Love Compatibility (Cancer & Virgo) – Part I

Cancer & Virgo

He was (wait)…He is a childhood friend 🙂 I have a vivid memory of him when we were in 7th standard. Although he occasionally corrected me saying that we’ve known each other since 2nd standard.

We were desk partners; we were buddies. In school most of the boys my age either disliked me or were scared of me for some reason. Whereas he was one of those few who was comfortable around me. And in case you are wondering why most boys in my school were afraid? Well, few teachers construed it saying, it could be for the fact that I was a primary school captain and with a domination personality. Yes, I was that. 😳

I changed school after my finals in 7th grade…lost touch with him and most other in that batch until after few years – we met at the party. It was a small gathering with close friends from my elementary school. One of my girl from that group insisted I come. And guess where the venue was? ‘Discotheque’ I know…Dammit we were in 10th standard. I still wonder what were we thinking? And we blame the kids today 🙃

I hated the fact that we were meeting there in the first place and I was surprised to see some of them acting mature than their age. At that point I was thinking to myself ‘thank god I’d changed school and now I had new friends. Sorry folks but that was me thinking then.

So my Virgo childhood buddy from 7th grade haha (I had to say it that way), was there at the party…one of the girl from our group re-introduced him n  I and reminded how close we were. She made that effort as I wasn’t talking to anyone; instead standing still staring at my childhood friends as if they were a complete strangers.

So the re- intro and we briefly exchanged a glance, he threw me a friendly smile and em….gosh I don’t remember returning a smile….Next thing I know, I stormed out. It was my first disco experience but not a pleasant one. I didn’t even bother saying anyone goodbye. Idk exactly what went wrong… Bcoz just a year later I enjoyed partying with friends…I guess, I wasn’t ready then? I wish I knew.

Years had gone by…I’d completed high school, was working full time at this call center; also dating that Pisces guy from part II (in case you haven’t read the previous post). And one fine evening, he pinged me to confirm this girl’s name whom he had meet in a chat room or sth and he’d recently figured out that she works where I work. So the chat started that way, we then exchanged numbers and thought we meet one day as it had been a while.

It was all very normal, old friends catching up, no spark nothing. He was never the type of a guy I would ever picture as my boyfriend anyway. Never was attracted to him in that sense all my life that I’ve known him. Although, over the past few years I did question sometimes – what connected us during our childhood?

To my readers: Let me warn you that with this Virgo guy there’ll be a lot of going back n forth in this chapter: from childhood to while I was dating that Pisces guy.

So, as I was saying we’d met once / twice and when I’d shared this to my then BF (the Pisces guy), he responded in a weird way. He was jealous for no reason. He never reacted that way prior to that moment though. It was as if he’d sensed the future or sth (can’t be). Upon seeing my then bf react the way he did…only then it triggered in my head and I thought “hmm…him? Nah, never! Probably the last person I would date, but then universe had different plans. You know what they say about ‘Never Say Never.’

Where it all began: 

Was a New Year’s Eve. Had already broken up with the Pisces guy by this time. I hadn’t socialized in months. I didn’t wanted to be alone on a New Year’s Eve and I didn’t even wanted to hang out with any of my friends who would remind me of my recent break-up with that Pisces guy. It was difficult; 3.5 years of gluing together where the lovers share their entire network.

So, next thing I know I texted this Virgo friend of mine, asked if I could join his group. He accepted happily; even offered to come pick me up. He came, in his not so little ride that was full of new faces (for me) in the back seat. They’d all dressed pretty for the party. Virgo guy was driving and his cousin sitting next to the driver’s seat was a chivalrous man I must say, who instantly offered me the front seat and rushed to join his folks at the back. Don’t we girls love that – I do. Little old fashioned but I like it traditional sometimes.

So we reached the venue. This pub was crowded, fun & noisy (obviously coz it was new year’s eve). I was interacting with his friends, talking, just having fun…This Virgo guy sat beside me / he accompanied me throughout. We were talking about all sorts of things, just then…I recalled how that Pieces guy was suspicious of me and this Virgo having some sort of spark back then (which obviously wasn’t true). But now that this thought from the memory lodged in my head; I couldn’t be at the present. I couldn’t focus on a word he was saying…All that time, while he was speaking I was thinking ‘What If’s’ …more ‘If’s and But’s’ and all those senseless mind jabbers…Holy crab! It wouldn’t stop. Was there sth in that cold air or was it the drink perhaps? lol…I somehow managed to bring my mind back on track to concentrate. Shifted my focus, adjusted my posture and looked at him…but this time – differently.

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4 thoughts on “Love Compatibility (Cancer & Virgo) – Part I

  1. Eagerly awaiting for the nx one….

    Loving those lines by the word…. thrilled to be able to catching up on things.. the different way…

    U rocking shots at Shristi…..

    On 9 Feb 2017 4:50 p.m., “” wrote:

    > Alexa Creation posted: “Cancer Virgo He was (wait)…He is a childhood > friend [image: 🙂] I have a vivid memory of him when we were in 7th > standard. Although he occasionally corrected me saying that we’ve known > each other since 2nd standard. We were desk partners; we we” >


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