Foodie Talks: Detox Cafe

My review on a food and a cafe I just tried that deserved every penny I spent on it.

It’s that time of the month when all I think about is—food, food and some more food. Sweet, spicy, cheesy, deliciously mouth watering savory of all kind. If you couldn’t guess, I am referring to PMS cravings but this blog post isn’t about that 🙂

Well, this is rather a taste inspired blog 😉. Trust me, I wasn’t paid to review the meals from ‘Detox Cafe’ although I wish I was 😜

Although, I had been craving for those freshly baked dark chocolate, the cheesiest cheesecake in town and those dumplings drenched in luminous hot & spicy sauce; the same time I had been fighting hard to resist all these monthly cravings. I wanted to try my patience this time around so instead, I choose a healthy alternative and below is what I ordered:

My dinner has arrived 😋

1. Buckwheat Momo

Well, it tasted ok but I felt fuller a lot quicker and very satisfied—after. Often, we neglect this but it’s important we enjoy our food not only throughout the eating process but also right after having them. I could tell my guts were happy. I wasn’t craving for another meal until a few hours later…but no worries, I had ordered more JIC 🙃

Buckwheat Momo

2. Chickpeas Curry

This was served in this cute looking bowl. When I gave it a quick look, I had the least expectations from it but when I took a spoonful of these babies, instantly I was blown away. It had surpassed my expectations of-course. It had a taste that would awaken the taste buds of even those with low appetite. Now, do I sound dramatic? 😉 not my intention. No kidding, I was blown away by this particular one. Definitely a must-try.

Chickpeas Curry

3. Buckwheat Brownie

Not everyone would respond positively to this brown beauty because of its strong smell which is hard to neglect in your first bite, but it’s buckwheat, who are we kidding? You get what you ask for right? I admit, the smell is a little overpowering especially from the crust but the inside was so moist and fluffy.

Buckwheat Brownie

As I was enjoying my meal, I could feel the care and love that might have gone into preparing it. So much so that I couldn’t help think, ‘was I the only client of the day?’ That they took their sweet time to prepare a meal like they would prepare for a VIP or is it just that their food in general is of high quality at all times? Well, order for yourself to find out and do let me know your thoughts.

The only downside was, they were rather late to deliver. It took them 2h:45 m since I had placed an order. Nevertheless, to make-up for it, they called to inform about the problem they were facing I.e. issue with the delivery boy’s bike. Besides, it was such a sweet gesture that without me having to say much they apologized via personalized text. And “all’s well that ends well, right?”

Bottom line, I did not let my cravings have its way, yet I was satisfied. I tried ‘Detox Café’ for the first time and loved their food. Each one that I had ordered was worth every penny. I am considering exploring more from their menu. Also, I encourage all to opt for the healthy alternatives next time you place an order, even if it’s your cheat day or a PMS craving or Christmas Celebration or whatever else. Consider it and I bet it’ll be worth it. 🙂

Stay Safe & Happy Holidays

Just be…

Imposed lockdown or whatever, not a new thing for me. 🙂 Handling it superbly well as I have been practicing social distancing for years now. 3 years to be more precise.

Self-time, not an isolation; in fact an attempt to connect with the divine—within. Since a year now, I have been regularly practicing my Shambhavi Mahamudra. 2+ years since I started Isha Kriya, that which has done wonders for me. BTW it’s available for free on Sadhguru app. Perfect for beginners.

Rise & Shine
Source: Pinterest

All my life I have been known for my energy and vitality but 2017 with it, brought a lot of down-fall with health challenges (physical and mental). But with all due respect I say, this wise-young-man #Sadhguru 🙂🙏came to my rescue. Got introduced to his quirky outlook towards life and tools for healing and self-transformation. All through his YouTube videos (first introduced to me by my elder sister). Since then, my life hadn’t been the same. Well, I don’t 100% agree with everything he says but I can’t seem to get enough of him. You know what they say about death? Allows rebirth…in a way I felt the same after having been through that phase in my life. As Sadhguru says, ’Death isn’t bad, infant it’s the only thing that has added value to life.’ Indeed.

