Forgetting and forgiving is what keeps one happy

“Forgetting and forgiving is what keeps one happy.” I’ve always believed so and still do-now I agree even more strongly. Rephrasing it again … Forgiving part I get it but how do we forget? People often say-Forget the past in order to move on, that maybe true but how do we permanently erase it from our memory? We might have to completely lose our mind in order to do so?

Well! How about-not trying so hard just to forget, today or anytime soon? Can’t forget-don’t! Keep the memory, bcoz: if it wasn’t for all those mistakes you wouldn’t learn today, if it wasn’t for all those previous failures you wouldn’t be successful today.

There will come a day when with every passing time w/o even realizing those terrifying experiences will be gone for good. Give yourself sometime to forget but don’t take too long to forgive. You should not hold grudges because this life is too short to waste on hatred. Some wise man said-“Anger hurts you more than the person who upset you.”Wiser way out is to forgive. Assert positively! “That poor fellow was just a marionette in the hands of God, doing things what he was programmed to do”. Grant pardon! And let go because he/she did what they had to, in order to make you.

I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and yes they do. Life lessons come in different faces, some in blood relation while some in love relation. It could be your father, cousin, your friend or a boyfriend, could be anyone. Could be those you love, those you hate or those you simply ignore (or lets’ say those you try to ignore). Loved ones influence you and you hate those who disappoint you-Right? Well the trickiest part here is to get influenced by those who disappoint you. Think! If there were no pain you wouldn’t gain this strength today, if there were no heartbreaks you wouldn’t value what you have today.

Roads to Life are never too easy and it will never be bcoz they weren’t designed that way. It’s ok to fall-Failure is not those who fall but those who never step up after they fall. Like Mr Emerson said it, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”

I am neither an expert, nor intending to pass on hints or tricks on “10 ways to Let Go”-blah blah whatever it is. I am just an ordinary; sharing things that I have personally experienced while I myself am making mistakes, learning and healing in the process.

So I say “I forgive though I may not forget.” Things that they did and those whoever they are –shouldn’t matter. What matters is-what they did to harm somehow seem to benefit. Few instances as such-I haven’t forgotten. Even today, I often look back and SMILE … I Smile to see how far I’ve made it. I may be nobody but at least I am a better version of myself today and with every misery I only get better. Idk if there ever is gonna be “The Happy Ending” but I can proudly claim whatever is to come; I am prepared.

Happy Reading !

$hri§T 🙂

Dear …

This isn’t my first time trying to avoid being in contact with you, this ain’t my 1st attempt to end it with you but this time I’ll make sure it’s my last try. I’ve tried every possible ways to keep u off my mind. Trying to get distant with you wants me to want u even more but I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. Now let’s not delay for it might be too late. Funny but here I am trying to end what we never had -It’s time to call off the relation unrelated. It’s funny I am about the break up -but when were we together anyway?

Too bad we don’t have any choice for how when and where we fall in love with whom. Feelings simply arouse and it does come with a prior admonition. I wish I hadn’t fallen for you but I dint had any choice here too. You are not that what I had planned but you simply happened.

I admit am Philophobic-I fear falling deeply in love; I fear the pain in love, I fear being the one who waits. I must let you go-I must. I know sooner or later you are going to leave so why not now? Leave me now so that the memories won’t be too much to forget, emotions won’t be too deep to suppress and tears won’t hurt too much when they fall. You’ve got option and you’re undecided BUT…I don’t want to be an option I want to be a choice, If not yours someone else’s so don’t want to waste your or my time.

I cannot wait until the day when you finally decide to dump me.I cannot risk my life for sth that I am not even sure about, and I am not sure about this coz you yourself are not sure about this. You are undecided and confused so that keeps me lingering. I don’t prefer enjoying the meal if that’s not on my plate. I better be content with my own share.

It’s true, we fall in love not just once and I was fortunate to get that second chance but this time I don’t want fall; I want to rise. Love is the only reason I chose to be with you and same should be your case. Love makes you “Do” and not “Think” but if you are thinking and still thinking that means, you are thinking of ways to lie (manipulate).In that case, why don’t you try your luck with some bimbo.

