Love Compatibility (Cancer & Cancer)

I can only speak from my personal experience, so starting with:

Cancer & Cancer

One, I had a lot of my firsts with. 1st BF, 1st date, 1st kiss….1st love? Don’t think so, as the word weighs too heavy for a girl who was only 16. And on a second, though, I personally think the idea of first love is overrated.

He was 5′ 10″ and well build. Most of my high school girls thought he had a cute face, but my mom couldn’t stand him haha. He had a pretty face, yeah but I always looked for sth more than just that, especially in a partner but what can you expect from a 17-year-old.

We were naive and silly. When I look back at it now, it reminds me of some hilarious moments which was literally funny (for me) and probably embarrassing (for him). He would do things to impress but would end up embarrassing us both. For an instance, on a hike, he would want to catch pace and go breathless haha, would offer a hand to help me climb uphill but would slip instead – bummer!

Despite several downers that followed in days to come, I still chose to be with him. That’s because he wanting to take care of me and making that effort – mattered most. He would continue making fun of himself and I would pretend as if I did not notice (just to ensure he feels better).

He genuinely cared – a lot. Looking back at it now, I can confidently say so. Whenever I had pity father-daughter fights he would offer to rescue, would do silly things just to make me smile, would wait for hours at the high school gate and offer to drop me home – always. But for some reason, he had this fear that I would leave him someday (told me this all the time). I got no clue what made him feel so insecure. Nevertheless, at least he wasn’t afraid to show his vulnerability (it takes a lot of courage to do so) also I respected he being honest and the fact that he trusted me with his sensitive side.

He would not only take care of me but would want to take care of everyone I loved, my little brother for an instance. He would invite me to his home, cook meals for me, introduced me to his sister and the best part…his friends, so called Nazis’ gang were my protectors now lol (but seriously those boys were adorable).

Speaking of a Nazi’s – the gang reminds me of a moment when I’d moved to my cousin’s for some time. Meeting him wasn’t possible during my stay for obvious reasons. Finally, the day when I was packing to return home, like a Janti he was there with his troops to pick me up. I mean why the need right? However, I can’t deny the fact that being escorted by a rally of bikers all the way home surely made me feel like a queen 👸

They were countless moments when he’d embarrassed himself trying to act cool, but it was when he tried the least – he looked most attractive. Also, to make up for it there were uncountable moments where he made me feel so special, so all’s well that ends well 🙂

His father was an ex-army and his whole family had to move to the U.K. so we parted our ways. We were young, had to figure out our own lives, so we both got caught up in that process and lost touch. Years had gone by, we hadn’t spoken but suddenly one day he pinged me to share the things that took me by surprise…that too then, when I’d already moved on…

Now getting to the compatibility meter based on my personal experience and in reference to The Moon (emotion) rules Cancer and there’s no doubt Cancer make a great home. But, Cancer & Cancer = 2 moons = endless emotions. The ebb and flow with the Moon’s monthly cycles X 2 can be overbearing sometimes. But if you have your emotions in check w/o a doubt this relationship will nurture both.

Cancers are highly instinctive; they are dreamers but wouldn’t it be wise for one or the other partner to be rational – just to balance things out. As a mature woman, I would prefer that. However on a brighter note Cancer & Cancer can understand each other (like no one else), they’ll value one another’s emotions, would respect their partner’s personal space and temporary time-outs and protect each other from the harsh realities of the external world – Happy Reading – $hri&T

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3 thoughts on “Love Compatibility (Cancer & Cancer)

  1. As a Cancer woman, I have not been lucky in relationships at all. Fifteen years ago, I dated a Cancer man who played terrible mind games with me. Later, I found out that he was married at the same time that we dated. Now, I am married to a Leo man, but we are incompatible. My final conclusion is that most Cancer women are unlucky in relationships.


    1. On that note, wait until the story unfolds with Part II and so on 🙂 However, I would not generalize. Being the love month, I am focusing on just the brighter sides. But as we all know, all relationships comes with its bright and dark sides despite the zodiac signs – so does Life. Depending on what mindset you are at at the moment, its easy to be swayed by the negatives but take a moment, focus on the positive and see how it has lead you to where you needed to be, or learn what you had to discover in you etc.

      Kind Regards,


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