Sight that got me thinking…

Monday, August 18, 2014

It was 10 in the morning and I was home watching TV – enjoying my day off. Mum was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Just then, uncle came for a quick visit but he left as soon as he came. I recalled that I had left my bike last Friday for servicing thus asked uncle if he could drive me till showroom, and he agreed.

Mum insisted that I have my breakfast first, but I didn’t wanted to keep uncle waiting for long so I rushed myself into a jeans, tugged a T and grabbed a sandal. Impetuously made my way down the stairs promising mum to be back soon. Mum muttered sth but I could not figure what she said and I didn’t bothered. She might have been bit upset as I left the warm food. Usual stuff!

I and uncle were on our way and just then I caught sight of a hungry beggar gobbling anything edible he found in the garbage bag. I’d seen pictures, movies but never perceived such a heart wrecking sight in person. We’d passed through the sight so quickly that my brain hadn’t registered the image seen and by the time I wanted to react, we’d reached a main road and now stuck in a traffic.

All the way to the showroom and back home, I was thinking and I still am thinking….Can’t get over it! That vision is haunting me, its making me guilty. I feel sorry, helpless and am mad at myself coz I could have done something, why didn’t I react? It’s so easy to pity over things like this but how many of us actually does sth about it? I could have given that man some money or brought him some decent food to eat. But to think, even if I did what I thought I could do, how much of an impact could that make? One meal? And what after that? Not to forget there are 1000s more like him in Kathmandu alone.

It was only 10:00 in the morning and I didn’t even bother to have my break-fast, because I wasn’t hungry. We tend to take this everyday things for granted and someone somewhere out there who is underprivileged battles for all these basic needs every single day. We have enough to be thankful for yet we want more. We take everyday things for granted and yet we think we are helpless, if we are helpless what about those people struggling from one meal to next?

We don’t know how it feels to be hungry and I’m not talking craving kind of hunger here. We surely don’t have to worry sleeping empty stomach but there are 1000s of them who’s living a life we can’t even imagine. I really don’t know what I alone could do to help all these underprivileged and how to get rid of them from grass root level. But what we really can do right now is STOP complaining and appreciate what we’ve got, respect the food on our plate and be thankful to god for every grain we put in your mouth.

Am simply pouring out how I’m feeling at the moment. Am just an ordinary with an urge to share, making a small attempt to make all reader’s ponder over, sth NOT NEW – this is not something you all have never heard/read about.