Dubai-Is it too early to call it HOME? :-)

My experience is Dubai and how I see it so far.

Dubai: I have no words to describe how this place has welcomed me. Look at the the texts that follows for no words 😉

Safe Heaven

Well, It doesn’t take god to make a place—heaven. If all women are safe, it’s no less than a heaven on earth. Are all women safe here? The answer is a big YES! Are all men working? Well, what choice do they have if they want to live here right? 😉 As a result, children are well taken care of. A place where people of all religion live harmoniously. That’s #Dubai for me and btw Eid Mubarak to all! 

EID Mubarak Greetings. Source: London International Studies

Dubai-a place for workers (hard/smart), dreamers, achievers and those that get going no matter the consequence. This place reminds me that we all must work, no matter what you choose to do, what’s important is that—YOU DO. Dream, Strive, Act. Engage, Participate, Contribute in any little way you can. After all, as the saying goes, ‘Its little drops that makes the mighty ocean.’

My experience here so far

Some say I’ve been lucky, but I think my experience or anyone’s experiences (in general) takes form by the place, which is a collection of a people. And PEOPLE here have been nothing short of kindness. They are very helpful and most importable respectful. Innately, that’s all we humans long for i.e. the Golden Rule of Kindness, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ We could go about without the food/money for sometime but without that sense of belonging and satisfaction, all the riches in the world wouldn’t mean a thing.

Blessed Journey

There has been few instances of not so fortunate days since my visit but overall its been a great journey. Be it my current employers, colleagues or the strangers who’s name I do not know, but he/who does not hesitate to exchange a smile. Or be it some guy waiting for a bus, who speaks little English, offers to help (manages with a broken English). It proves language is never a barrier in-fact a lack of it saves marriage and a lot of it can spoil the same 😉

Or be it a lady who seems to be in a rush to get somewhere, but doesn’t mind stopping to explain you, how far your destination is. OR that car that stops, even on a green light, politely gesturing with his hands allowing the pedestrian to pass the crosswalk. Or that taxi driver, that without you having to utter a word (reads your face) and does not hesitate to offer a help within his capability, or other chatty ones 😉 who takes pride sharing their stories, how they miss their family back home or offering unsolicited advice. 🙂

Beautiful Stories and Moments of Happiness

These people are not just people, they are to me a beautiful stories and beyond. We humans long to connect and we CAN easily, only if we allow or are open to give/receive. Enable yourself to transmute in such a way, where others reflect positively to your vibes. These momentary bond, say, on that brief ride you share with the one who’s driving a cab, or offering an ear to listen to a complete stranger, or muster-up courage to speak to one, that’s a sign of LIFE right there. I say so, in terms of little moments of joy and our willingness to share, like fleeting time and changing relationships, while we are in the story, sharing our little moments to a complete stranger and taking pride in the same while we writing/riding another one.

We DON’T belong and that’s a good thing

When everyone is an outsider, no one is an outsider. That’s Dubai!’ :-)

Like majority of residents here, we all came from somewhere else and that one place where we think ‘We Belong’…it so happens, is so, only given the timeframe you’ve lived there. But like it or not, we’re always stranger in the strange land who is always on the move. Seemingly, we are the drivers, who have the the control over that stirring wheel and we do, more often than not. However, it’s also true that we are being led to where we are supposed to be. Thanks to the divine intervention.

Your reality is augmented. How you are is what you attract.

All this beautiful things happened to me amid the pandemic. Again, not to take away from other’s grief…but just being thankful for what I have (whatever I have) or perhaps how I been perceiving it lately? Often, I couldn’t help but wonder, am I being looked after lovingly by my guardian angels? Am I blessed at the moment more so than ever? Or that my mother’s prayers have been answered? Or that my sister’s blessings is materializing OR that of my father and brother, family and friends and all well wishers? Not referring to blessings in terms of material possessions, but just how I feel within and what I experience on a daily basis, which feels magical.

