Take a chance on risk!

How long have you known the person, is the question that makes less sense to me these days. Well I don’t understand why is that imp? No matter how long you’ve been with someone – a day, week, month, a year or lifetime; risk is the same, don’t you agree?

A boyfriend/girlfriend you’ve spend years with – can betray you, a sibling you’ve known forever can be indifferent towards you all of a sudden, a person you thought was a friend can back-stab, own blood can show their parents way to old-age home. Whereas, on contrary you can fall in love with a complete stranger later to become your family, someone you barely knew can offer a genuine help leaving you questioned why did s/he did that for? An adopted child can be the only hope for his/her god parents and there are endless examples.

I am not supporting one or the other perspective entirely but my only point is – uncertainties are likely but midst this ambivalence we’ve acknowledged/seen/heard of an exception. Therefore, it’s best to open our head and heart to those exceptions. It’s time we break free all the preconceived notion and reformulate the credos.

Basically the idea of knowing someone better with time is that with time one gets to see how s/he reacts in different situations but what if all the time spent together is a smooth sail OR just another monopoly where you are yet another guinea pig?

Thus, I say there’s no validation a hands of clock can bring that so and so amount of time spent together can guarantee a life time of happiness. So why waste time? Approach a person you barely know, am not saying you give him/her your password 😉 but just encouraging to initiate a helping hand if need be. S/he doesn’t necessary have to be blood related, friend or any of that kind. Now if you say there’s a risk in it – I say life is all about taking risks.

You go to a restaurant and order a dish and eat it w/o inspection – that’s a risk. You travel by flight, bus, train, or even on your own – there’s a risk. Even staying home alone or getting out of the home in itself is a risk. You admit your children in a hostel in a far-away land and leave the piece of your heart among complete strangers – wow that’s maddening risk though your intentions are right.

While we take up all these risks in life, isn’t it worth taking yet another risk to breakthrough all the prescribed doctrine. Well I am no genius with magic tricks to disclose here on my blog but I do have an advice; if it can be of any help:

1. We can minimize risk by knowing a person better and you know a person better when you become business partners.

2. When you travel with someone, you know them better. Often people reveal their inner self when they are away from the crowd and into the wild. Many discoveries has been made when one hit the road.

3. And last but not the least, when there’s a life and death situation right before, you get to know a person’s true self. This is the state where we get to see how s/he reacts in an extreme situation because that’s the time where there’s no time to plan one’s act, they just act abruptly and those situations help define a person better than any of the points mentioned above.

Here I am expressing my heart out online, making my personal thoughts go viral, caring least about the impact this will have on me, concept one makes of me, kind of a feedback I may receive – this in itself is risky but still I do it most of the time. Also, they say “higher the risk higher pay off” so try it out to see what one of these risks will pay you off with 🙂