not end. Rather it got interesting; from which would like to share few insights:

Mr. Thakuri shared his experience working in Europe and his take on money-making; which he says isn’t as difficult as people think…he gave us an example of young boys and girls, if they intend, they can earn 25k NPR per month collecting wastes around the region like plastics etc. But the issue is, either that’s not enough or that’s not the kind of work one is looking for. But the point is, it sure pays with no minimum eligibility criteria.

Quote, unquote-ING what he said, “Work is work; there should be no shame attached to it. In fact, one should take pride in the work one does.” I’m with him on this because I truly believe one’s intention, sheer passion, and honesty for the work is all that counts and money will follow. You know now, why I write—right? 🙂 But my problem is I am passionate about a lot of things and life in general, but again how is that a problem? (I wonder)…

From all that we’d discussed, I like how he thinks and was I delighted? Because the best part about travel is the journey, people, stories, learning, exploring etc…etc… Seriously, there is so much one can learn from the other, all you’ve got to do is be open and listen. Also, the most heart-warming remark of them all was when he shared, that his riches are the fact that he gets to be with his family, make a decent living out of something he likes doing, has a privilege to stay in his country, provide service and employment to his people, while enjoying the home cooked food. True that!

He seemed happy to be busy and useful, but a little disappointed by himself for not being able to produce to match the quantity of its demand. In particular, the matured (hard, yellow-ish) goat cheese. At the time of our visit he had one matured cheese (that too reserved for his family), but later..idk…he just offered half of it to us. I couldn’t wait to taste it, so we had it on our way back. It was fresh and gooey (I thank god for whatever got him to change his mind in the last moment) 😋 Speaking of cheese 🧀… I am lactose intolerant and my love affair with cheese is like: ‘l love you more & I must have you because I was told that I can’t.’ 😶🤫🥰

As for the wine, currently, he is in a process of registering it in order to export them in big quantity. We tasted two different flavors: plum and ground apple (Yacón). I liked the ground apple better. Since a sip seemed to be a tease, we brought a couple of them home.

Before wine tasting, it is advisable to visit the other two attractions:

Old Durbar (currently a local school). Honestly, there isn’t much to explore here (just it’s exterior).

Saat Dhara

If you follow the pasture, right next to old Durbar and opposite Mr. Thakuri’s home-stay—it leads you towards Saat-Dhara (seven taps). It’s only 10 minutes walk via jungle, but make sure to carry an empty bottle for a refill.

That brings us to the end of our trip to Chitlang, after which we headed toward Kulekhani. To read that post click here. Happy Travelling! 🙂

Trip to Thailand

Sought for and received endless advice for my trip to Thailand back in April, 2015. Some I applied and I’m glad I did while there were few others – I tried but wasn’t much help.

Like most of em, I did my homework: watched a convincing number of videos with travel guides and read few articles online.

Seeking advice to plan ahead is good but don’t keep your hopes high as it’s unlikely all things work as per the plan. In fact, would say no plan is good however, preparation on some basics is a MUST e.g. learning about the culture, dos and don’ts of that particular place can be handy.

I personally believe that no two travel experiences are alike, it’s distinct one way or the other. Experiences after all are guided by factors such as: One’s preferences/plans, interests etc. Also, people you meet along the way and your perception towards it gives it a whole new dimension (each time).

Here I wouldn’t be talking about the things which you can simply Google but will try to enumerate my experience from the trip. Its up to you to see if any of these experiences would be of any help, if you are considering visiting Thailand.

Budget: Thailand has a little bit of everything to offer for everyone. If someone has money burning a hole in their pocket or someone who watches every penny – whoever you are, you can uncompromisingly have a great trip based on the choices you make and there are plenty of options to choose from. just have patience to screen through and be wise with the choices you make.

Hotels vs Hostel: You can find a pretty good deal either ways but if you are a budget traveler and traveling alone, hostel might be the best option. Got a company? Hotels might be a good option as hostel charge per head. At 350 baht per night per person you could get a really good hostel that offers B&B with tidy rooms and although you share washroom they are designed for hostels and are kept clean at all times or at least the one I tried at pattaya Sleep Cafe was super tidy. Staff there were very helpful and friendly. The only debacle was a road side dormitory that didn’t allow us sound sleep. A bad choice when we picked a dorm 😏 – otherwise it was a good experience. Also, if you have only few hours before the flight/bus to catch they even offer a nap room at a reasonable cost. Prices could be less or more depending on how much you can bargain and their mood 😆


Language: You speak English? Great! But not much of a help 😜 Only people who spoke a little English in Thailand was in sukhumvit area (in bkk) and Phuket. But guess what, you can still survive if you learn the basic greetings and few tips as shared in the next point below.

