SRK – in love with a ghost 

Never thought I would be obsessing over a celebrity and that too at this stage of my life 😆 It’s been almost a decade since I’ve left teen, yet I find myself fixated over this man’s interviews and social media activities. Yup, I am talking about Shah Rukh Khan. Bit embarrassing I know, but it’s a fact I’m having a hard time admitting to it. 🙃

I keep telling myself, “You don’t know him personally, he could be anyone and very likely not the one you think he is. So how is he deserving of your time and attention? Yes, he could be a great human being or perhaps just a great actor who really knows his game. While he maybe just doing his job (mastering his field) you are putting him on a pedestal that he may or may not be deserving of. Giving this ghost a face – SRK’s face in this case. Know that, this image that you have created on your mind may or may not exist.”

I am not a movie person tbh, I get angsty having to sit in one place and watch one movie for continuous 2 to 3 hours. Rather, I’m more of documentary kinda person. Biopic and interviews work best in my interest, but movies. So while I was going through some interviews on leadership I came across his speech at Dhirubhai Ambani International School and there was no stopping since then. By now I’ve probably watched all of his interviews on YouTube, latest being the TED talk on humanity, fame, and love. I can’t seem to get enough of him. It’s sheer pleasure just to watch him woo me 😊 Thus, now in a process of completing watching all his movies… damn I sound so scary 😳 You might think I’m insane, but trust me when I say I’m a lot crazier that you think I am 😉

Idolizing and romanticizing as a child – that can be explainable, but as an adult – that’s questionable, I would at least. I think it’s nonsense to idolize anyone coz I personally am cynical about the idea of a living legend. It could be because of my own experiences growing up. For an instance, who I thought they (as in adults) were and how I was revealed to the fact who they really are while I was growing up was a life changing yet hilarious experience.

I realize I could be in trouble for saying so but it’s my belief that I think there are no mahatmas, gurus or whatever we call them. I personally think, what/who we idolize is simply: a glorification, a sugarcoated fact. All these larger than life characters has been created as an escape from one’s own reality. They are either who we cannot be or cannot find. This is true and very true in my case. Fiction I believe is an exaggerated form of reality that has transcended into a vision and image where even the sky is not the limit, coz one can make of it whatever they want it to be. I’m aware of this delusion yet I find myself obsessing over SRK (more so now than ever).

This man who seems to tick all the boxes of ‘Mr. Right’ has a face of a man who is my father’s age, is a married man from India and has 3 kids. But wait! This makes it safe to love him and admit it openly – doesn’t it? 😉 So allow me 🙂 My justification for why I think he is ‘Mr. Perfect’ although his real self may or may not be.

I know, not all would agree and that’s perfectly ok. One can hate him or love him but can’t deny his accomplishment. He could be cunning to many, but his charm is undeniably infectious to millions. He who is a self-made man who has been consistently treading his path in his favor. He does it effortlessly because he is grounded, honest and keeps it very simple.

It’s through his hard work, intelligence and diligence he is who he is today. He has been reigning for almost 3 decades now and still counting. Do note, a miracle happens once or maybe twice. What’s consistent is real. He has been dubbed as the 2nd richest actor in the world yet possesses a childlike curiosity. He who isn’t perfect yet so godly. His life journey is fascinating to a sociologist, inspiring to any layman, intriguing to an entrepreneur and spellbinding to a dreamer.

He who wears his wit like the amulet. An intellectual man yet so humble. Most celebrated celebrity yet so down to earth. His words spill wisdom and speech floats like a poetry.  He’s well informed, which makes him rational; yet he has the courage to dare dream which makes him a dreamer. He who knows commerce and values philosophy. He who believes in the religion of humanity and oneness.

Like most, of my writing and my own personality, this blog post too, is self-contradictory. Do I owe anyone an explanation? You ain’t getting any 😛 Save your effort and don’t try to take my words in a literal sense and least, try finding logic. This blog post isn’t intended to serve anything but confess a dilemma. I don’t know if I’m complaining SRK’s non-existence or complimenting the probability of his being.

Either he is who he is or he is an excellent PR to successfully portray the image he has built and sustained it for so long. Speaking of which, sure people can be pretentious but the question is – for how long? In his case, his aura, those vibes, energy, and warmth with which he and his admirers reciprocate, all over the world speaks for itself. He is the real deal and truly blessed.

This man seems to be a life savior and a killer (both at the same time). The man who respects women, married the first girl he dated and his universe revolves around his kids and family. He seems to be a mama’s boy, mad lover, faithful husband, sensitive yet a fighter, with the right balance of masculinity and femininity. Combination of an intelligent man with a strength and courage can never go wrong. No wonder, Bhahubali is doing so well.

SRK is the face for all those who are trying to give a shape to their imagery ‘Mr Right.’ Characters he portrays is what every girl looks in their partner and mother sees in their son. He radiates faith to those who believes in true love, match made in heaven and everything unworldly.

He is an ordinary man who has achieved an extraordinary triumph. He is relatable and an epitome of what a real modern man should be. His eyes (the way it glistens) makes you want to believe that he is the one for you; you look into his eyes and u go like “this is the man who can die for me, kill for me, live for me and love me like no other”; although it’s a different story that it’s not true – the make believe does its magic.

He is an easy escape for those million dreamers who’s reality isn’t what one wants to acknowledge. He brings hope to a common man to believe that they too can reach their highest destiny and fulfill their life purpose (whatever that maybe).

Onscreen he spellbinds his audience with his magic wand and offscreen his real life journey, love and success story is no different to work its mojo. Now, how can this man not be loved? Admired so much so that he unintendedly invites haters too. He definitely is a rare breed, quite a catch! They don’t make such man anymore. He has all those qualities that matter, but he isn’t perfect and that’s the key. His imperfection is what makes him perfect.

Happy dreaming – $hri§T

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