Nature Vs Nurture

In terms of nature, fact as it is, but this place doesn’t seem to have much in comparison. Nevertheless, like that child, who thinks s/he did not receive much from his mother isn’t wounded but wise to work their experience to their advantage. Dubai in that sense for me is an epitome of what humans are capable of. An embodiment of great human feats.

Being Thankful

Dear lord, Divine, Almighty! Allah, Jesus, Shiva whatever form you take, I believe you are in everything I can see, hear, smell, taste and feel and also beyond five senses—you exist.

On this auspicious day and through this platform and through my writings (where I hear you loud & clear) I express my gratitude for everything. For the lack of word OR the 500+ above 😉 I say ‘Thank You.’ Dear Divine, may your blessings be bestowed upon all of us, forever.

For all readers out there, stay blessed & once again EID Mubarak.

Greetings: Source – London International Studies

Amanush: Part III

My experience living in a rumored haunted house, part III. I am just saying as it is, not a believer…

It took me a while to even consider or begin writing this last chapter. Because sitting down to write required revisiting the past, which I was reluctant to. Anyhow, here I am, determined to finish what I had started.

A Quick Reminder

As far as my experience in the house, I was the last one to know. In fact, the day I actually found out was the day we left (briefly mentioned in Part I). And it was only after we left, we started contemplating and putting together all puzzles. So where do I begin? Let’s start with the …

Warning Signs

It must have been a week or two since we had moved in. Most of our household stuff lay disarranged. While I was at work, my mother was going back & forth setting the interior. Just then a man who appeared to be in his 50s approached her. He introduced himself as the owner of the property adjacent to the house we were renting. He in his rather dissatisfied tone told my mum, she should have at least consulted few neighbors prior to moving in. It seemed the man was trying to discourage mum or say, rather encourage her to shift back while it wasn’t too late. He wasn’t clear on the reasoning so this left her confused.

When I can home later that evening, mum shared the conversation she had with that man earlier that day. She already had too much to handle all on her own and surely, this half-baked information wasn’t helping. The above confrontation repeated which forced my mother to think. She wanted to speak to the landlord who was at the time travelling to US. Mum made several attempts but no response on the other end.

I recall, during those initial phases, most days I would come home only to see the same perplexed look on my mother’s face. With whatever little information my mum had shared, I thought that she was overreacting and there really was nothing to worry about. I tried consoling her, told her that man who seemed to discouraging us or rather encouraging us to leave, probably did so due to some rivalry they have among thseleves (who knows). I advised her to ignore the man and leave their matters to them.

Another Shock Wasn’t Too Far.

It must have been a month or two, we had visitors’­­–it was one of our cousins. Not sure what but sth happened to him that day. I was at work as usual. Later in the evening when I was parking, mum rushed to tell me what happened, she kept it precise with a straight face; although I couldn’t neglect the look she carried was of shock and disbelief at the same time.

It was only next day, she explained properly, she shared, she was in the kitchen and aunt was helping…then they heard a noise coming from the bedroom where my cousin was resting. I could see mum, she was short of words finding difficulty to express what she had witnessed. Our cousins whole body, she explains was literally shaking and pulled up an inch and dragged back a little like some invisible force bashing (for the lack of words). He was very cold and shivering, although it was summer. My mother and aunt they quickly grabbed some quilt and forced both their weight upon him but he didn’t stop shaking. They covered him up with a warm quilt and tried calming him down. She grabbed the phone for emergency but just then, his condition got a little better. This whole instance, mum explains, must have lasted for hardly 5 minutes but it felt so much longer–she adds.

Our cousin—a well-built full-grown man, when he regained consciousness—couldn’t withhold his tears. He wept like a child and told mum that he really thought, he was about to die. He further explained, he has never experienced such a thing in his entire life. Before leaving, he told mum that this house may not be suitable for us or anyone for that matter. Don’t know what made him say that, but he encouraged us to move to our own home (even if it was far) or ask our tenants to empty the apartment, if we must.