Communication: Basically the conversation you need to initiate will be money related, in that case the trend is to simply punch in a number in your mobile/calculator and say yes/no and negotiate some more 😉 This is useful whether you are out shopping, catching a cab, in the market – buying veggies etc. And yes they surprisingly do understood the numerics if not AB2Z. Would also suggest you to ask for a vCard from the hotel you are staying at and show them at the metro, bts, taxi etc for your own convenience to get back safe. Best to at least learn to pronounce the name of the place correctly (place you want to visit) but if you fail in your attempt simply show them the map in your smart phone or the vCard if you have one. Normally, when you show them the map/card Esp taxi drivers might reply saying they don’t know how to read. In such cases practice pronouncing the name of the place correct in a tone that they can understand.

Modes of Transportation: Basically the answer is in the street/stations itself. If you take sometime to read the signs – it’s all there.

  1. Taxi meter: in Bangkok and its solely runs through the meter, thus the name.  As you sit the meter starts from 35 baht (was when I visited in 2015), rate per distance are clearly mentioned in the list hanging on the front seat (next to driver’s seat). Each taxi has the details of the driver (just double check the photo) and read through the details, you might want to take a picture of it, just in case. Also, traffic during weekends are a huge problem. Driver might ask you for your consent if it’s ok to take a highway to avoid traffic? In this case note that you have to pay 50 baht extra (on top of the total amount). Outside the city even taxi meter runs on bargain turning their meter off (just like we find it in Kathmandu city) 😛 No good, but it’s the truth.
  2. Tuk Tuk: it’s a good ride for an experience but note that it could get hot as there’s no ac. Tuk Tuk still is a good experience as it does not run through meter but solely on how much you bargain before hopping on it. It’s still a good deal if you know for sure that there’s going to be a traffic and would cost you more if you were in a taxi meter.
  3. Motorbike taxi: they have a fixed rate and this mode of transportation is usually used for short distance of 10 or 30 minutes walk. However, best to confirm the rates and show them the card to your destination. If you ask me, I did not have a good experience with the ride – as they drove in full speed – I almost gasped for my life but u don’t have much choice, to where I wanted to go and walking 39 minutes in that hot sunny day was out of question.
  4. Metro/Skytrain/Bus: this is the most convenient way to reach to your destination (not worrying about bargaining or traffic). However, you must know the place you want to get to and the nearest point that metro/skytrain stops at. It could be a little hassle at first but trust me you’ll get used to it and feel like a local n proud for saving yourself some money by utilizing the resources around. Before hopping in, always read the board in each station to ensure you are on the correct side/lane. And as mentioned earlier, answers are there around the station if you take few moments to observe/read.

Food: I’d heard people speaking highly of the street food but honestly I wasn’t a big fan. It could be because I don’t have much choice bring a vegetarian myself. Each time I craved for a real food (rice with curry in my case) I was disappointed. First of all, vegetarian is like yes seafood, which wasn’t true in my case so i survived on few ready made items from 7-Eleven. Also, their food are intended to be spicy and if you are from Nepal you would crave a salt after few days cuz they hardly use one. Probably for your own good, considering the whether in Bangkok. I only got my real deal with street food when I reached Phuket, coconut pudding and papaya salad was simply delicious. If you have sweet tooth, would recommend mango with sticky rice with sesame seed and sour cream.


Grand palace:  Beautiful place but be very careful with the scams around. No matter how alert one may be fraudulent schemes spreads like an invisible web, around that area so be extra careful.

Shopping: It’s a shopping paradise, for a reason. If you find sth u like it, grab it and don’t forget to bargain. Do not wait to find the same item someplace else, weigh and bargain (you’ll regret), so I suggest grab what you like then and there.

Best place to stay? I would recommend to stay in Sukhumvit, Asoke where for easy access to transportation and best deals with accommodation, it’s a centre to help you get to main point easily and has easy access to skytrain/bts/metro etc.

Must have? Nothing lol, yeah no kidding. But if you wish to would suggest a good pair of slipper, shawl to cover your shoulders prior to visiting temples will be helpful. Yes, one must cover their knee and shoulder in / around temple. Other than this, leave an empty space for lots of shopping at good deal that might take you by surprise.

Chinatown (Yaowarat Rd): I was this greedy kid that wanted everything once I got there lol – it’s true. Can’t help it KTM is getting expensive day by day. Here in Chinatown one can only buy in wholesale and it’s advised to plan your day early as they wrap up by 4/5 pm. said but also the only place where one cannot bargain :/ you may try though.