With time, as I continued my Isha Kriya with warm winter sun, my body slowly and eventually started regaining its vitality. Only those who experience the fall, first hand can truly relate to what I am trying to decipher here, no exaggeration but honest truth. How am I now? V well! Better than ever before. During my low phase, at one time, I hardly had the motivation and energy for 5 minutes yoga, but what started off as 15 minutes kriya slowly was increased to 30 minutes, than 45 minutes and to an hour. Also, since I got my energy back, have added kickboxing to my daily routine. 🥊 🥊 🥊 You surely don’t want to mess with me 😉 but cardio it is. 🙃

What-else? I meditate—a lot. Sitting in a cross legged posture with a slightly upturned face, and eyes closed has become a way of life now without which my day feels incomplete. Also, been a while i’ve been practicing gratitude. What’s that? Well, just be genuinely thankful for everything you’ve got, also those you don’t.

Everyday, as I wake-up, and before every meal and right before bed—I thank the divine (source of creation) for everything. I thank the inner God within me for all the blessings bestowed upon me and more so for all the hurdles (things / people) and circumstances. That which has helped me in my becoming. Overall, I thank the divine for simply being an invincible force in my life—guiding me.

Take this time as your opportunity to shine. Nothing particular to do? Great! Isn’t it? I don’t get what are most complaining about? What bad time instead see clearer skies. Also, I hear that Peacock🦚 are out dancing in the streets? Imagine that…😃 same roads that otherwise used to be jam-packed with traffic. I hear morning chirps of birds louder and melodic 😊

However, we cannot discount the fact that covid-19 has been unfortunate for many. Especially those who lost their loved ones. This solitude has definitely come at tremendous cost. Confirmed cases of covid worldwide is over a million (as of today) and still counting. Furthermore, it has slowed down our economy but you think again…haven’t we—as humans, caused 10X more damage to mother earth and all other creatures for centuries? All in the name of human advancement? God know how much damage we’ve caused as humans and who has kept accurate track of it. Anyhow…

Home 🏡 a safest place on earth, but since when did we started feeling imprisoned in our own home? If what’s suppose to liberate—suffocates, one needs to check what is it that needs correction. One’s thoughts and actions? In fact all one needs to do to rectify is—do nothing. Nothing particular to do; simply be. Let alone this quarantine, if you ask me; honestly 24 hours of self-exploration isn’t enough. Seems, one lifetime won’t be either.

So now that we have the time; which most of us have always been complaining about. Make the best out of it. Whatever got you here (a virus in this case) 😉 🙆‍♀️ important thing is, you are here. Next is what? Practice doing NOTHING and take a moment or two to simply be. You’ll be surprised how little you know about yourself and the world you live in. Also, you’ll realize what little we need to be happy.

Happy Being! $hri§T

A Year Ago Today, I Chose Life

A year ago today, was pretty late at night…like a nocturnal that I am, was on my terrace, as usual sipping wine and smoking my worries away, so to speak. I was thinking all sorts of things. My thoughts followed no pattern, some of it made sense while other’s were sheer blabber. Overwhelmed, all kinds of emotions were running through as I was inhaling the *&^th cigarette of my day and just then…something happened. I call it MAGIC, believe it or not.

Moment of Realization

Who would have thought, something so simple could be life-changing. That magic I was referring to, was my moment of realization—epiphany. Suddenly, all cloudy thoughts and noises inside my head got sidetracked, allowing this simple truth to pass through. I then asked myself, “what the hell am I doing?” I shifted my glance towards the two fingers that had clinched these cigarettes…not a word, I simply stared at it. I asked myself another question “Why am I doing this to myself?” And the questions followed “Do I NOT know it’s consequences?” “How did it all begin and why can’t I stop it?” “Can’t? or don’t want to?” “Who am I fooling?”

