Can colleagues be friends?

Can FRIENDS be colleagues? Yup!
Can COLLEAGUES be friends? Maybe!
Can they be GOOD FRIENDS? I have my doubts!
Can FRIENDS TURNED COLLEAGUES be good colleagues? It’s not impossible!

If you love your friends and love what you do;
Want to keep your BFF’s for ever and your job too?
Take one simple advice and don’t ever mix-up the two.
O-else it’ll be like you establishing an organisation to gain profit but end-up doing a charity.

Well! charity is a good thing but my point is, its likely you’ll stray and lose focus. Go in reverse and think why have you chosen this platform? You stepped in this corporate world merely with an aim to make friends. Socialize – maybe but making friends? – I don’t think so.” You were welcomed aboard for a reason so use the right weapon for the right situation. Use that making friends quality of your into networking.

Its crucial you do your job and do it right. Leave your vulnerability back home. Coz only when you choose to open up – there’s a chance to get shot; when you trust – chance to get betrayed. Likewise, when you thinking fairness; someone else is thinking to back-stab, when you fight for the justice for others you are unjustified, you try to understand others instead you are misunderstood, you try to help yet become helpless.

What do you expect? Nothing in this world is fair. Just an eye opening example a well wisher of mine shared: You may learn how to drive and get your license legitimately but that does not proof stamp you’ll not fall prey to an accident? Its corporate survival of the fittest and you are riding vultures but they are not to blame cause you are one too. However, learn to separate and balance your work and personal life, it’ll simplify things for you in both the areas – $hrisT