To my non-readers

Most of my readers are non-readers turned readers and I take pride in the fact. So here’s to those non-readers from all around the world. All those curious souls in all size, shape, creed and color, or an accidental SEOs…Whatever it is that brought you to the world of Alexa Creation – you are welcome. I’m glad you are here.

When I’d started Alexa Creation (7 years ago), the objective was simply to let it out; with no mere intention of being noticed. Back then few of my dear friends had suggested that I must start a blog; I wasn’t sure if I was ready but I gave it a try; spilled my heart out and it felt good. Therefore I continued for nothing but self-healing, but now I have a bigger reason.

As we know: The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change. We are in search of the highest and the brightest within us. Similar to those trillion cells in our body mutating every millisecond and on an external level, those life experiences helping us grow spiritually until we’ve learned our lesson…I too am in that process of transforming into my complete self and I’m glad you are here to witness. So, cheers to our commonality that has connected us, despite our differences.

Writing to me is not just a form of an expression, but my existence. It is sincerely from the heart and its sheer earnest attempt unfolding every aspect in me; where not only one facet alone fully defines me. I’m glad some of you have recognized that.

Your messages on how my writing to your own surprise has turned you into a reader 🙂 encourage me to continue. Without the motivation, even the unencumbered attempts or the greatest of ideas lay adrift. So I thank you all for appreciating, encouraging and giving it a purpose.

No matter how you relate/connect: be it thought-provoking or a sheer pleasure of wordplay. Feels amazing to learn that ‘I in my own little way’ have touched your hearts for good (if not better). My heartfelt gratitude to all my non-readers turned readers and all others.

P.S below I’ve shared few of my favorites in no particular order🙂

Happy reading 📖




She who…

If she is not the one you know then who is she?


She who’s father refused to see her face at birth because she was a second child and yet another girl. She who was abandoned, while this little one was chasing her mother; begging her to stay, but she left anyway. 
Her favorite birds were separating…just then, she fluctuated with grades (highs on her pre-board, but not so on the final). Some genius fools took this opportunity; brilliantly forecasting her future predicting – what she was NOT capable of…
Not the father or the mother but the other. Those ‘steps’ she could not rely standing on, let alone walking. Those not so grown-up elderlies would vent at her at any given chance as though she could feel nothing…But she did and a lot. Facilely they would throw a remark telling WHAT she lacked, but not exert an inch to empathize WHY she lacks it.
She who was condemned for playing innocent, but she who didn’t know a ‘b’ of bamboozle or ‘p’ of politics. She who was a victim yet she was sentenced for a crime she’d never committed. She who wasn’t cruel-clever to maneuver play in her favor; not even close to defending her own case for that matter.
Don’t fool fiction to be real or not-the-actual to be factual. FICTION can be an exaggerated reality and REALITY it’s played-down version – $hri§T

Happy Reading! 🙂


Thoughts – too many.
Thinking – too often.

Reality – unreal.
Fantasy – wish it was real.

Truth – bitter.
Lie- sweet escape.

Friends – forever
Ever after – never.

Love – unconditional.
Sex – need for sure.

Time – Money.
Money – Never enough.

Life- Precious.
Death – Inevitable

Culture – Man-made.
Values – differs.

All of the above- Words.
Words – So much more than that – $hri§T

Take a chance on risk!

How long have you known the person, is the question that makes less sense to me these days. Well I don’t understand why is that imp? No matter how long you’ve been with someone – a day, week, month, a year or lifetime; risk is the same, don’t you agree?

A boyfriend/girlfriend you’ve spend years with – can betray you, a sibling you’ve known forever can be indifferent towards you all of a sudden, a person you thought was a friend can back-stab, own blood can show their parents way to old-age home. Whereas, on contrary you can fall in love with a complete stranger later to become your family, someone you barely knew can offer a genuine help leaving you questioned why did s/he did that for? An adopted child can be the only hope for his/her god parents and there are endless examples.

I am not supporting one or the other perspective entirely but my only point is – uncertainties are likely but midst this ambivalence we’ve acknowledged/seen/heard of an exception. Therefore, it’s best to open our head and heart to those exceptions. It’s time we break free all the preconceived notion and reformulate the credos.