After hearing all this—my spontaneous response was, “has he had any illness or surgery just recently? Mum wasn’t sure. I then told her, “maybe he has…and this particular room is rather cold, you say it yourself as the water well is being dug right next to it. Although I do not know the nitty-gritty of it, just thought there must be some logic behind it.” And that’s that, there was no second guessing and we continued living as normal.

Little Nuisances

To go a little further, the very first day we moved in, as mentioned, we had most items lay orphaned between the entrance gate and the main door. Amid the act of shifting, we notice that most of our stuff got drenched by the overflow of water from the tank, which nobody acknowledged as their fault. Well, stuff like these happen (no big deal). However, my point is, looking back…the very 1st day in itself wasn’t welcoming. Although in our mind we felt welcomed (at least I did). This could be because I was desperately longing for change. A new career, moving home felt like one. So naturally I was inclined to believe that this is a fresh new start and a good one. Looking back, good or bad, who knows? Though, it was not nice that we had to experience all this in the first place but we are alive and in good health now; chased the light, and finally out of the long dark tunnel.

The above is just one, there were several little nuisances created every now and then but we never fixed our thought too long on any one particular thing. Thus, they were never that big an issue (at-least for the first few months). On the other hand, we had so many positive aspects to the house, the house was in a quiet place so we got goodnight sleep (or so with thought). There were no noises of nearby café’s or restaurants unlike when we used to live in Sanepa, which (was and is) a hotspot of ex-pats, cafes and fine dining—always bustling and we needed a break from it. Also, this house provided plenty of water, the entire house was to us, which we got at a very good deal and the rooms were nicely lit and spacious.

Death of a Landlord

A few months later, the house owner (uncle) along with his wife and son had arrived from US. They wanted to move-in upstairs although their old house was just across the road. Uncle, he had been sick for a while. Thus, they were seeking treatment in US. Shortly after they came back, his condition worsened. Prior to this they had never lived in this house, only provided on lease. Unfortunately, shortly after their arrival , we heard about the death of the landlord. His room was right above my mother’s bedroom, the same room where our cousin had gone through an unexplainable attack.

Sound of Silence: Revealed

The usual sound we used to hear late at night from one of those ECG monitors and those seemingly bubbling sounds from some respiratory devices were now gone. With my mum fast asleep in her room, that night after many nights I could distinctly hear—the sound of silence. At least I noticed the difference as most nights I would be awake up until late: either, working on my laptop, reading, or watching TV. Anyways, we only came to know much later that he (the landlord) wasn’t the first…to die in the house. There had been more deaths. Details about it in the next post.

P.S. Apologies for the delay and for extending the series to one more part. Kindly, requesting to bear with me. Until next time…

Amanush (अमानुष): Part I


Would like to forewarn, I will be completing this story in phases as part I, II and so on. I advise, please don’t even begin to read this article or it’s series if you are suffering from depression, anxiety, CVD or susceptible to any other vulnerability.

What you are about to read is no fiction or a promotional gimmick. Little to no attempt has been made to make this reading fun. In fact every word screams reality, emerging from first-hand experience and not the one you would want to experience yourself.

Home: Safe Haven or Is it?

Without a doubt this pandemic has impacted all living souls, and we were no exception. Since March 2020 like many others, we too have been spending a lot of time indoors. Home—supposedly the safest place on earth right? I thought so too but, is it? Seems, it wasn’t in our case.

While we were self-quarantined, maintaining social distance due to COVID-19, little did we know that some other parasite within the 4 walls had been sucking the life and blood out of us, slowly but gradually. BTW I am not referring to domestic violence; although that too has been an unfortunate reality for millions. Our case is different.

Knowledge: Empowering or Derailing.

Before giving away the details, let me briefly paint a picture of what happened the day when the truth was unveiled before me. It was Tuesday, Sep 22 2020. Was pouring rain 24/7. This day was unlike any other day because it’s rain with it brought to light some dark secrets.

