When I say they, they say I :)

Sometimes you learn a lot about yourself from others. “Others” either your own or no less than one. At times it takes you another biological body to understand your strength be it mental, physical or emotional.

Often an observation shines with clarity than just being. Meaning, as an observer; an outsider one tend to see things that we normally overlook (esp when it is about your self). Too much self-indulgence makes your ignorant, it narrows down your horizon and makes your perspective – limited. Therefore, a different perspective can take you a long way. Well!Not that I am saying it always works but sometimes it does and when it does, it does for better.

Today was one of those days where I came up-close with myself. I used to think I know myself better than anyone, that’s true but the other truth is, there are few traits in me I’d simply ignored not even realizing that I had these characteristics in me in the first place.

Well! We all must admit that we are changing every second, as we strive to adapt socially, psychologically and physically. Our priority change with time coz we change in time and change in fact is good; what’s catastrophe is not adapting to these changes brought about by time.

My friends and family points out my weaknesses but the approach is so motivational that it leaves me influenced where I leave no stone unturned to transform that flaw into strength like it was never a fault. You’ll be surprised that often your well wishers know you better than you think you know yourself. They know what you are capable of and be it pointing out your fragile side or boosting up your self-esteem; they do what they have to and say what they need to, not just because they love you but it’s also because they know you so very well.

I feel glad to be surrounded by the well wishers and friends and oh so dearly blessed to have my d and mum. All you beautiful people in my life, it wouldn’t be propriate to say that I have no words to express how I feel. Rather! I would say – words is all I have to show you how much you all mean to me.

An inspiration that your companionship provides, a motivation your words give, that extra mile I reach from your gentle push, and that trust and faith you have in me wouldn’t want me to let you down.

Its moments when I say “they can and I can’t”, they say that I definitely can when they can. They are my well wishes, my friends and family. Load and loads of love to all my lovelies! It’s because of you each day I wake up building new confidence and I say it to my new self “if they say I can, oh yes I can! $hri$T