What’s with the …Raj?

I realize this is a bit silly, but… anyways, here’s an answer to my last two FB status. Which of course most of the readers here won’t know. You all are smart enough to figure it out though. 🙂

So the answer is, “If he looks like this guy (which even he doesn’t—not always) and has half the wit & the wisdom of Sadhguru—I will say I do. 😉

He is tall but married 😭

This is entirely based on where I am at in life right now. Very likely it will change. Just like those celebrity crush phases from Elvis, Russell, Liam, SRK, and now Prithviraj.

BTW what’s with the RAJ? This has been following like some pattern in my life. You surely don’t know what I mean. Pardon me for no explanation because normally when I write a blog, I like to assume I am talking to myself–of course in public.

Hey, btw my obsession with SRK lasted for about 16 months. Oh yes, I counted 😂. Now let’s see how long this one lasts 🤪 2nd celeb ever in life I’ve found to be obsessing over. This explains two things: Either I am exuberant & playful OR really sad. You can make a pick, but I can tell already that you are wrong, coz c’mon I gave you both the options, they could be a hoax 😉

Chest: 42 inches 😊 BUT again married with a kid 😭

Think of it this way, for those of you who know the HR side of me. If I can painstakingly create a rigorous selection process to recruit the right candidate for my clients. I wouldn’t make things any simpler to find the right mate for myself, correct? 🙂

Also, I believe marriage is not a necessity for all, but if I must, thought I might as well raise the bar high than saying NO.

The only actor whose interviews and movies I can watch without the subtitle. 😜 When u look like that, it doesn’t matter what u are saying 😉

To back my reasoning further I think marriage, or birth rate or most things for that matter…we humans are generating in the name of creation is sheer destruction. So, think of this as my little contribution to decreasing the world population. Let me tell you this is Sadhguru speaking and I nominate myself for the reward that Sadhguru has promised all young women who can bear but chooses not to. 😜

Got an intense, expressive eyes but again MARRIED 😭…as if I had any chance 🙃

For a moment lets keep aside, this crushing over some guy somewhere I barely know and dig deeper—shall we? I was wondering why this attraction all of a sudden? Coz I recall, the first time I noticed this actor wasn’t the first time I saw him.

I think I know…my attraction was more to do with where I was in life at that particular stage. To get me to notice him or any celeb for that matter has got less to do with them and more to do with the state of mind and emotions playing along during those phase. This could be true to many, Swimming on the surface is for a rookie, need to dig deeper.

He reminds me of some1 I’m trying to forget 🤐

Ok! Said it! So the answer is clear, he as in Prithviraj Sukumaran reminded me of someone I was trying to forget (actually still trying). Phew! Got it out of my system. Ok now, good night and allow me to dream, slide through the clouds and be with the stars. Ready or not, when I am back on earth you’ll know.

Happy expressing! Dare to express your most genuine self. Coz not one particular mood fully defines you though. $hri§T

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