An optimist!

Global citizen/what politics? We are simply – an optimist!

While the big promises are made, plans to make this world a better place are being discussed resulting with endless goals being piled up to collect dust…

Not questioning any authority or complaining. Who am I to? Particularly when I already know that there’s nothing you can do. Anyways, we are aware that some global issues are being resolved or at least in process; while there are some unseen not necessarily ignored.

Initiatives are taken with dignity and our hearty respect for heroes around the globe, but it seems they are few in comparison to the issues we have and the new ones are being produced every single moment.

Do realize that the difference may not be visible overnight and change for the betterment of the humanity, globally will happen eventually and everyone must do their bit, but to speak of an ordinary person like me and there are millions like me who is being affected by the big news and often feels helpless as to: how we can help or make a difference?

These ordinary people (OP) like me are those trying to live their normal life, who claims to have no power but the few people in power orate, designating OP as the one who indeed is in power. Maybe that’s true or maybe not.

OP who no doubt are affected emotionally by the global crisis. We see the news on TV or read the newspaper – react in awe and change the channel/turns the page, why? Because we live in the moment as we are obligated to. Aware of global news but we gotta rush to work or we might get late. So, might quickly grab a breakfast and get going or else there won’t be food in the table, groceries for a month for the family one has to feed.

These ordinaries are the people who may not react to the big issues unless directly affected e.g what’s happening in the nation (Nepal) now? But is that new? If you ask me or young adults of my age – we’ve grown up addressing these political issues early on when we had no interest or clue in whatsoever…

On top of my head I recall one petty riots to start with i.e Hrithik Roshan kanda that prevented us to play outdoors for a while or cycle in street and as a kid – hated that restriction.

Maoist attack in school when in 8th standard came as the cost where most of the teachers in our school were foreigners, they left the country and left the incomplete course for us to complete on our own. School management went haywire with teachers on strike…

Soon after, nation woke up in complete shock with the news of Royal Massacred and over the years we moved passed the incident and somehow we focused on our preparation and passed the SLC, so-called the iron gate but no time for celebration because what we’d witnesses all these years was indeed the beginning of the political turmoil…

We are the generation who saw the pre-post democracy movement (Jana Andolan – II). When in high school, riots in Nepal after killing hostages in Iraq created another chaos , education sectors was closed for weeks, an empty street and burning tires on the road. Inside every closed doors families trying to stay safe, parents gluing their eyes on the news channel – all these during puberty made us thick-skinned where personal issues no matter how profound were trivial in comparison to political turbulence in the nation.

After all the years, moved on with life and as time demanded, landed up in the job (first job ever) and graduated, despite the odd working hours or distance there were times when we walked to work and then walked to college after work. And after all these years, doing the same thing i.e walking to work yet again…

While the nation was and is still recovering after the major earthquake that hit the nation on 25 April and its aftershock – amidst the dark there we saw a glimpse of hope (light) brought about by the news of the new constitution but soon that lead to severe shortages in essential supplies like petrol, kerosene, diesel etc which are the fuel for life, for the mobility that feeds to basic needs in ever nook and corner of the city and keeps us all going. But now the situation is such that: leaving home to run some errands or even to do the daily chores has become no less than preparing for a battlefield.

Wouldn’t want to call it political entirely but whatever it is, that our nation is facing might not be the biggest issue of all (globally speaking) but it needs to be addressed. How is the question! You & I = “WE” could be just a layman who’s not the brightest, is not in power, has his/her own personal issues to take care of, who’s making an average income to support his/her family – what more could that ordinary person do if s/he sees a beggar grabbing a good from the garbage? Maybe handover some money or help the beggar buy some food, similar is the situation at hand. We will do what we can to contribute with whatever we have.

People and youth of our country are not completely helpless, taken aback or reliant, taking the current situation for an example – we all can tell. We have been patient but THAT not to be taken for our weakness. We have tried to stay as optimistic as we can – seeing a glass half empty as half full. To state this statement as truth we have various examples: through various other channels and social media like in the tweets and FB status – we hear the voice of our nation.

“So what the Indian channels are out? For our mothers and aunt who are addicted to the indian soap opera have opened up to try new even if that means learning Chinese ☺️ watch Nepali shows instead, one can either: sit down and compliment, pass a rowdy comment or get up and make the change in the Nepali entertainment world you want to see.

Power outage so what? We can use that time reading books, connecting with friends by making a visit instead of a poke through a FB. After dinner while still waiting for a power/light to be back we can hear great stories of our childhood or any stories our mum, grand parents has to share. Not living with family? In that case go up in the terrace, look at the sky and count it if you wish to 😉 trust me it’s so much better than staring at your mobile screen.

Fuel shortage so what? At least we have a healthy Nepal who cycles or walks to work and that’s Eco-friendly too. We all agree this ain’t the final solution practically speaking but must admit that we are not totally deprived of the necessity as well. What is necessity? All these needs are man-made/created and we’ve all become dependent to the fast changing world in the name of modernization.