China Town

Pattaya: This city is quite a hussle! Walking street was dead crazy and I often found myself perplexed:P However, I enjoyed the laid back environment and carefree nature of the people. The breathtaking sun-set was to die for. What impressed me most was people’s positive outlook towards LGBT. Although, people say there’s an ugly side to it but I only witnessed the positive side of it and I respect their tolerance. Phuket on the other hand I would say was a classy version of Thailand.

Beautiful sun-set at Pattaya
Beautiful sun-set at Pattaya


Overall, I had a great experience in Thailand, Bkk was full of surprises. Pattaya was colourful and Phuket was phenomenal.

Note: Everything mentioned on this blog is truly based on my personal experience / opinion.

Happy Travelling 🙂 $hr!&T

Trip To Bandipur

Bandipur :After having spent 2 nights and 3 days at Machan Wildlife Resort, ‘Sunachuri’, Chitwan our next destination was Bandipur. Bandipur lays midway between the capital Kathmandu and Pokhara. It’s a beautiful town situated on a high ridge above Dumre. From Dumre we took a local bus and after just about half hour ride, we reached Bandipur Bazaar. Bandipur (Once trading route to Tibet and India) is one of the most famous tourist destination villages. This Newar town has maintained its cultural appeal and architectural purity. People seemed charming and hospitable. According to history Bandipur was originally inhabited by the Magars (of Gurkha soldier fame), but today it is a composite of different ethnic groups.Bandipur is also known to be one of the best quiet flying site in Népal for all level Pilot. Paragliding and Rock Climbing is also one of the major activities in Bandipur.


We stayed at Pradhan Guest house, though we were just a visitor, we were treated no less than a family member and as it was Dashain, they offered us tika and food as a blessing from elders in the family. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of joy. Away from home I still felt homely environment. Felt the presence of god, goodwill and humanity all around. Like said in one of the old cliché “Guest is Like God” (True! As long as they act like one and leave soon lol –Pardon me).Pradhan family and their generosity made such beautiful place even more beautiful. If this trend continues around every nook and corner in Nepal, and if we continue treating foreigners like god than our country can advance abruptly (We get what we give). There were many other expensive and luxurious hotels at Bandipur, despite which we chose simple and budgeted guest house and in return got homey treatment.

My Friend With Mr Pradhan

Tin Dhara : After afternoon snacks, we visited Tin Dhara, where water spouts provide cool water famous among Bandipurians near and far for bathing. Water there was pristine. On our way to Tin Dhara we were swaying on the swing.As it was dashian and we all know that swing and Dashain goes hand in hand. After that short walk around Tin Dhara and little bit of swinging, me and my friend sat for a coffee at a near by café.

@ Tin Dhara

Khadga Devi Temple And Sacred Sword:We were just having a normal conversation just than we heard a sound .We perceived the troop; resounding cimbala.One was leading and numerous followed .People gathered instantly, I was bewildered for I was unfamiliar with the activity. We simply followed the crowd, bowed to the ritual and took some pictures. Later we discovered that the unique feature from Khagda Devi Temple was brought before public eyes for a minute.Nowonder the way crowds came and disappeared was within a flash, it happened so quick that it left us wondering, if it really happened. Later we learned that Khagda Devi Temple only opens its doors to devotees and worshipers once a year during Dashain on the day of Phulpat. The shrine does not contain any statues of gods or goddesses, but a sacred sword wrapped in layers of cloth. According to legend, the sword found in Khadga Devi Temple was given to the king of Palpa named Mukunda Sen by Lord Shiva. The Khadga is worshipped as a symbol of the female power, hence the name Khadga Devi, which means goddess of the sword.

Sacred Sword

Purano Kot (Gurungche Hill):
Next morning Mr Pradhan guided us to Purano Kot. It took about twenty minutes of easy walking over the stones to reach the top. The panoramic view on the way was ecstatically delightful. The spectacular peaks of Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre, Langtang, Manaslu ,Ganesh Himal gave me the feel as if I was some Aeronaut viewing this scenario from sky but not too high lol.While viewing Bandipur bazaar from the height ,it looked like a giant sleeping in the bed of mountains. It was so relaxing and as it was early morning we could feel the sound and the waves of fog subtly passing by making its presence felt. The hillocks that surround Bandipur provide an unequalled panoramic view that was simply ineffable to put into words.

