She who…

If she is not the one you know then who is she?


She who’s father refused to see her face at birth because she was a second child and yet another girl. She who was abandoned, while this little one was chasing her mother; begging her to stay, but she left anyway. 
Her favorite birds were separating…just then, she fluctuated with grades (highs on her pre-board, but not so on the final). Some genius fools took this opportunity; brilliantly forecasting her future predicting – what she was NOT capable of…
Not the father or the mother but the other. Those ‘steps’ she could not rely standing on, let alone walking. Those not so grown-up elderlies would vent at her at any given chance as though she could feel nothing…But she did and a lot. Facilely they would throw a remark telling WHAT she lacked, but not exert an inch to empathize WHY she lacks it.
She who was condemned for playing innocent, but she who didn’t know a ‘b’ of bamboozle or ‘p’ of politics. She who was a victim yet she was sentenced for a crime she’d never committed. She who wasn’t cruel-clever to maneuver play in her favor; not even close to defending her own case for that matter.
Don’t fool fiction to be real or not-the-actual to be factual. FICTION can be an exaggerated reality and REALITY it’s played-down version – $hri§T

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