Not everyone can stop you from doing the things that you would do anyway. If not in front,you would do it at any chance you get (If you know what I am getting at?). You hiding and doing it and never getting caught is not the point-You not wanting to do it at all is the main point. You remain faithful bcoz you want to prevent her from getting hurt- that’s when u know you are really in love.

Someone somewhere is there for you like someone somewhere is there for me. You know you are in love when…despite all the freedom you choose to remain faithful, your concern towards another person’s feeling, you understanding her unspoken words, you prioritizing her protection over your comfort-That Is when you know you are in Love.There is no other feeling greater than falling in love and there should just be one reason to be with somebody and that is love.

Take Care !

Single Does Not Always Mean Available

  • Being Single I Don’t Have To Expect Anything From Anyone.
  • No More Sacrifices!!No Compromises.
  • No Fear Being Cheated, Deceived Or Betrayed.
  • Don’t Have 2 Doodle Around That Menz Store.
  • Can Dance Wid Any Cute Guy I See In The Club.
  • Can Take My Own Tyme While Shopping Or Getting Ready.
  • Dnt Have To End Up Buying Sth Of His Choice Just To Regret Later.
  • Don’t Have To Cancel Plans With Frens In Order To Be With That One Person

Now I Have My Options Open (LOL).Single Rocks: Single Is The Way To Be And Remember Single Does Not Always Mean Available !! 🙂


If Only U Could See

If Only U Could See The Person That I Am On The Inside

I Am Not Lured By Looks Coz I Know Looks Can Be Deceiving..What I Dint Knew Was That …Our Own Feelings Could Deceive Us Too..I Dnt Know If I Can Trust My Heart Again Coz I Did Once Despite Which I Was Deceived..I Dnt Want My ❤ To Go To Waste But All These Pple And Their Attention Is Just Confusing Me..I Dnt Know If They Really Love Me Or They Misleading Me? I Am So Much More Than The Person U See Me From The Outside..If Only U Could See The Person That I Am On The Inside? Do U See It ? No U Don’t!U Dont !! -$hri§T

Falling For The Impossible, Running After The Unachievable.

All This Time I Was Questioning Myself “Why Is It That I Always Fall For Some1 Who Seem To Feel Nothing For Me And Those Who Does Feel For Me-I Don’t Feel The Same Way About Them? Why??”

I Think I Know Now What Exactly My Problem Is. I Am In Love With Impossible.Sth That’s Not Possible Attracts Me,Sth That Seems Unachievable Lures Me, Complicated Relationship Challenges Me. While On The Other Hand Sth Obvious And Approachable Disinterests Me. I Can Clearly See It Now…..

I Am In Love With Nobody…I Just Have This Craze For Impossible. Moment Someone/Something Becomes Mine, I Don’t See Any Charm In It And I Lose Interest From It. Moment I Owe Sth It Becomes Worthless To Me (Not Necessarily That It Is Worthless)….And I Ponder! Does This Happen To Everyone Else Or Is It Just Me? I Guess It’s The Same For Most Of Us But Not All Would Want To Admit It.

So If U Are Committed, In A Relationship, Unavailable Or Disinterested In Girls (Me In Particular)…..BE AWARE!!………..Coz I Might Be Interested In You LOL ;)

Not That I Will Approach U But Chances, I Might Fall For Someone Unavailable And All I Do About It Is Cry, Write About It On FB Status, Create A Poem Or Add Up A New Journal To My Blog (Ehh).

No Wonder My Life Is So Complicated Coz Somehow I Myself Seem To Be Inviting This Complication And Enjoying This Drama In My Life. I Seem To Gain Some Sort Of Pleasure Out Of This Pain. Falling For The Impossible, Running After The Unachievable And Solving This Riddle Of Confusion Seem To Make My Life Dramatic….Grr!!I Have No Control Over It But Follow The Same Cycle Time N Again.

