Oprah Winfrey: President or Not?

Oprah Winfrey often dubbed as the VIP of the VIP’s is a well-known media proprietor, an actress, talk show host, producer, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur and the list goes on. This empress seems to have it all, but never fails to surprise her audience. Just when we assume she has reached the epitome of her career and say, ‘it can’t get any better’, she unveils a yet another unique  facet to her personality.

Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes 2018Photo courtesy: vox.com

Let’s take her inspirational speech at the Golden Globes for an instance from earlier this year (2019). She took up the stage and owned it. Words from her speech was oozing with such strong emotion, they were filled with passion that moved the audience to tears leaving them feeling inspired. Since that speech, media has been buzzing with the news of her running for presidential election. Will she take up that challenge? The big questions lingered for months.

Being one of the most influential media personalities, in fact, the most influential person alive (so to speak), Oprah’s life hasn’t been smooth sailing. It is because of her resilience, drive and of course the golden heart–she is who she is today. Her life has been an open book including her relationships with men. Her affair with a married man took up headlines (although this was a while back). It’s obvious for the press to go gaga over a person who is always in demand. However, I for one, am not here to create yet another sensational piece about through this blog post (that never appeals to me). Oprah, as we know and have witnessed has risen above all the shams befallen upon her. Today, people of all age, gender, race, religion venerates her for her achievements and accolades her contribution in the world. 

Speaking of love of her life, Oprah Winfrey met Stedman Graham almost 3 decades ago, it was the same year ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ was launched. This show changed the face of television and the rest is history. The couple got engaged in 1992 but despite their decision against marriage, they are still holding on tight. It should be fair to say that Graham must take the privilege to be the man behind this successful lady. During a media interaction months backs when Stedman was asked about Oprah Winfrey running for president, he replied saying that she would make a great president for years. But this matter was put to rest when Ms. Winfrey herself declared in Jimmy Kimmel Live Show that she will not be running for president in 2020. She further explained that the anticipation by the people to think that she can run the country has been a humbling experience.

Personally, I really think the world needs more women leaders right now and being an Oprah fan, I’m disheartened like millions of others. However, one thing is for sure, whether married or not, president or not, this queen of million hearts with her forte in motivational speech and passion for bringing positive change in the society shall excel in whatever she chooses to do. More power to her.

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