Amanush: Part 2

My experience spending 10 months in a rumored haunted house 🏚

House/ Home Haunted or Not

Late Nov 2019, we had shifted to a new place in Patan Lalitpur, Nepal. Our new home was an inviting bungalow with a garden. It was indeed an old house—renovated. Its exterior was bright and attractive. Built in 10 acre land its rooms were capacious and naturally lit. It had sufficient clean water supply which is a jackpot for anyone residing in Kathmandu. FYI, currently the entire house is on rent for only 45k NPR per month, also on sale for potential buyers. However, it’s downside, you’ll know as we go. Unfortunately, I cannot give away many details of the house as in its exact location because of various factors. However, having learned the lesson the hard way, I can only suggest considering consulting neighbors and to learn a little about the history of any place you are considering buying or renting.

Shield of Positivity

Everything was going hunky-dory until we’d shifted to this new house. In fact in 2019 we were all positive because we had all the reasons to be and more. For instance, after years of struggle we had helped secure our old property early on in 2019. My health, finance, family and work life was aligning smoothly as the months progressed. I had finally made-up my mind to join a new workforce—I was very much looking forward to it. I had bought a new vehicle to complement my new lifestyle thus enjoying my new-found freedom. Most importantly I had regained my health thus was bouncing with joy. Also, it had been 8 months since I’d completed inner engineering (IE) course from Isha Foundation. Therefore, in a way, positivity seemed to be oozing out of every cell in my body; no wonder whomsoever I met around the time only had praises for me. “You look good,” “Still so vibrant & young you are.” “Your face is literally glowing.” “Have you been working out? You look great.” “Your aura is something,” “I feel inspired talking to you.” “You are so optimistic.” “You’ll make a great motivational speaker,” etc. It may sound like I am blowing my own trumpet but those—not my words. 🙂

Our life was transitioning for the better. Thus, hardly any room for negativity. Most things were turning out in our favor thus we looked forward to embracing this change and welcoming 2020 with an open arms. We expected nothing but all great things moving forward but as they say, life never fails to surprise us all; we too had no clue what lay ahead.

Heath Recoup

In 2019, my hemoglobin was back to normal (12+), my thyroid doses were decreasing (which was a good news). I am mentioning these things, because its crucial part of how the story unfolds, from our highs in no time we were experiencing our lowest of lows since we shifted to this new location. As for my mother, she too was in a good health. More than anything, she was happy that things were going great for me. However, like I said, little did we except that we had to experience the things that we did months following December.

Whatever IT Was or Wasn’t

10 months (Nov 2019-Sep 2020), we had spent in the house; more so after mid match due to Covid-19. After having experienced all that we did, I’m still in dilemma. I don’t know whether to thank god for helping us fight this incomprehensible battle OR should I be sad that we had to experience all this in the first place.

I’ll be discussing in detail what we witnessed and the stories we heard from the neighbors in the last series of this blog (Part III). Expect a delay yet again because as I you are reading this blog and I had been compiling details we were in a process of shifting home—add COVID-19 restrictions which isn’t making things any easier.

Also, as difficult it is for us to acknowledge this new reality, it is what it is. Nonetheless, I thank each one of you for connecting (although virtually) and until next time, stay safe and remember, “sometimes even the space that we call our home—isn’t the safest.”

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