Covid: Are we the victim or responsible?

Covid 19: Whats happening and why is it happening? Are we victim or responsible? Now that you’ve finally got the time #reflect.

Riots for good or no reason from rewriting legislation to water scarcity. Too much noise since…and now this silence (imposed that is)

People with surgical masks in the conference room, locals requiring permit for a walk in a nearby park, and a good enough reason for people wanting to spend/shop using their own money…Surreal but mostly weird and the fact that its happening. 😔

Source: WHO

High time we humans, reflect on our actions and it’s consequences. Just saying, take this as a sign from #MotherEarth—she who demand that our reckless behaviors be put to a halt followed by necessary corrections.

Not necessarily with a bad intention, but we humans, in the name of advancement and economic growth, have caused more damage than any good. Really, if there is no today, how can there possibly be future? In other words, if this is today with 7.7 B imagine the future? Will there be any worth living?

Not every disaster comes with a warning but they leave behind a tremendous lesson to be learnt. So, if not now when will we reflect?

Stay safe and #reflect! Now that you have the time to. $hri§T

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