Lets Talk About Crush

‘February, the Month of Love’ so let’s about love crush, but this is a story about an unrequited one. Three is the number and call it a coincidence or not; all these men shared one thing in common i.e they were all born under ‘The Fire Sign.’

Crush # 1 Aries

This was back in the day, saw him for the 1st time in SAT classes. He was quiet (of course he had to be as we were in the classroom) haha but quiet in a sense that he wasn’t interacting much. He seemed reserved to me, just doing his own thing, wasn’t talking to anyone. We all students had this single seater desk and chair and he was seated 2 rows ahead and spinning a pencil around his finger. That was a distraction for me O wait – was that an attraction? Haha.  Just kidding!

Was my first day in the class and probably his last, coz I never saw him after that (not in that classroom at least). Astounding, but all my in person encounters with him since then has been by chance. Few months later I met him at this Christmas party in Thamel – I instantly recognized him. Since then we became friends in social media and one day in a very playful manner, I told him that I had this huge crush on him. He responded in a very gentle way, that he way already taken. Furthermore shared that he’s not someone who chooses wine 🍷 over water. Nice guy but wait, “I am a wine now? Hehe

Met him a few more times (all random). Once, on the way in Durbar Marg and then at the pub in Lazimpat. I mean how many times do you bump into a person unintended and specially those you have an infatuation towards? Well, that can happen I guess, how big is KTM anyway. So! Let’s see if there are more of these happenstance in the future 🙂

Crush # 2 – Aries again

We used to work together. No offense but trust me when I say, in a physical sense there was nothing appealing about this guy. Yet somehow after just few months of knowing him there was this indescribable pull I couldn’t resist. Ouch! I know 😉 Then at a given opportunity, shared how I felt and dear lord, since then disaster followed.

Hardly a month of a crush and 3 years of a cold-war; now that’s a lot to pay for. I resented him for some of his actions – ones that didn’t make any sense to me and guess what? This feeling was mutual 😆 We were these two opposite poles and I know they say ‘Opposites Attract’ which didn’t hold true in our case. I guess it was this difference that had attracted me towards him initially, but later we only repelled. He wouldn’t understand my language and I couldn’t comprehend his (you know what I mean). He misinterpreted my deeds, my intentions were questioned, my attempts were doubted. He’d be too soon to judge w/o even knowing me / putting himself in my shoes. He thought he knew me, but it was only him thinking that he did – which he didn’t of course.

It was bcoz of our strong incompatibility lol, when we used be in a room together I could sense this negativity and discomfort around (I bet he did too). I meant no harm but he always brought the worst in me. Damn! This momentarily infatuation gave me a hell lotta headache which now is in the past; gone with the wind for good. Thank god!

But on a brighter note, we both earnestly tried (numerous times) to break the ice, to try n understand that we are not bad people after all, just that we are very VERY different from each other. Our ideas clashed (almost all the time), perspective (never matched). But, it was due to our differences that during the initial stage of setting up an organization, it worked in favor of all. This opposing perspective gave rise to a new idea, projects were a win (those where we both were in) and effortlessly balanced and formed a solid foundation that any business (specially a start-up) would want.  And although I have a feeling that he wouldn’t agree (as always) but I see it as a fact and ‘The Big Boss’ is with me on this.

Our encounter was a learning curve for me at least. I learned that PEOPLE ARE DIFFERENT – VERY DIFFERENT haha and conflicts are good, differences in perspectives can be healthy – only if we know how to cater to it. To end a feud to our fight, we needed that balancing factor and thankfully we had one within the same organization. Fortunately, this person was wise and held the highest position of all. BTW he too was an Aries. No Kidding!

I am a strong believer of KARMA and have faith in the divine power of THE UNIVERSE. I trust that whatever happens in life; happens for a reason, people we meet are introduced (again for a reason). They come in different form / faces to teach us various lesson that life has to offer, in order for us to learn and grow as a human being. Its a different story that some are simply trespassers, some stick around for longer and very few stay a lifetime 🙂

Next: Crush # 3 fire dig again but not an Aries this time…click here to view its continuation.

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