From the moment I woke up, I was going about my day as usual. Having been Tuesday, I was fasting for Lord Shree Ganesha—The elephant God. Took shower, did my prayers followed by Shambhavi (meditation). As I was preparing to grab a meal, there was a knock on the door—we had visitors. It was my Aunt (my mother’s younger sister) and her son. I greeted her, we exchanged smile and I went on doing my own thing while she sat beside my mother and in no time was engrossed in a deep conversation.

Usually I let them be, no interference or involvement from my end but as I was doing the dishes I overheard something that instantly grabbed my attention. Heard something about basketball dribbling, and some things that the neighbors said. When my mum saw that I was taking notice, she tried to hush her up and abruptly changed the topic. This instilled more curiosity in me. It took some coaxing on my end before my aunt started spilling the beans. Surrendering, mum too shed some light on it.

As my mum let the cat out of the bag, I stood there—still, trying to grab every syllable and heed every word. It was as if, for a moment I froze or that the time stood still. I don’t know what expression I had been wearing on my face but it took me while to switch or respond.

While I was trying to soak-in all that my mum was sharing I was going back and forth to weird things from the past that I had experienced myself but I never held my though too long on those things so they didn’t bother me. Supposedly everything seemed normal up until that moment but upon close contemplation there was always sth off about the place. Suddenly, all weird phenomenon started making sense…actually it didn’t—it still doesn’t. Having lived in the place myself, I wasn’t completely denying what I was hearing but at the same time I wasn’t 100% sold on it yet.

Ignorance a Bliss

It’s weird how it took just one information to change the entire perception of how I was looking at things—now. It made me realize, how ignorant we had been—then.

If there’s such a thing as ‘hopelessly optimistic’ we were just that. Therefore, in constant denial. This only validates how fragile our so called ‘reality’ is. Just about anything can break it in no time. Ignorance in our case was truly a bliss.

However, I no longer had the privilege of being ignorant (knowledge took that away). Now, either I could use this new information, brush it off in disbelief or do sth about it. I chose the latter, if not for anything at least for a piece of mind.

It wasn’t a question of what I believed or disbelieved. At that moment all I could see was my mother and that she was unwell. My full of life, strong spirited mother was now suffering. I couldn’t negate the fact that day by day her health was deteriorating despite following up with the doctors and taking necessary medicines. And it took no expert to notice that it all started since we’d moved in 10 months back.

Deep down I knew, now is not the time to REACT but ACT. Next thing I know, I was packing, made few phone calls and sent a couple of text messages to close friends/family; not sharing any details, simply securing a safe place for the night. Considering COVID-19, we had to be extra cautious of our next move. Packed few essentials to get us both covered for a few days—couldn’t think beyond that. It was already late at night but we had to do what we had to. She hopped onto my Scooter, and we headed towards Sunakoti (mama Ghar).

While driving, I couldn’t help but think that all this was ACTUALLY happening; so unreal it seemed like a bad dream. Who knew? We had to experience such a thing in this lifetime. Life in that sense is truly mysterious. Whatever the thought, the fact was, we were out in the cold, driving at night amid the pouring rain, all drenched with cloud of questions hovering over our head, riding through the mismanaged roads, making our way towards a home away from home.

Love Letter to Myself

Dear me,

Where do I begin? There is nothing about you that I don’t know, but I think there are certain aspects within you which you are unaware of. So, here is my small attempt to bring you closer to the real YOU, I’ve always known.

Let me start by introducing you to yourself. The real you, is a fighter, is a go-getter, is free-spirited, a survivor, fantasy lover, romantic by heart, sensitive by nature, kind and loving, a beautiful creation who sees good in all. You are all that and a lot more.

There are innumerable things I love about you, but what I love the most?—Is your ability to smile despite the weather. I have witnessed you through your thick and thin and with each passing day, you only make me prouder. I respect you, less because of what you’ve gone through, but more because of how you’ve handled yourself in all those critical moments. Kudos to the grace with which you have overcome your ordeals.