How Can I Ever Be Happy If I Continue doing This To Myself. My Disease Just Got Diagnosed…Now I Need To Find Out The Cure For It. Well, My Interpretation Might Be Wrong …..Prove Me Wrong-Somebody Plz – I BEG!!


Women Who Loves Too Much Needs Help ! :(

Source:By Robin Norwood (Psychiatrist)

Women who love too much are seeking the love that eluded them when they were children, either one or both parents were unavailable to them. The unavailability may have been due to parental personality problems, alcoholism , domestic violence or any other problems that interfered with parenting.

These women pursue men who will never make them feel happy.”Nice guys” does not fit the pattern of their past experiences so they fall for the wrong ones. The reason for their unhappiness is that they are forever pursuing love from someone who cannot or will not gratify their needs and wants .

In fact, some of the men they pursue are abusive, rejecting, cold, distant, sadistic, ungiving and emotionally unresponsive. Some of these men even make themselves physically unavailable for weeks or months under one pretense or another. Yet, the woman continues to pursue.
Source:Jaelin K Reece (Life Coach)

It is a matter of recognizing the pattern that you are following and the pattern is set during childhood. See in general. What were these men like emotionally? What attracted you to them? For example, if you are always choosing men that cheats on you. Ask yourself, Is there some part of you that is unwilling to commit?

You may believe that even if you do fall in love, you are destined to jinx the relationship, or be abandoned, or be terribly hurt.

You may fear the conflict of change and have a tough time,same as the one you had experienced seeing your parents separate.

Children of divorced parents often bitterly vow not to repeat the same mistakes. They want to avoid putting themselves and their own children through the same pain.
Source:Sophie Rinaldi(Author):

Women who love too much are those who give too many second chances.

Women who love too much are those who hold on to irrational hope that things will change or get better, even after years of progressive decline of the relationship.

Women who love too much are women who will keep giving and giving, without getting not nearly half in return.

Women who love too much are women who give up on searching a personal meaning for their life, whose main job is to build a pedestal for the relationship and their man.


Heart Loves Too Much But Knows Too Less

Let Me Let Go

Saw You Today After A Long Time.Oh Goss! That Face, Those Eyes…For A Second I Thought It Was Happening For Real Until I Woke Up And Realized It Was Just A Dream (Thank God It Was Just A Dream).Next Thing I Notice Is; My Pillow Cover Is All Soaked With Tears And My Heart Beating Faster Than Ever….(I Still Get Goosebumps When I Think About It). You Wouldn’t Want Me To Let Go Of You, Isn’t It? Whenever I Am Trying To Move On, That’s When U Come Around to Remind Me That U Still Exist.

Inadvertently U Make Me Revert Back But I Want To Move On….I Know U Don’t Want To See Me Happy But I Want To Smile Again And Be Me Like I Used To Be..Plz Learn This Fact That,Now I Scorn U Even More. I Hate U Gajneesh!I HATE YOU………….

Aug 13 2010 (Friday)

Master Of Disguise

So Depressed And Sad But I Post Sth Jst The Opposite To Leave All In Disguise. LOL For 😦 Haha For Boohoo .Lost ? nD I Write I Am In ?.U Dnt See It,Do U?No1 Understands Me The Way I Want To Be Understood .No1 Loves Me The Way I Can Love…Than Why The Friggin Hell On Earth Should I Stray Around Your Way That’s Gonna Lead Me Nowhere.Crazy I Am Buy It! I Am Tired Of This Life!!No1 Actually Seem To Care!!!

Too Much Love Kills !!

Loving Is Neva Too Hard But The Fear Of Not Being Loved In Return..THAT KILLS…Giving 200% And Not Even Getting 25% In Return..THAT KILLS…Trusting Some1 Soo Much And Being Betrayed In Return..THAT KILLS …Living One Fairy Tale And Suddenly One Day U Realize It Was All Fake..THAT KILLS..If Loving Is All About Killing Then I Better Not Love At All!! ($hri§T)