True Friend

In today’s era of technology where the world is in our palm and seemingly its a child’s play to network and find a love or a friend – but is it? Add ‘true’ before the aforementioned and think about it.

Scroll through those FB friend list of yours (if you may) OR look up on your phone 📱 directory. How many names you’d found whom you’d actually call in times of need? And I’m NOT referring to a seasonal craving kinda need o such but the real urge to feed your emotional need.

Who would you contact when you are feeling low w/o worrying about time? Or run to without considering miles?

A deserving friend who according to you should be the 1st to know (any change of events happening in your life)…Or that friend you would make a trip to, to a no man’s land in the middle of the night, around whom you may not look your best but they make you feel GREAT, with whom you can spend hours repeating the same old stories yet laughing out loud as if you’ve heard it for the 1st time.

Silence isn’t awkward rather comforting around them. You could be: silly or sad, fun or feeble, but the one who’ll be receptive whenever you reach out. You can be your truest self and open your heart out w/o being judged.

These intangible things like feelings / emotions / instinct / connection has a purpose in our life. Although they don’t shout out –  just know they are there – for our good. We know for a fact that we don’t connect with ever1 on a daily basis, so if we do share connection with someone, cherish, hold dear and keep them close.

This is to my friend in its truest sense.

Happy reading – $hr!&T

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