Just be…

Imposed lockdown or whatever, not a new thing for me. 🙂 Handling it superbly well as I have been practicing social distancing for years now. 3 years to be more precise.

Self-time, not an isolation; in fact an attempt to connect with the divine—within. Since a year now, I have been regularly practicing my Shambhavi Mahamudra. 2+ years since I started Isha Kriya, that which has done wonders for me. BTW it’s available for free on Sadhguru app. Perfect for beginners.

Rise & Shine
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All my life I have been known for my energy and vitality but 2017 with it, brought a lot of down-fall with health challenges (physical and mental). But with all due respect I say, this wise-young-man #Sadhguru 🙂🙏came to my rescue. Got introduced to his quirky outlook towards life and tools for healing and self-transformation. All through his YouTube videos (first introduced to me by my elder sister). Since then, my life hadn’t been the same. Well, I don’t 100% agree with everything he says but I can’t seem to get enough of him. You know what they say about death? Allows rebirth…in a way I felt the same after having been through that phase in my life. As Sadhguru says, ’Death isn’t bad, infant it’s the only thing that has added value to life.’ Indeed.

With time, as I continued my Isha Kriya with warm winter sun, my body slowly and eventually started regaining its vitality. Only those who experience the fall, first hand can truly relate to what I am trying to decipher here, no exaggeration but honest truth. How am I now? V well! Better than ever before. During my low phase, at one time, I hardly had the motivation and energy for 5 minutes yoga, but what started off as 15 minutes kriya slowly was increased to 30 minutes, than 45 minutes and to an hour. Also, since I got my energy back, have added kickboxing to my daily routine. 🥊 🥊 🥊 You surely don’t want to mess with me 😉 but cardio it is. 🙃

What-else? I meditate—a lot. Sitting in a cross legged posture with a slightly upturned face, and eyes closed has become a way of life now without which my day feels incomplete. Also, been a while i’ve been practicing gratitude. What’s that? Well, just be genuinely thankful for everything you’ve got, also those you don’t.

Everyday, as I wake-up, and before every meal and right before bed—I thank the divine (source of creation) for everything. I thank the inner God within me for all the blessings bestowed upon me and more so for all the hurdles (things / people) and circumstances. That which has helped me in my becoming. Overall, I thank the divine for simply being an invincible force in my life—guiding me.

Take this time as your opportunity to shine. Nothing particular to do? Great! Isn’t it? I don’t get what are most complaining about? What bad time instead see clearer skies. Also, I hear that Peacock🦚 are out dancing in the streets? Imagine that…😃 same roads that otherwise used to be jam-packed with traffic. I hear morning chirps of birds louder and melodic 😊

However, we cannot discount the fact that covid-19 has been unfortunate for many. Especially those who lost their loved ones. This solitude has definitely come at tremendous cost. Confirmed cases of covid worldwide is over a million (as of today) and still counting. Furthermore, it has slowed down our economy but you think again…haven’t we—as humans, caused 10X more damage to mother earth and all other creatures for centuries? All in the name of human advancement? God know how much damage we’ve caused as humans and who has kept accurate track of it. Anyhow…

Home 🏡 a safest place on earth, but since when did we started feeling imprisoned in our own home? If what’s suppose to liberate—suffocates, one needs to check what is it that needs correction. One’s thoughts and actions? In fact all one needs to do to rectify is—do nothing. Nothing particular to do; simply be. Let alone this quarantine, if you ask me; honestly 24 hours of self-exploration isn’t enough. Seems, one lifetime won’t be either.

So now that we have the time; which most of us have always been complaining about. Make the best out of it. Whatever got you here (a virus in this case) 😉 🙆‍♀️ important thing is, you are here. Next is what? Practice doing NOTHING and take a moment or two to simply be. You’ll be surprised how little you know about yourself and the world you live in. Also, you’ll realize what little we need to be happy.

Happy Being! $hri§T

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