We’re positive that surely there could be an alternative to all the problems mentioned above: every family, every country has problems they need to resolve – this shall pass too as nothing is temporary be it good times or bad. Thus, we just need to give ourselves some time to adopt to this change, meanwhile stay united, and as for being patient – we already are best known for it 😊

In adversity we find an opportunity and many of us have taken this privation as an opportunity to wear that heroic hat and make the change – however we can. A very good and fast tending example is – carpooling. Also, how can we forget how people volunteered to those in need after the major earthquake struck the nation early this year. 

We are getting up strong each time we fall, although helpless offering a helping hand and recovering with time to turn wounds into wisdom. I am so proud to be born in the nation where amid all these mayhem, there is still so much positivity around.

Happy reading & be proud to be a Nepali! – $hri&T

Can colleagues be friends?

Can FRIENDS be colleagues? Yup!
Can COLLEAGUES be friends? Maybe!
Can they be GOOD FRIENDS? I have my doubts!
Can FRIENDS TURNED COLLEAGUES be good colleagues? It’s not impossible!

If you love your friends and love what you do;
Want to keep your BFF’s for ever and your job too?
Take one simple advice and don’t ever mix-up the two.
O-else it’ll be like you establishing an organisation to gain profit but end-up doing a charity.

Well! charity is a good thing but my point is, its likely you’ll stray and lose focus. Go in reverse and think why have you chosen this platform? You stepped in this corporate world merely with an aim to make friends. Socialize – maybe but making friends? – I don’t think so.” You were welcomed aboard for a reason so use the right weapon for the right situation. Use that making friends quality of your into networking.

Its crucial you do your job and do it right. Leave your vulnerability back home. Coz only when you choose to open up – there’s a chance to get shot; when you trust – chance to get betrayed. Likewise, when you thinking fairness; someone else is thinking to back-stab, when you fight for the justice for others you are unjustified, you try to understand others instead you are misunderstood, you try to help yet become helpless.

What do you expect? Nothing in this world is fair. Just an eye opening example a well wisher of mine shared: You may learn how to drive and get your license legitimately but that does not proof stamp you’ll not fall prey to an accident? Its corporate survival of the fittest and you are riding vultures but they are not to blame cause you are one too. However, learn to separate and balance your work and personal life, it’ll simplify things for you in both the areas – $hrisT

Sight that got me thinking…

Monday, August 18, 2014

It was 10 in the morning and I was home watching TV – enjoying my day off. Mum was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Just then, uncle came for a quick visit but he left as soon as he came. I recalled that I had left my bike last Friday for servicing thus asked uncle if he could drive me till showroom, and he agreed.

Mum insisted that I have my breakfast first, but I didn’t wanted to keep uncle waiting for long so I rushed myself into a jeans, tugged a T and grabbed a sandal. Impetuously made my way down the stairs promising mum to be back soon. Mum muttered sth but I could not figure what she said and I didn’t bothered. She might have been bit upset as I left the warm food. Usual stuff!

I and uncle were on our way and just then I caught sight of a hungry beggar gobbling anything edible he found in the garbage bag. I’d seen pictures, movies but never perceived such a heart wrecking sight in person. We’d passed through the sight so quickly that my brain hadn’t registered the image seen and by the time I wanted to react, we’d reached a main road and now stuck in a traffic.

All the way to the showroom and back home, I was thinking and I still am thinking….Can’t get over it! That vision is haunting me, its making me guilty. I feel sorry, helpless and am mad at myself coz I could have done something, why didn’t I react? It’s so easy to pity over things like this but how many of us actually does sth about it? I could have given that man some money or brought him some decent food to eat. But to think, even if I did what I thought I could do, how much of an impact could that make? One meal? And what after that? Not to forget there are 1000s more like him in Kathmandu alone.

It was only 10:00 in the morning and I didn’t even bother to have my break-fast, because I wasn’t hungry. We tend to take this everyday things for granted and someone somewhere out there who is underprivileged battles for all these basic needs every single day. We have enough to be thankful for yet we want more. We take everyday things for granted and yet we think we are helpless, if we are helpless what about those people struggling from one meal to next?

We don’t know how it feels to be hungry and I’m not talking craving kind of hunger here. We surely don’t have to worry sleeping empty stomach but there are 1000s of them who’s living a life we can’t even imagine. I really don’t know what I alone could do to help all these underprivileged and how to get rid of them from grass root level. But what we really can do right now is STOP complaining and appreciate what we’ve got, respect the food on our plate and be thankful to god for every grain we put in your mouth.

Am simply pouring out how I’m feeling at the moment. Am just an ordinary with an urge to share, making a small attempt to make all reader’s ponder over, sth NOT NEW – this is not something you all have never heard/read about.

Biology is the least…

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” Agreed! But I also believe biology is the least of what makes anyone anything. Transformation a human body goes through biologically has least of what makes them a child, an adult, matured or parents.

Children can only have one biological father and a mother but is it the same for parents? Just an example, when a male parent gets divorced and gets married again, he gets him a new wifey, if he wishes to – he can choose to produce himself a new daughter/son and there he has manufactured himself a new family. Yes “manufacture” is the term chosen intentionally.