You are more capable than you know, beautiful that you realize and deserve a lot more than you could possibly imagine for yourself. You are more worthy than you give yourself credit for. Your heart knows no bound when it loves, it sees no limit when it chooses to give and forgive. But what’s more important than forgiving others, is to forgive yourself. You have graciously been forgiving of others; all you’ve got to do now is to learn to forgive yourself.

You try a lot and try really hard. But don’t set the bar so high for yourself that the disappointment weighs you down. Mark my words ‘you’ve done well.’ Enjoy the success you deserve, but don’t sulk if you fail. Don’t distress over things you don’t have, cherish what you’ve got— from where I see ‘you’ve got plenty.’

You have come a long way and I know there is much more you want to achieve and you will. So dream! Dream plenty and dream big, but just don’t make your dream so big that reality seems small. I know, there is no dream of yours that you cannot fulfill when you put your mind and heart to it. But now, you need to put a lot of faith in yourself.

There could be ‘a calling’ or not, can’t say for sure, but what I do know, is that the biggest purpose of life—is to live it. So don’t allow these hefty make-believe ideas to rule over. At the end of the day, none of it is bigger than yourself. Don’t rush, let the chips fall where they may. Don’t be guilty of not participating in this crazy race against time. Instead, allow some time for your inner wound to heal.

Life hasn’t been a smooth sailing for you and it isn’t for many. I can’t guarantee that life will be unruffled from here on, but what I do certify is that—you’ll be victorious over any impediments’ life poses in front of you. You’ll overcome them all like a true warrior. I say this with confidence because you have the three most essential skills needed for survival i.e. Courage, Perseverance, and Grit.

Realize your worth. Find time for things that you are passionate about. Contribute to the cause that you care for. Give back to those who love you and never chase after those who don’t. Never apologize to others for being yourself. And last but not the least, never ever spend your time and energy justifying yourself to others.

You don’t need to seek validation by someone else. They don’t know your soul, they have not lived your life, they haven’t experienced what you have gone through, they don’t feel the way you do, or see the world from your perspective.

I don’t know anyone who loves the way you do i.e when you do decide to. The biggest heart I know deserves love for itself. It’s high time, bestow some love for yourself.

Happy Reading! $hri§T


Thoughts – too many.
Thinking – too often.

Reality – unreal.
Fantasy – wish it was real.

Truth – bitter.
Lie- sweet escape.

Friends – forever
Ever after – never.

Love – unconditional.
Sex – need for sure.

Time – Money.
Money – Never enough.

Life- Precious.
Death – Inevitable

Culture – Man-made.
Values – differs.

All of the above- Words.
Words – So much more than that – $hri§T

Take a chance on risk!

How long have you known the person, is the question that makes less sense to me these days. Well I don’t understand why is that imp? No matter how long you’ve been with someone – a day, week, month, a year or lifetime; risk is the same, don’t you agree?

A boyfriend/girlfriend you’ve spend years with – can betray you, a sibling you’ve known forever can be indifferent towards you all of a sudden, a person you thought was a friend can back-stab, own blood can show their parents way to old-age home. Whereas, on contrary you can fall in love with a complete stranger later to become your family, someone you barely knew can offer a genuine help leaving you questioned why did s/he did that for? An adopted child can be the only hope for his/her god parents and there are endless examples.

I am not supporting one or the other perspective entirely but my only point is – uncertainties are likely but midst this ambivalence we’ve acknowledged/seen/heard of an exception. Therefore, it’s best to open our head and heart to those exceptions. It’s time we break free all the preconceived notion and reformulate the credos.

Basically the idea of knowing someone better with time is that with time one gets to see how s/he reacts in different situations but what if all the time spent together is a smooth sail OR just another monopoly where you are yet another guinea pig?

Thus, I say there’s no validation a hands of clock can bring that so and so amount of time spent together can guarantee a life time of happiness. So why waste time? Approach a person you barely know, am not saying you give him/her your password 😉 but just encouraging to initiate a helping hand if need be. S/he doesn’t necessary have to be blood related, friend or any of that kind. Now if you say there’s a risk in it – I say life is all about taking risks.

