Love Compatibility (Cancer & Pisces)

Note: The compatibility is entirely based on my personal experience with each of these zodiac signs. So it may / may not resonate with all / most.

Well well well!!! This relationship was ‘out of this world’ and that’s no surprise when a cancer and pieces come together. He wasn’t obviously the most good looking of em all, but had that charisma. I can tell because he not only had me under his spell but almost everyone I knew: be it boss, colleagues, including lot of girls at workplace (not all but many). Likewise, my friends, family (even my mum liked him for me). He was all in all a very likable person and could instantly charm anyone. Should have known, that was the red flag (exclude the looks) and how can someone be so perfect?

He was a master of disguise, was very intellectual indeed but he’d used that to stir his wheel in the wrong direction. I bet he himself isn’t too proud about it, but now that’s his problem to worry. He was years older than me and we are talking 7-8 years gap here, but the connection was instant and chemistry was sizzling.

When together, rest of the world blurred in the background somewhere. From walks in the romantic rain to holding hands in the mustard garden (cheesy I know) but we were in that space; love was in the air. Precisely, I was living a fantasy; felt as if the universe was directing a romantic movie where we were on the lead.

Summoning those memories to mind gives me chills till date. Experience was great, but I wouldn’t prefer walking down that memory lane. But hey, it could make a great movie, was full of drama. For entertainment, its good but who would want all that drama in their real life right?

For that 3.5 years of a relationship, we would literally spend all our time together. 8-12 hours at work (since we worked together of-course) and to and fro from work and whatever waking hours left, we would want to spend it together – and it was very mutual. Spending that many hours together came effortless, like brushing a teeth / any habit that comes naturally to you which wasn’t tiresome even after years of being in a relationship.

This relation taught me a great deal. He had great confidence in me (more than I had for myself back then). He made me aware of my own capabilities, he made me realize my worth, showed me the possibilities of where I could be in the future. For years we were so tied-up together, I couldn’t even imagine that I could be complete alone / capable of doing sth of my own. Its a different story that it took me years to acknowledge that fact.

It was amazing how he could read my mind, complete my sentences, grant me my wishes without having to ask for it. But there came a time when that ticking of a clock wasn’t in our favor. Serving of our highest good we had on each other’s life was coming to a halt.

Time spent together was surreal. Like I’d mentioned I was living a fantasy…guess what? I was indeed and the reason why it was so perfect was because it was a lie coz of which we parted our own ways. Actually I did, he never had the courage to spill a word / face me. There were many rough patches which took years to heal but I don’t blame him. He was just doing his part that the universe had set out for him to play in my life i guess.

I continued living but I was having difficulty moving on, loving and trusting again. Even after months, some part in me always feared the fact that I would go weak on my knees if he would ever show-up. It killed me inside to live with this idea in my head that I might take him back despite his unforgiving act. I lived with this fear and pain for months to come which was weighing on me with every passing day.

Like they say “time heals all wounds” I too had my ‘One Day’ moment where I received an unexpected call – yes it was him. He’d called with an offer of love, requesting to rekindle our relationship and this time not as lovers but as a husband and wife…and my instant reaction (just to my thoughts were) “Seriously! Over the phone? “…And the words that followed in response…I mean I did the talking; but the words wasn’t mine. And till date it takes me by surprise. The words came out so powerful and spontaneous; was as if I was preparing for that speech all my life but then I wasn’t…I surprised myself, I wasn’t aware about my own feelings until that particular moment.

All this while I thought I would go weak on my knees but I came out so strong (couldn’t believe I had that strength in me). And as soon as i hung-up, bam! feelings (any) that was left – was all gone.  I’d forgiven him and most importantly forgiven myself for allowing him into my life and that’s all it took to free myself. A heavy baggage was removed off my back. I was free, I felt light and in a long time I was HAPPY.

Now, speaking of compatibility meter the ‘Cancer and Pisces’ pair can be all dreamy. You can find yourself in a Utopian world, but do you want that if it wasn’t real? This is like one of those marriage where a couple never fights and all of a sudden, there is a divorce filed.

According to The Moon (Emotion) rules Cancer, and Jupiter (Philosophy) and Neptune (Illusion and Dreams) rules Pisces. Together, they create an idealistic, almost divine relationship, one that puts much significance on dreams and illusions. The nature of this combination offers a Utopian relationship – too good to be true.

Happy Reading -$hri§T

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2 thoughts on “Love Compatibility (Cancer & Pisces)

  1. Wow so touching , seems like he saw and realised ur dreams and capabilities , but would like to know what happened to his dreams and goals …


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