Where it all Began?

For all those who smoke, I bet most of ’em have had their own circumstances and reasons for how-o-why they’d started smoking. Mine was, out of curiosity. I was one of those who wanted to try everything, even if it meant failing measurably at it. What was rewarding to me was to get that one experience. But this curiosity soon became a habit, didn’t even realize how this habit turned into an addiction. It’s not that the thought of refraining from it never occurred to me, in fact, it did—several times. So why didn’t I take any action then?

Child Within You

We all have a child within us, some are innocent and others a brat. So what does a child do when they don’t want to give you something they like? They create a reason for why they must have it. Also, the idea of giving up makes them want it even more, whether or not they need it. More often than not, we as an adult are reluctant to give up smoking because first of all, we are addicted to it—admin it. Secondly, it’s an easier choice, which allows us to continue doing what we want to. Last but not the least, somewhere deep down we don’t want to, therefore we look for reasons not to—just like a spoiled child.

Don’t Make Your Fear Bigger Than it Actually is…

In Nepali we have a proverb that says “बनको बाघले खाला नखाला तर मनको बाघले पक्कै खान्छ” This roughly translates into saying, you are likely to be devoured by the tiger that’s on your mind than the one in the jungle. Similarly, when we are addicted to sth, the idea of giving up on it seems way too daunting than it actually is. It seems like an arduous undertaking, therefore, we lack the motivation to even consider trying. And even if some people do try, most of them give up too easily.

Knowing isn’t Enough

Educated or not, we all are aware of the consequences of smoking, but still, many of us do it. I think that’s because our conscience alone isn’t enough to make us do what we ought to. Knowing is one thing and realization, altogether another. Therefore, we need much more than just knowledge. In fact, it’s even more dangerous if you are literate because you have the power to use your knowledge in your favour. One could train their brain into thinking all nonsensical things, for instance, “so what 7+ million people lose their lives each year due to tobacco, I could be an exception.” Really? It is so much easier to buy into any lame excuse for why not to quit than to actually admit it. I’m sure many of you might have witnessed, in smokers little group, there’s always someone who knows someone who had smoked for years but lived a healthy life. Now, how about, that one person is an exception and not the other way round or even fictitious for that matter (who knows).

It’s All in The Mind

I strongly believe ‘it’s all in the mind’ but just like the dreams, aspirations, and motivations of each one us is unique; so is our brain, it’s functioning and how it responds to things. Recognize, realize and react. No nicotine day today or no tomorrow? You need to decide for yourself because no one else can do that for you. Nothing and no one can make you quit smoking, but yourself. It’ll happen for you when you decide.

Listen to Your Body

Back in August 2016, I had been diagnosed with anaemia, followed by hypothyroidism and osteoarthritis. Not a direct cause of smoking but it would slow the pace of recovering and make matters worst. I was advised to quit smoking but I did not. One of the doctors looked surprised and told me “he’d seen patients whose condition were not even at my level – faint.” My mama, who’s also a doctor saw my report and told my mum in a surprising tone “how is she even functioning or communicating to and fro from work on a daily basis?” If F2F I would have replied, “on my two-wheeler.” But jokes apart. In my head, I was perfectly ok, although weekends were darn hard if I recall it now. Maybe that doctor’s report did leave some impact but it actually took me another 6 months to do something about it.

A Wake-up Call

For years I had indulged in this habit and using it as a tool to heal; when it was only causing more damage than any good. That night, when I was in my terrace, it was just like any other night. There was nothing extraordinary about it. However, the realization gave me a new perspective to look at the same old things, but differently. I remember looking at the astray in front of me…it was little drizzled with water so the ashes looked like a wet coal. That grey, brown, or blackish mixture of gases never looked so disgusting and it smelled even worst. That visual was a wake-up call for me. Not the doctor’s report alone, but I guess all things combined.