You go to a restaurant and order a dish and eat it w/o inspection – that’s a risk. You travel by flight, bus, train, or even on your own – there’s a risk. Even staying home alone or getting out of the home in itself is a risk. You admit your children in a hostel in a far-away land and leave the piece of your heart among complete strangers – wow that’s maddening risk though your intentions are right.

While we take up all these risks in life, isn’t it worth taking yet another risk to breakthrough all the prescribed doctrine. Well I am no genius with magic tricks to disclose here on my blog but I do have an advice; if it can be of any help:

1. We can minimize risk by knowing a person better and you know a person better when you become business partners.

2. When you travel with someone, you know them better. Often people reveal their inner self when they are away from the crowd and into the wild. Many discoveries has been made when one hit the road.

3. And last but not the least, when there’s a life and death situation right before, you get to know a person’s true self. This is the state where we get to see how s/he reacts in an extreme situation because that’s the time where there’s no time to plan one’s act, they just act abruptly and those situations help define a person better than any of the points mentioned above.

Here I am expressing my heart out online, making my personal thoughts go viral, caring least about the impact this will have on me, concept one makes of me, kind of a feedback I may receive – this in itself is risky but still I do it most of the time. Also, they say “higher the risk higher pay off” so try it out to see what one of these risks will pay you off with 🙂

Watching the final episode of FRIENDS and…

Watching the final episode of FRIENDS (TV Show) again and crying my eyes out yet with a smile on my face 🙂 Lovin it! Going back to time where you notice, no-mention – oops – no invention of smart phones and how I like it simple. It’s funny how we get attached to these fictitious characters but not to forget, fiction however is inspired by real life.

Just while I was watching the finale, was wondering…Can history be repeated? I wonder if there will be yet another sitcom in American history as good as FRIENDS and I doubt if the remake of FRIENDS can beat the original?

Even if David Crane were to cast the same actors, I have my doubts if he could create that magic again. But who am I kidding? Here we are to consider the age factor (very imp) right? 😛

Now, this brings us to the reality of life or how I see it is: we all are growing old every second and in every breath we take, that’s moments slipping away and we are helpless, can’t do nothin abt it.

Some moments in life are blessing and we don’t want it to ever end but others are such tragic, we want time to heal it quick. Some moments are magical but not everyone realizes right there and sometimes by the time one realizes that moment is gone in a blink of an eye- just like that.

My point is, things happens – shits happen bcoz its life and people change, things change and nothings the same. Speaking of it – change after all is inevitable. That’s the fact and know it sucks; but can we do anything about it? Cannot! We’re all mortals but is that all that bad?

Believe it! Immortality isn’t a blessing after all. If everything was to be happy and all so very perfect, I’m sure we would tire out pretty easy. Kno change can be scary, it can get ugly, it’s crazy BUT isn’t that beautiful? After all, it isn’t all that bad coz it’s a part of life.

Life is beautiful because change is inevitable. I think it’s these flaws that make life a blessing. Its short-lived therefore must be valued. Why should there be a change? Why can’t life be normal? You may question? But what’s normal? Routine you mean? Now doesn’t just the idea exhaust you?

Know it sucks sometimes but still life is crazy beautiful in its own ugly way. So for the sake of UGLY:


Last but not the least, value time and live in the moment. Cherish the imperfection coz immortality is a blessing gifted to all mankind.

Hey but wasn’t I talking about an American sitcom? Yeah right – FRIENDS a TV Show and how thoughtful 😉

Near to Never-Satisfied !

What am I waiting for or who?
What kept me going then and what’s stopping me now? I wish I knew, but I don’t know.

Isn’t it ok to be confused and say “I don’t know” or do we have to pretend to have an answer to everything?

It’s not just about you and I or ‘You’ – a counseling expert consoling a friend. We all, every now and then seem to be as confused as it can get. You may have been right then, but you cannot always be right. I don’t understand, why people make this an egocentric, succoming to the truth.