Purano Kot (Gurungche Hill)

Harihar Temple And Thani Mai Temple:Mr Pradhan told us about Harihar temple at the top of the hill. Harihar is another name of Hindu God Bishnu.The local people believe that praying to Mahadev at this spot during a drought will bring rain. Next to it stands a newly built temple of Thani Mai.Thani Mai Temple was quite a unique one as it didn’t have the regular feature of the temple. Its top seemed roofless and I promptly reacted as we reached there.That’s when Mr Pradhan explained about its unique feature. He told us that it’s the only temple with no roof and that is because it’s the goddess of Prakash meaning light. Therefore it spreads light all over through its unclosed roof.

Thani Mai Temple

Locals there are really concerned when it comes to promoting their city. They step up to the plate to preserve their city .The slates placed on the way to Gurungche Hill was the initiated by the locals there which no doubt made the hike for all tourist much easier and pleasurable. This reminded me of one stereotyped expression, Aafno Gau Affai Banau.So true.

View From Thani Mai Temple

Major Destination At Bandipur:Tundikhel,Baralthok,Rani Ban,Bindebasini Mandir,Mahalaxmi Mandir,Khadga Devi Mandir,Tin Dhara,Bandipur silk farm,Orchid Trail,Ramkot Village,Siddha Gufa (the largest cave in Nepal),Thani Mai and many more…

Best Seasons: October to February is considered best season for magnificent views, June to August to see beautiful wild flowers. However tourists visit all around the year. Bandipur is also a great place for adventure sports like paragliding, caving, rock climbing, rafting and hiking.You can add Bandipur to your next must make trip.

Bandipur Village

My Experience At Machan Wildlife

Oct 15 2010 Friday, me and one of my friend decided to backpack this Dashain.We made our trip to Machan Wildlife and Bandipur. Just two days before Phulpati ,while all the people were preparing for the big day, we prepared for the the big break lol.We escaped to explore the woods and up-close the nature.Dashain is the major festival in Hinduism, when special rituals are performed . It’s the day of feasting where animals are sacrificed to celebrate goddess Durga’s victory of good over evil. Taking about rituals, I did nothing less and did celebrate but differently. While most people were feasting all sorts of non-veggies, I chose to turn vegetarian this Dashain because animals look good where they belong rather than in the oven or on the plate. No offense to non-vegetarians, but it’s just a personal choice. Backpacking for a trip during such major festival and secluding oneself on the day of gathering and get-together was an extreme contrast but was equally everlasting and amazing experience.

Machan Wildlife Resort

MWR is located at the place called ‘Sunachuri’,Chitwan. They have two different properties in Chitwan, Machan Wildlife Resort (MWR) & Machan Paradise View (MPV).They have their own separate area for which royalty is paid to the government and the best season to visit Machan is from October to May. You can also find Machan Resorts On Facebook.Activities at Machan Includes: Nature Walks, Bird-Watching, Canoeing, Jeep Safari, Elephant Ride, Elephant Bathing, Cultural Programs, Briefing on cultural tribes and animals, Landscaping and many more…

Watch Out For Eyes Of An Animals Flashing Frm The Woods.

There Are 3 Options To Reach Machan:
1. By Flight: 25 minutes flight from KTM to Bharatpur. The distance from Bharatpur airport to Machan is about 40 kms and takes about 45 minutes drive.
2. Private hired vehicle: It takes about 4-5 hours drive
3. Tourist bus: Stops at Tadi Bazaar, which is about 28 kms from Machan.

We took Tourist bus from KTM.As we got off the bus,there was a Jeep waiting for us at ‘Tadi Bazaar, from there we headed towards resort. As Resort is located inside the jungle, Landrover is the means to transport as it drives through the rough terrain crossing the Rapti River. On our way to Machan me and my friend, we were barely talking to each other, not because we had nothing to talk about but without much talk we both seemed to be enjoying. View was captivating, sound and smell from the woods was truly mesmerizing. In between we would exchange looks, still without much to utter. But that subtle smiley eyes and lips on our face said it all.

Driving Across Rapti River

Nothing could be more pleasing than getting close to the nature. No matter how advance mankind may get with all the Hi-Fi Technologies and Latest Gadgets but soon one will lose interest from it. But when it comes to simplicity and authenticity, this never runs out of trend. No matter how hard you party at the end of the day, you long for home.No matter how many delicacies you may have tried but your major food shall always remain daal, bhaat, tarkati and achar(For Nepalese of course). I suggest one should take a break every once or twice a year from their monotonous routine and go serene .Coming close to the nature will help you rejuvenate yourself and this will actually help you find the real you.