The Calm Before The Storm

That sight got me thinking, if this is what it looks when it comes in contact with a plain drinking water, think what it could be doing to our body internally? Also, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t have any effect. So, isn’t it a foolishness to push one’s body to an extent until it actually shows its life-threatening effects? This is one very good example of misinterpreting silence for weakness or resilience for cowardliness.

Treat Your Body Like a Temple

Our body retains everything that we inhale, eat, drink, see, think, feel and more. We are only human made of flesh and bone; so can’t fool ourselves into believing that one can get away with it because the truth is—we cannot. It’s not a choice but a prerequisite to start treating our body like it deserves to be treated.

Silver Lining 

How many of you have said this before? “I only smoke socially” “and how often do you socialize?” The answer is “almost daily” haha. There’s more…”I’ll minimize the numbers of sticks per day and eventually quit smoking.” “I won’t buy a packet of cigarette, just a few sticks when I get the urge.” “I don’t smoke once I reach home” so on and so forth. Trust me, I’ve been there. But on a positive note, if you’ve said one of these statements once in your lifetime, some part of you really want to quit. All that you lack is the motivation to actually go ahead and do it.

“Quit Smoking by Gradual Reduction.” This never worked for me. In my defence, if you gradually decrease the number, there are equal chances that one could gradually increase them too. It’s not necessary what worked for one, will work for all. Try and see what works best for you, but what’s really important is that you TRY.

Don’t Feed the Devil Inside You

You know what’s the toughest battle one can easily lose? The one we have with ourselves. So, be stubborn in this regard. Don’t let a make-believe idea that your mind has adapted to, use it against you. We all have the good and bad within us, just don’t feed the devil inside you.

Often we don’t even realize the power we have to create a magic. What is magic? Sth impossible made possible! I got my magical moment to decide “enough is enough. I quit! And I quit now.” Which I did, and never looked back. To my surprise, I didn’t even get the urge to smoke the next day and that’s the power of the mind. However, I wasn’t fully convinced that I’d actually done it, that’s why I’m posting this blog after a year. Now, I am confident that I’ve faced and successfully fought the devil inside me. If I can, so can you.

Some tips for you to try

  • Do the math. See how much you spend on a daily, monthly or a yearly basis on a cigarette. Include the measures you use to reduce them such as patches, gums etc.
  • Weigh them. Money spent on cigarettes Vs groceries with healthy foods and drinks
  • Money spent on smoking till date and what you could do with it today? Could have saved that amount, invested, donated for a cause and more…
  • Check for its consequences, do a full body diagnosis. How many of the problems you are facing are being triggered by smoking? How many of those could be minimized if you quit?
  • Replace the smoke time with sth healthy, do yoga, meditate, go for a walk or call a friend you haven’t spoken to, write etc. There’s so much you can do.
  • Take one moment at a time, it will pass if you allow it to.

Happy Healing!

If It’s Not Food That I Am Craving? What Am I Hungry For?

I Have Been Stuffing Myself With Food Whether Or Not I Am Hungry, Whether Or Not The Food I Am In Taking Is Delicious…I Keep Filling Up Myself Until The Foods From My Refrigerator Is All Empty Or Until I Feel Too Tight At My Belly & Go Numb.

My Mom Is Really Surprised To See This Behavior Of Mine. I Don’t Know What This Craving Is All About?Morbid Maybe?Or Maybe I Am Trying To Fill This Emptiness Inside Me,Which Can Never be Fulfilled By Food Alone?IDK For Sure!!

I Know I Am Inviting Trouble,I Am Aware But At The same Time I Have No Control Over It.I Know Something Is Bothering Me And Chipping The Part In Me,Little-By-Little..But I Can’t Figure What Exactly Is Bothering Me?

If It’s Not Food That I Am Craving ? What Am I Hungry For?Now,Don’t Tell Me I Need To Hit The Gym…I Think I Need To Hit A Rehab!