Checklists never seem to complete; wants and desire never seem to fade.
When in rush I hate myself for being hasty, but when dawdling, I hate that too.

I seem to bewilder, but then I ask ‘isn’t it perfectly ok to be?’

I questioned without the preparedness, only to find an answer which, with itself brought a lotta pain. If truth’s doomed, the knowledge I tell you isn’t worth-a-gain.

I made a wish, but only when it got fulfilled, I realized it wasn’t worth wishing for.So now, I’ve lost confident and I don’t know anything anymore or what I should be asking for. And if the thing that I’m asking for, is worth asking for. I doubt if we should seek for an answer to the prayer when all that’s received goes-in-vain.

Inquisitive, but never satisfied with the answers, so why seek?
Endless wants, but never content when fulfilled, so why desire?

Must leave the past behind, shouldn’t stress about the future, rather focus on now.
Now! Is this where I should be or is this where you wait?
Where have I come and who have I become? Guess I’ve never known myself or maybe I’ve lost faith.

Have I been relying on others way too much to validate myself?
Have I been brooding aimlessly or are am the target now?

What are my expectations and where are my dreams?
If they’re not shattered, why do they seem?

Am I being hopelessly hopeful or is there some hope?
Am I denial? If so you tell me who isn’t? OR who allow/knows the truth?

There used to be a time when I wished to be where I am today, but now I wish this to change. Although not knowing what different I want, when or IF this changes.

What is it that I want? Or who is it that I’m waiting for? Will this wait ever be over? Whatever it is, I like every being am incomplete and near to never-satisfied. But why should I be?

If there would be no questions, none would be the answers,
If there would be no curiosity, there would be no knowledge.
If there would be no confusions, none would be those clarifications and explanations,
If there would be no dissatisfaction; there would be ‘No More.’

It’s ok to be confused, confusion is the route to clarity – they say. One doesn’t need to have an answer to everything anyway. This is true, also because not everyone has an answer to everything. So, don’t be afraid to acknowledge what you don’t know. Keep the courage to say things as it is, I don’t mean you be rude though. And most importantly, keep that curiosity alive and stay hungry for more. Know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and learn that ‘they’ are not always right.

Happy Reading – $hri§T

Are we all open to Open Relationship?

It’s not like you don’t have an option? There is non-committal relationship or Polyamory also otherwise known as ‘Open Relationship’ and ‘Friends with benefits’. Maybe such relationship isn’t all that bad as long as it is under the knowledge and consent of all partners involved. You might sue me for speaking inappropriate in a so called “Decent Society” but that does not change the reality. “What is; it is”! And today’s generation is much smarter than we thing they are so I am assuming I am safe to speak as long as I speak the truth and if you judge me….Do I even care? Duh!

Some people opt for a committed relationship while others are not ready for it. Like not all fingers are the same; not all the people believe in same thing (at-least not at the same time).Life goes through its own course and teaches us lesson. With every mistake we make we learn and gain new experience. My point is, some people choose non-committed relationship after being betrayed (though at first being in a committed relationship) while some shift from non-committed to very committed relationship as and when they think they’ve met the right person. So! We never know, it’s only a matter of time for how when and where each one of us switch the roles and seek any other options we have.

I am speaking a reality that many of us know it very well but dare not speak. I am not taking any sides here and if you ask me “I still strongly believe in the arrival of My Mr Right and stubbornly believe in theory of Soulmates”. Everything else is crystal clear but what I don’t get is …despite having these options why do some people commit to someone but cheat behind their back and deceive? I mean what are they? Not normal for sure and sick I guess! They might say that “It’s not like I have committed a murder or something?” but I tell you, playing with someone’s true emotion is no less sin.

