Love Compatibility (Cancer & Virgo) – Final (Part III) 

This blog post is a continuation of Love Compatibility: (Cancer & Virgo) 2nd Phase and as the title suggests, closure of Cancer & Virgo.

Being on and off a relationship with this Virgo wasn’t a new thing. There was an interlude from weeks, to months to almost even a year. Here are some moments of reconciliation I would like to journal as a pleasant memoir.

Moment of Truth:

We were invited at the restaurant – one of his friend owned. Initially, everything appeared normal. But, as the evening went by, we weren’t speaking but our drinks started to. Unfiltered opinions without the fear of consequences were brought to the table. Most of us were opening up and being brutally honest which lead to deep conversation . A friend asked why would I distant myself from someone who cares about me so dearly? My response was: “That isn’t enough…when I know I’m not the only one.” She seemed infuriated to learn this. Facing a Virgo guy she said, “What’s IMP is not who loves you; but whom YOU love. You HAVE to make a decision.” She continued picking on him…..”WHOM DO U LOVE?” Situation got tensed…he then snapped. To our surprise, his reactions was instantaneous and loud…In his disclosure, slightly tilting his head towards me, he shouted “I LOVE HER”…There was a long pause – an awkward silence. We all had that look of not knowing how to react…sound of clearing of throats and hands grabbing their respective glasses to take a sip…After a brief pause this dear Virgo continued (in a subtle voice) “…and I respect her.”

An Unplanned Trip:

My most memorable trip of all was our trip to Daman via Tribhuwan highway. That evening after several excuses I’d finally agreed to meet him. It was an unplanned trip. I bet he too didn’t had an idea where we were headed. But, he was clear about one thing i.e making the most of a time; each time I agreed to meet him. He’d learnt by now that I was unpredictable as a weather (typical of most Cancerian). After this moment was over, wouldn’t know when he would see me next or if he would ever see me again. It was winter; late evening, driving through the empty road, beneath the clear blue sky. I was enjoying the unvoiced talks with the stars and the landscape were breathtaking. Periodically I would look at him driving, while his eyes be fixed on the road. And oh boi! Did he look admirable. He looked the most attractive to me when he had those RayBan on and was driving. “Love the men in action.” 😉 And as for the trip, sometimes not knowing where you are headed makes the journey more so pleasurable. This in particular is one of those moments to cherish a lifetime.

Connection Beyond Reasoning:

Once he shared his experience of a time when we were apart. Told me that he went to our school gathering. He was drunk almost to a state of losing consciousness. And then all of a sudden he heard someone say my name…Within the blink of an eye, he found himself sober (fresh and alert). He narrated the account eloquently in Nepali. At that time I found it hilarious. But later, I felt there was a deeper meaning associated with it. Guess he was trying to tell me, I had an affect on him and a strong one. Maybe he himself did not realize until…

We Were a Family:

After months of keeping each other apart, he contacted me and shared that he is leaving for UK for further studies. So he had a month (i.e if the results were positive). He didn’t say (didn’t had to) but I knew he wanted to spend the time with me (i.e prior to going abroad). And we did. He brought this cutie doggy to my apartment (I begged him to). The apartment brightened with his presence and dog playing around and I’d found full. I enjoyed cooking for him (although he complained he might gain weight), during weekends we tried our hands with new cuisines (home cooked). He would always offer a helping hand in the kitchen. We even had this little pizza party with my brother and to be sister in law. Time just flew by and there came a time when the time wasn’t in our favor…

An Anonymous Call:

As you all know by now, I was fighting a battle with myself – what my heart desired Vs what my head thought was logical. This time it had been almost a year (the longest of all). It was during that time, I used to receive these text messages where the sender’s identity was secured. I bet there is way to trace it, but I never bothered to. This one time, I received a call from a new unknown number. Picked up and said “Hello” but there was no response. Said “Hello” a few more times – still no reply. In that silent moment, could hear sth in the background. By the sound of it – seemed like an auditorium / hall. I could picture it as a classroom setting with a thin voice of a lecturer in the far background. I knew this Virgo guy was enrolled in MBA classes, but wasn’t sure about the timings. And this call was made between 7-8ish p.m. While on the phone, had a gut feeling – was him. But, I can only assume, coz I never confirmed. Just few minutes after hanging up, i received a text message that read “You are a beautiful chapter in my life. I’ll cherish the moments spent together forever” OR something along those lines.

I can go on and on about the euphoric moments shared with this Virgo guy; to an extent to even publish a book – no kidding! We shared many things in common, but had our differences too. Despite and against all odds he made an earnest effort to keep finding his way back into my life. This on and off continued for years (have lost count tbh). There was a time when I felt strained off my energy and distracted from my goal. I wasn’t that girl anymore who would dream of a happy home. My priority had switched to being independent and financially strong. So we ended once and for all. And just like that Pisces guy, this vurgo guy too was back with an offer, but what he was offering was different; a partnership, but in biz.

Wow! I’m thinking my love life could make a good series for “How I Met Your Father” lol 😉 i.e If I ever were to get married and I highly doubt that 🙆‍♀️. But again, you know what they say about ‘Never Say Never.’

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