Biology is the least…

Oprah Winfrey once said, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” Agreed! But I also believe biology is the least of what makes anyone anything. Transformation a human body goes through biologically has least of what makes them a child, an adult, matured or parents.

Children can only have one biological father and a mother but is it the same for parents? Just an example, when a male parent gets divorced and gets married again, he gets him a new wifey, if he wishes to – he can choose to produce himself a new daughter/son and there he has manufactured himself a new family. Yes “manufacture” is the term chosen intentionally.

Now this man’s got a new wife, new life and new daughter, but for a daughter from his first marriage, she still has one father and there’s no replacement, at least biologically it’s simply impossible for her to get a new father.

For children, once they lose their parents they either wait for someone to adopt them or adapt quickly to the change; to become an adult not knowing how it is to be a child when they’re still one. You see, maturity comes when life leave you no choice but to act matured. This is a one way high way. You either adapt the change to survive or die trying.

A 9-year-old will act matured if situation demands. S/he wouldn’t wait another 9 years to finally turn 18 to act responsible. I have always believed that biology is least of what makes someone a mother/father and biology is least of what makes someone a child. It’s life experiences that makes you who you are and it’s life situations that molds your personality. It’s never constant though; nothing is. No matter how ready or unprepared you are, you can never expect what situations life will throw at you.