Non-committed relationship is acceptable (if everyone involved knows the truth) but cheating is simply not acceptable. So it’s better to be clear in your mind first. “It’s your life and sure you have all the right to live the way you want to but no one gives you any right to deceive someone else and destroy others life(I am referring to cheaters here so plz don’t mind me saying “You) 🙂

Choose your path as you wish, like I had mentioned in my 1st para “It’s not like you don’t have an option”…You sure do and many…

Long live Honesty! Cheers!


Elephant In Musth Can Be The Most Dangerous Mammals On Earth

Elephant in Musth can be the most dangerous mammals on earth .Musth is a physiological phenomena occurring annually in male elephants. It is periodic condition accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones and characterized by highly aggressive behavior. Musth is linked to sexual arousal .Testosterone levels in an elephant in musth can be as much as 60 times greater than in the same elephant at other times. Average duration of musth is 1 to 2 months. Mahouts are often able to shorten the duration of their elephants’ musth, typically to 5 to 7 days by using drugs like xylazine . It is said that musth most often takes place in winter. During musth elephants that are otherwise placid may try to kill humans.

Bulls In Musth

Furthermore, bulls in musth have often been known to attack female elephants, regardless of whether or not the females are in heat. Often, elephants in musth discharge a thick tar-like secretion called temporin from sides of the head. The elephant’s aggression may be partially caused by a reaction to the temporin, which naturally trickles down into the elephant’s mouth; this highly irritates them.

A musth elephant, wild or domesticated, is extremely dangerous to humans. During this period they are chained separately for nearly a month and given special medicinal food. During this time, they are not used for work or religious processions. In zoos, musth has been the cause of incidents in which elephant keepers (Mahouts) have been killed. We hear news every now and than, how elephants destroyed a number of villagers house, plantation area, how villagers were hurt in the attacks and also about criminate revenge-killings of wildlife by angry local people. Poaching in hunting areas has also increased(Whatever may be the cause:revenge,money making etc).

We tamed them and use them as labor for different physical activities like lifting and pulling extremely heavy items. Their small help improves work efficiency. As much as we are relying on them by making the best use of their strength at the same time we seem to be underestimating their power. Not to forget if it’s their strength that we’re benefiting from, same could be the reason for a disaster. We have to understand that their strength that’s favoring us now can not always be in our favor. We must not forget that no matter how skillfully we train them and tame them but they are still wild. We cannot predict any of their activities and never can we undervalue the wilderness side in them.

Tamed & Friendly

We can say that among the four-legged, mans best friend after dog is elephant (or not whatever and however). We comfortably share our human environment with them. We’ve grown up seeing them : in circus, near by village, zoo, we even ride on them. We’ve seen, heard and experience different side of our four legged best friend. We’ve see the motherly, generous and friendly side of them, creative side of them; we’ve seen the saint AWA devil side of them. Saint as in; we pray God Ganesh and elephant symbolizes Shri Ganesh. Ganesh is widely revered as the remover of obstacles and more generally as Lord of beginnings, therefore he is honored at the beginning of rituals. Creative side as it is said that elephants are the only animals on Earth, apart from human beings, that can create pictorial images.

Elephant Painting

This life is no less than a circus and we are no less than a marionette in the hands of almighty power. Sometimes certain things are not under our control but again certain things are. We are known as the most intellectual being on earth and we need to help preserve our motherland (Earth). Each and every creature on earth is as important as the other. Each has its part in balancing eco system. Maybe that is the reasons why god created human and gave us conscience, so that we can differentiate wrong and right and conduct righteously. We cannot judge anyone by their certain behavior at any particular time similarly we cannot judge animals with their ferocious behavior at any certain point of time. How foolish of us to go on shooting them out of rage, just thinking that some wild elephant destroyed your house or crops. Well, loss of any kind cannot be read or told or even understood, it can only be felt. But here if we only concentrate on personal loss; than that will be the biggest loss of the entire evolution and when this life takes us closer to the edge that moment might be the end of this circus, when we all be coming out wondering….“But! How did the elephant disappear ?!? ” 😉

Shri Ganesh

Take Care U All

$hri§T 🙂

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