Foodie Talks: Detox Cafe

My review on a food and a cafe I just tried that deserved every penny I spent on it.

It’s that time of the month when all I think about is—food, food and some more food. Sweet, spicy, cheesy, deliciously mouth watering savory of all kind. If you couldn’t guess, I am referring to PMS cravings but this blog post isn’t about that 🙂

Well, this is rather a taste inspired blog 😉. Trust me, I wasn’t paid to review the meals from ‘Detox Cafe’ although I wish I was 😜

Although, I had been craving for those freshly baked dark chocolate, the cheesiest cheesecake in town and those dumplings drenched in luminous hot & spicy sauce; the same time I had been fighting hard to resist all these monthly cravings. I wanted to try my patience this time around so instead, I choose a healthy alternative and below is what I ordered:

My dinner has arrived 😋

1. Buckwheat Momo

Well, it tasted ok but I felt fuller a lot quicker and very satisfied—after. Often, we neglect this but it’s important we enjoy our food not only throughout the eating process but also right after having them. I could tell my guts were happy. I wasn’t craving for another meal until a few hours later…but no worries, I had ordered more JIC 🙃

Buckwheat Momo

2. Chickpeas Curry

This was served in this cute looking bowl. When I gave it a quick look, I had the least expectations from it but when I took a spoonful of these babies, instantly I was blown away. It had surpassed my expectations of-course. It had a taste that would awaken the taste buds of even those with low appetite. Now, do I sound dramatic? 😉 not my intention. No kidding, I was blown away by this particular one. Definitely a must-try.

Chickpeas Curry

3. Buckwheat Brownie

Not everyone would respond positively to this brown beauty because of its strong smell which is hard to neglect in your first bite, but it’s buckwheat, who are we kidding? You get what you ask for right? I admit, the smell is a little overpowering especially from the crust but the inside was so moist and fluffy.

Buckwheat Brownie

As I was enjoying my meal, I could feel the care and love that might have gone into preparing it. So much so that I couldn’t help think, ‘was I the only client of the day?’ That they took their sweet time to prepare a meal like they would prepare for a VIP or is it just that their food in general is of high quality at all times? Well, order for yourself to find out and do let me know your thoughts.

The only downside was, they were rather late to deliver. It took them 2h:45 m since I had placed an order. Nevertheless, to make-up for it, they called to inform about the problem they were facing I.e. issue with the delivery boy’s bike. Besides, it was such a sweet gesture that without me having to say much they apologized via personalized text. And “all’s well that ends well, right?”

Bottom line, I did not let my cravings have its way, yet I was satisfied. I tried ‘Detox Café’ for the first time and loved their food. Each one that I had ordered was worth every penny. I am considering exploring more from their menu. Also, I encourage all to opt for the healthy alternatives next time you place an order, even if it’s your cheat day or a PMS craving or Christmas Celebration or whatever else. Consider it and I bet it’ll be worth it. 🙂

Stay Safe & Happy Holidays

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