Now this man’s got a new wife, new life and new daughter, but for a daughter from his first marriage, she still has one father and there’s no replacement, at least biologically it’s simply impossible for her to get a new father.

For children, once they lose their parents they either wait for someone to adopt them or adapt quickly to the change; to become an adult not knowing how it is to be a child when they’re still one. You see, maturity comes when life leave you no choice but to act matured. This is a one way high way. You either adapt the change to survive or die trying.

A 9-year-old will act matured if situation demands. S/he wouldn’t wait another 9 years to finally turn 18 to act responsible. I have always believed that biology is least of what makes someone a mother/father and biology is least of what makes someone a child. It’s life experiences that makes you who you are and it’s life situations that molds your personality. It’s never constant though; nothing is. No matter how ready or unprepared you are, you can never expect what situations life will throw at you.


Do I understand you? Nope!
Do I expect you to understand me? Maybe 😛

So give it a try to understand what I don’t understand. But wait, how can I expect someone whom I don’t understand to understand me?

Ah! Maybe, sometimes some people we have hard time understanding, understands us and we don’t understand how or perhaps why?

Now! Are those people for real or that just their pretentious act?

Hmm, you got me thinking here, but I think for anything and almost everything, probability is high but possibility is one.

Probably, it could be ANYTHING but possibly IT IS what you want to BELIEVE it is. Hence, this world of illusion!

Here, no one’s RIGHT and no! You are not WRONG!
Coz TRULY! We’re all living a LIE.
Everyone LONGS but nothing LASTS.
Corrupted minds & polluted souls.

You are what you can prove you are otherwise you are nothing. You are SOMEONE if someone else recognizes you as someone otherwise you are NOBODY.

I want to be WRONG in a RIGHTFUL way,
I dare not LIE about the TRUTH,
I want to live a FANTASY like as if its a REALITY,
I don’t want to LONG but LAST,
And I better not pollute my mind amid the corrupted souls.

I better be me not having the need to prove anyone anything. I know who I am and I know am worthy so best not to expect someone-else to dub me either as somebody/nobody, who are they to measure anyone’s worth anyway?

Now, you tell me, did you understand me?
Did you think that I would expect you to understand me?
How can you expect someone you did not understand to understand you?

Make sense? No? – Perfect!

– $hri$T

Neither Nor

One Moment To The Next

One moment I’m loving and content, next moment I am losing control and complaining. For one brief moment I ‘m an optimist-a believer, next moment I can’t think straight and I’m skeptical. One moment I’m all smiles but right next moment I’m in tears.

One moment I’m all sorted, next moment I’m this huge pile of mess. For one brief moment I’m proud to be me, next moment I don’t recognize myself anymore. One moment I’m my own savior but right next moment I’m on the verge of destroying myself.

One moment I’m wild and free, next moment I am tamed and chained. For one brief moment I feel my wings and I’m flying, but next moment before I know it – I’ve failed to spread my wings and I’m falling. One moment I’m this person I want to become but right next moment I’m this person I don’t want to be.

One moment to the next, I am too many people that too, too often. I’m unable to handle all of me all at the same time.

— $hri§T

Your consent and I’m approved-Really?

Why should our life depend on others decision? Why do others have to validate our ability? Why do we need to impress the other person in life (throughout life)? Why most crucial decision of our life depends on others approval? Take a court room for an instance. Justice seems to be given more to evidence than to truth itself. Approval granted if someone is good at convincing others about the truth (that may/may not be the truth). Even as a child we hate the idea of being alone and if you can’t make friends without any choice you are making enemies. Likewise, if you are not good at socializing you are a weirdo?

We’ve been programmed to seek attention and approval maybe aforementioned in the reason. Everyone’s obsessed about the number these days. One’s popularity is rated and graded according to the majority of his/her fan following. How many likes they have on face book? Followers they have on twitter? Hits they have on their blog etc. It’s you and your action no doubt (but it’s others who validate it. Their decision will either make you or break you. This majority has been commercialized to an extend where people/organizations are ready to pay to increase the likes on their fan-page and its funny how people are ready to like the page to get paid. So quality does not matter as much as number does. Wow! & Ouch!

Most of our lives, someone’s consent is going to approve or disapprove of us; of who we are and what we can be-but why does it have to be that way? Throughout life most of our energy is spent convincing others. Be it making friends, acting good neighbors, being so not you when social, dressing out-of-your-comfort-zone when stepping out, convincing a Visa Counselor/ Reality TV judge, examiner etc. Or be it making an impression at the job interview, confessing love and convincing the guy/girl of your dream to marry you and then convincing their parents and so on and so forth…Phew!

I am no different and obviously I cannot step out of the house in my pajamas unless I am sleepwalking. I too hate to be alone but love to spend most of the time to myself. I would need other’s approval at times but it’s sad how most of the times, their decision is overpowering. However, I still try not to try too hard to please anyone; rather continue doing what I want to and whenever I want to, whether many like it or not — $hri§T