Basically the idea of knowing someone better with time is that with time one gets to see how s/he reacts in different situations but what if all the time spent together is a smooth sail OR just another monopoly where you are yet another guinea pig?

Thus, I say there’s no validation a hands of clock can bring that so and so amount of time spent together can guarantee a life time of happiness. So why waste time? Approach a person you barely know, am not saying you give him/her your password 😉 but just encouraging to initiate a helping hand if need be. S/he doesn’t necessary have to be blood related, friend or any of that kind. Now if you say there’s a risk in it – I say life is all about taking risks.

You go to a restaurant and order a dish and eat it w/o inspection – that’s a risk. You travel by flight, bus, train, or even on your own – there’s a risk. Even staying home alone or getting out of the home in itself is a risk. You admit your children in a hostel in a far-away land and leave the piece of your heart among complete strangers – wow that’s maddening risk though your intentions are right.

While we take up all these risks in life, isn’t it worth taking yet another risk to breakthrough all the prescribed doctrine. Well I am no genius with magic tricks to disclose here on my blog but I do have an advice; if it can be of any help:

1. We can minimize risk by knowing a person better and you know a person better when you become business partners.

2. When you travel with someone, you know them better. Often people reveal their inner self when they are away from the crowd and into the wild. Many discoveries has been made when one hit the road.

3. And last but not the least, when there’s a life and death situation right before, you get to know a person’s true self. This is the state where we get to see how s/he reacts in an extreme situation because that’s the time where there’s no time to plan one’s act, they just act abruptly and those situations help define a person better than any of the points mentioned above.

Here I am expressing my heart out online, making my personal thoughts go viral, caring least about the impact this will have on me, concept one makes of me, kind of a feedback I may receive – this in itself is risky but still I do it most of the time. Also, they say “higher the risk higher pay off” so try it out to see what one of these risks will pay you off with 🙂

Watching the final episode of FRIENDS and…

Watching the final episode of FRIENDS (TV Show) again and crying my eyes out yet with a smile on my face 🙂 Lovin it! Going back to time where you notice, no-mention – oops – no invention of smart phones and how I like it simple. It’s funny how we get attached to these fictitious characters but not to forget, fiction however is inspired by real life.

Just while I was watching the finale, was wondering…Can history be repeated? I wonder if there will be yet another sitcom in American history as good as FRIENDS and I doubt if the remake of FRIENDS can beat the original?

Even if David Crane were to cast the same actors, I have my doubts if he could create that magic again. But who am I kidding? Here we are to consider the age factor (very imp) right? 😛

Now, this brings us to the reality of life or how I see it is: we all are growing old every second and in every breath we take, that’s moments slipping away and we are helpless, can’t do nothin abt it.

Some moments in life are blessing and we don’t want it to ever end but others are such tragic, we want time to heal it quick. Some moments are magical but not everyone realizes right there and sometimes by the time one realizes that moment is gone in a blink of an eye- just like that.

My point is, things happens – shits happen bcoz its life and people change, things change and nothings the same. Speaking of it – change after all is inevitable. That’s the fact and know it sucks; but can we do anything about it? Cannot! We’re all mortals but is that all that bad?

Believe it! Immortality isn’t a blessing after all. If everything was to be happy and all so very perfect, I’m sure we would tire out pretty easy. Kno change can be scary, it can get ugly, it’s crazy BUT isn’t that beautiful? After all, it isn’t all that bad coz it’s a part of life.

Life is beautiful because change is inevitable. I think it’s these flaws that make life a blessing. Its short-lived therefore must be valued. Why should there be a change? Why can’t life be normal? You may question? But what’s normal? Routine you mean? Now doesn’t just the idea exhaust you?

Know it sucks sometimes but still life is crazy beautiful in its own ugly way. So for the sake of UGLY:


Last but not the least, value time and live in the moment. Cherish the imperfection coz immortality is a blessing gifted to all mankind.

Hey but wasn’t I talking about an American sitcom? Yeah right – FRIENDS a TV Show and how thoughtful 😉

Near to Never-Satisfied !

What am I waiting for or who?
What kept me going then and what’s stopping me now? I wish I knew, but I don’t know.

Isn’t it ok to be confused and say “I don’t know” or do we have to pretend to have an answer to everything?

