Love Letter to Myself

Dear me,

Where do I begin? There is nothing about you that I don’t know, but I think there are certain aspects within you which you are unaware of. So, here is my small attempt to bring you closer to the real YOU, I’ve always known.

Let me start by introducing you to yourself. The real you, is a fighter, is a go-getter, is free-spirited, a survivor, fantasy lover, romantic by heart, sensitive by nature, kind and loving, a beautiful creation who sees good in all. You are all that and a lot more.

There are innumerable things I love about you, but what I love the most?—Is your ability to smile despite the weather. I have witnessed you through your thick and thin and with each passing day, you only make me prouder. I respect you, less because of what you’ve gone through, but more because of how you’ve handled yourself in all those critical moments. Kudos to the grace with which you have overcome your ordeals.

You are more capable than you know, beautiful that you realize and deserve a lot more than you could possibly imagine for yourself. You are more worthy than you give yourself credit for. Your heart knows no bound when it loves, it sees no limit when it chooses to give and forgive. But what’s more important than forgiving others, is to forgive yourself. You have graciously been forgiving of others; all you’ve got to do now is to learn to forgive yourself.

You try a lot and try really hard. But don’t set the bar so high for yourself that the disappointment weighs you down. Mark my words ‘you’ve done well.’ Enjoy the success you deserve, but don’t sulk if you fail. Don’t distress over things you don’t have, cherish what you’ve got— from where I see ‘you’ve got plenty.’

You have come a long way and I know there is much more you want to achieve and you will. So dream! Dream plenty and dream big, but just don’t make your dream so big that reality seems small. I know, there is no dream of yours that you cannot fulfill when you put your mind and heart to it. But now, you need to put a lot of faith in yourself.

There could be ‘a calling’ or not, can’t say for sure, but what I do know, is that the biggest purpose of life—is to live it. So don’t allow these hefty make-believe ideas to rule over. At the end of the day, none of it is bigger than yourself. Don’t rush, let the chips fall where they may. Don’t be guilty of not participating in this crazy race against time. Instead, allow some time for your inner wound to heal.

Life hasn’t been a smooth sailing for you and it isn’t for many. I can’t guarantee that life will be unruffled from here on, but what I do certify is that—you’ll be victorious over any impediments’ life poses in front of you. You’ll overcome them all like a true warrior. I say this with confidence because you have the three most essential skills needed for survival i.e. Courage, Perseverance, and Grit.

Realize your worth. Find time for things that you are passionate about. Contribute to the cause that you care for. Give back to those who love you and never chase after those who don’t. Never apologize to others for being yourself. And last but not the least, never ever spend your time and energy justifying yourself to others.

You don’t need to seek validation by someone else. They don’t know your soul, they have not lived your life, they haven’t experienced what you have gone through, they don’t feel the way you do, or see the world from your perspective.

I don’t know anyone who loves the way you do i.e when you do decide to. The biggest heart I know deserves love for itself. It’s high time, bestow some love for yourself.

Happy Reading! $hri§T

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