Wordplay & Reality

This post is inspired by and the continuation from this post from 9 years back. Did it take 9 years to compose new? Nope! But from all things learned, now seems about right–to share. So here we go and pardon me scoffing and kindly bear with my queries.

Photo courtesy: steemit

Can art be a commercial success or only success defines what’s art?
Emotions sell, so in a union, you find a trusted ally, a spy, trade, or a trade-off?

So generous! A glass of raining champagne for all? But what’s the occasion? Who or what got sold to get you where you are today?

Chivalrous eh? Does that extend beyond women and your selfish motives? Oops! I dare not judge by the way you gently treat her, but the way you treat the less fortunate.

Deep pockets but why a soul so shallow?
Big dreams but a heart so small?

Tolerant with boss and patient at work but not so at home?
At home, they tolerate you because they love you but…do you? 

Make space for new but discard the old? Your new love, life, career, and a child on its way, but you on your way to an old age home?
Aw, you love me? OR perhaps, it’s just the hormones?
Want to extract, get as much as you can and give–none.

Do as you wish but don’t get caught and there you have a well-bred society? Barely full-fledged human but oh so civil…?

Ripping off what belongs to nature– of course, you are the land-LORD. Whoever accumulates more plays god?  

How well you sell, sails you big time. Go on…trade other’s emotions, that sells too and at any given day.

We’re all selfish at times and we have the ability to be kind too. We ‘re all good with a fair share of bad, all within us. But you know, you get what you extract. What you feed grows. You decide…you do and you get. I am working on my vices with an attempt to minimize it as much as I can. I hope to inspire at least one if not all to do the same.  

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