It’s not just about you and I or ‘You’ – a counseling expert consoling a friend. We all, every now and then seem to be as confused as it can get. You may have been right then, but you cannot always be right. I don’t understand, why people make this an egocentric, succoming to the truth.

Checklists never seem to complete; wants and desire never seem to fade.
When in rush I hate myself for being hasty, but when dawdling, I hate that too.

I seem to bewilder, but then I ask ‘isn’t it perfectly ok to be?’

I questioned without the preparedness, only to find an answer which, with itself brought a lotta pain. If truth’s doomed, the knowledge I tell you isn’t worth-a-gain.

I made a wish, but only when it got fulfilled, I realized it wasn’t worth wishing for.So now, I’ve lost confident and I don’t know anything anymore or what I should be asking for. And if the thing that I’m asking for, is worth asking for. I doubt if we should seek for an answer to the prayer when all that’s received goes-in-vain.

Inquisitive, but never satisfied with the answers, so why seek?
Endless wants, but never content when fulfilled, so why desire?

Must leave the past behind, shouldn’t stress about the future, rather focus on now.
Now! Is this where I should be or is this where you wait?
Where have I come and who have I become? Guess I’ve never known myself or maybe I’ve lost faith.

Have I been relying on others way too much to validate myself?
Have I been brooding aimlessly or are am the target now?

What are my expectations and where are my dreams?
If they’re not shattered, why do they seem?

Am I being hopelessly hopeful or is there some hope?
Am I denial? If so you tell me who isn’t? OR who allow/knows the truth?

There used to be a time when I wished to be where I am today, but now I wish this to change. Although not knowing what different I want, when or IF this changes.

What is it that I want? Or who is it that I’m waiting for? Will this wait ever be over? Whatever it is, I like every being am incomplete and near to never-satisfied. But why should I be?

If there would be no questions, none would be the answers,
If there would be no curiosity, there would be no knowledge.
If there would be no confusions, none would be those clarifications and explanations,
If there would be no dissatisfaction; there would be ‘No More.’

It’s ok to be confused, confusion is the route to clarity – they say. One doesn’t need to have an answer to everything anyway. This is true, also because not everyone has an answer to everything. So, don’t be afraid to acknowledge what you don’t know. Keep the courage to say things as it is, I don’t mean you be rude though. And most importantly, keep that curiosity alive and stay hungry for more. Know that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and learn that ‘they’ are not always right.

Happy Reading – $hri§T

Are we all open to Open Relationship?

It’s not like you don’t have an option? There is non-committal relationship or Polyamory also otherwise known as ‘Open Relationship’ and ‘Friends with benefits’. Maybe such relationship isn’t all that bad as long as it is under the knowledge and consent of all partners involved. You might sue me for speaking inappropriate in a so called “Decent Society” but that does not change the reality. “What is; it is”! And today’s generation is much smarter than we thing they are so I am assuming I am safe to speak as long as I speak the truth and if you judge me….Do I even care? Duh!

Some people opt for a committed relationship while others are not ready for it. Like not all fingers are the same; not all the people believe in same thing (at-least not at the same time).Life goes through its own course and teaches us lesson. With every mistake we make we learn and gain new experience. My point is, some people choose non-committed relationship after being betrayed (though at first being in a committed relationship) while some shift from non-committed to very committed relationship as and when they think they’ve met the right person. So! We never know, it’s only a matter of time for how when and where each one of us switch the roles and seek any other options we have.

I am speaking a reality that many of us know it very well but dare not speak. I am not taking any sides here and if you ask me “I still strongly believe in the arrival of My Mr Right and stubbornly believe in theory of Soulmates”. Everything else is crystal clear but what I don’t get is …despite having these options why do some people commit to someone but cheat behind their back and deceive? I mean what are they? Not normal for sure and sick I guess! They might say that “It’s not like I have committed a murder or something?” but I tell you, playing with someone’s true emotion is no less sin.

Non-committed relationship is acceptable (if everyone involved knows the truth) but cheating is simply not acceptable. So it’s better to be clear in your mind first. “It’s your life and sure you have all the right to live the way you want to but no one gives you any right to deceive someone else and destroy others life(I am referring to cheaters here so plz don’t mind me saying “You) 🙂

Choose your path as you wish, like I had mentioned in my 1st para “It’s not like you don’t have an option”…You sure do and many…

Long live Honesty! Cheers!