Viewing Landrover Across The River

As we got off the Jeep,I was thinking I wouldn’t have enough energy do anything until next day but on seeing such ambiance I couldn’t resist to get into the pool, and I did just that,Splash !!Oops ehh !;)

Pool @ Machan

As per what I have assumed MWR don’t have food menus like normal resort or restaurant would offer, instead they serve you light and healthy food with options you can choose from. That is very concerned of them because while you are on your vacation and esp. on adventurous trip, it’s very important that you eat right and light to avoid falling sick. Imagine! After after all that time you took out from your busy schedule and spent all that money to make your journey worthwhile…but all got ruined because unexpectedly you fell sick? Too bad right? So fueling your body right amount will make you feel good on the inside and when you feel good from the inside you will definitely bestow the same on the outside.

Before the elephant safari we were asked to put on full sleeves so that we don’t get injured by the branches and the wild anonymous insects as nothing is predictable in the wild. We did as told but despite which I got hit by netted leaves on my hand .It was somewhat like Sishnu and it happened within the blink of an eye . It took me almost 5-6 hours to get my hand back to its normal shape lol. While my hand was running out of shape haha ,same time my friend got stung by an insect on the eyes and she was struggling to get it off. Getting into the wild is not always fun and comforting.You can always expect the unexpected.

Elephant Safari

Night time at Machan was such fun, lights on the resort prolly must have looked like a candle in the the middle of GREEN FOREST when viewed by huge Gorilla from his height LOL! Heights of imagination YAY ! Such delightful ambiances to lighten up the mood .Could hear the sound of a night, insect buzzing and the nature at the background (you all know what I mean,can u also hear what I mean? lol !)…Sitting before the camp fire and sipping that local beer from a glass and guff gaff with Ram dai and one of the guard was really fructifying. As that chill beer was being refilled, we all were getting all charged up and than the real talk began…wanna know the topic?? ? ….P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S lol! Wait ! Don’t you run away its interesting (Trust me).Hehe Continue reading “My Experience At Machan Wildlife”

River Side Spring Resort

Kurintar Riverside Spring Resort,Is 102 Km From Kathmandu , 98 Kms From Pokhara And Just A 4 Hrs Drive From The Royal Chitwan National Park .This Resort Has Outnumbered All Other Resort Near By. Marvelous Food (Loved Grilled Chicken With Olive Oil & Caramel Fruit Dessert).

Two Nights And Three Days Passed By Within A Blink Of An Eye. Wished I Could Borrow Few More Days. Man! I Should Have Made My Wish On That Wishing Well.Yeah ! This Resort Has A Wishing Well .Next Time I Go There I Shall Surely Toss A Coin And Make My Wish Come True 😉

Hotel Rooms Are Pretty Expensive; But You Always Have An Alternate For Tent Which Is Worth While And Not As Expensive As Staying In A Hotel Room. Personally, I Would Suggest Tent Coz That Will Help You Save A Lot From Your Pocket And Is Equally Comforting.

Low Wooden Lawn Chair Facing Towards Trishuli River Near Body Of Water Was Simply Awesome.Whats Even More Inspiring Is The View Of Water And Sunset,To Add More To Your Ecstasy U Can Take Ure I-Phone Or Laptop As They Also Provide Wi-Fi;Watch Your Favorite Movie,Skype Ure Loved Ones Or Simply Enjoy The Music.Drinks Offered At The Bar Amid The Pool Was Reasonable And Relaxing Too.

Resort Offers A Variety Of Activities Including White Water Rafting Excursions On The Trishuli River, Kayaking, Nature Walks,Trips To Close By Destinations Including The Famous Manakamana Temple, Bandipur, Gorkha, Chitwan And So On.Tickets For Manakamana Are Sold At The Reception Desk Of The Resort Itself.For Other Arrangement And Discount You Can Contact The City Office Located @ Sanepa, Lalitpur (Infront Of International Club).

In Case You Plan Your Trip To The RSR (River Side Resort),Make Sure It Is Not Wednesday Coz You Will Then Have To Miss Out The Pool…Missing Out On Pool Is Like Missing Out On Main Ambiance.

Riverside Spring Resort Was Awesome! Swimming Beneath The Clear Night Sky While It Was Drizzling. Moonlight Subtly Kissed My Skin While I Was Chilling With That Beer In A Bar Amidst The Pool & Swinging Along The Music .How I Enjoyed Every Bit Of It, How I Wished That Very Moment Would Freeze.Aww! How I Never Wanted To Return,Nowhere I Wannet To Be More….. So Many Moments In Life…Yet,How Many Among Them Do You Really Remember?? THIS ONE …..I Surely Will 😛

No! I Am Not A Marketing Manager Neither Do I Have Any Benefit For Helping It Advertise…Am Just A Satisfied Visitor Expressing My Experience @ RSR ! 😛

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Weekend So Worthwhile @ River Side Spring Resort !