Tracing roots 

In a skittish mood 😜cracking jokes that doesn’t make sense, interrogating mum with endless questions, memorizing grand parent’s names 😝 but I’m so glad for where the conversation lead to…

Now I know that our late grandad was a Burmese, an army doctor by profession, and spoke 22 languages. 

Mum says she isn’t sure about the religion he followed but as a child she has a vivid image that her dad had “Lord Shree Krishna” tattooed in his forearm. She further says that her dad didn’t talk much about his past life, but one thing she knows is – he was compelled to abandon his family back home and start a new life on his own. That’s when he entered a foreign land i.e Nepal, was on his own with only 25(MMK) in his pocket. 

Hmm…this is getting interesting. Grand dad’s life is rolling like a movie on my head. R.I.P grand dad and would love to visit your homeland someday. I promise! 😊

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