When we think of life, we think of one life we have and when we think of time – they’re uncountable. We’ve said that TIME is ruthless & LIFE is unfair but it’s no secret how much we hate them both as much as we love them. We are either waiting for the right time, sometimes competing with time, running after it or away from TIME in a pursuit of a happy LIFE. Life that’s happy is definitely attainable but the only tragedy is – it’s not permanent.

Every life in this universe is bound to taste a hardship, which ultimately leads to happiness but that’s not it! As “forever” and “ever after” does not exist. What does exist is inconsistency and uncertainty. By that, I meant – impermanence is one thing that’s permanent in life. Now this is a best as well as the worst part.

For an instance, say you have planned your life 10 years ahead not knowing what future has in store for you. Your future could be minutes away from you or could be seconds or less. What happens when you unveil the surprise life throws you with? Yes! Now surprise could either be a pleasant or an unpleasant one.

Here’s what you can do. If the surprise turns out to be a pleasant one, you should know that it’s not going to last forever so you must live the moment to the fullest and if it turns out to be an unpleasant one, you must thank god, that the moment shall pass as nothing is permanent. Now would you still call life unfair and time ruthless when life teaches you and time heals you? Know that one treasure could be a junk for others (its only a matter of time). If you know what I mean. P-H-E-W!

See! Life isn’t going to be easy because it’s not meant to be but that shouldn’t stop you from living. Uncertainties are part of life, accidents are part of life. They say, “There’s no better teacher than life” but life is no better teacher if you’re no good a student, because what you learn is what you understand. Optimism is the key to life!

So focus on glass that’s half full! When theirs pain, you must understand that you’re gaining the power to endure, when you’re victimized you learn to fight back. AND you do not fear – FEAR! Instead when you face fear you learn to become fearless.

Likewise, when you survive an accident, you don’t blame life for making you go through such a traumatic phase! Rather you thank life, simply for – keeping you alive (it’s no less than giving you another life). So life is unfair it is but to our own benefit. After all it’s that deprivation in life that paves the way to our own advantage. Bitter or sweet – you have no choice but to taste LIFE instances that TIME offers you.

Time is all that you have right here right now and life is all that you make out of that time. From your everyday schedule spare time for yourself, to live and just be thankful for being alive. If you think you have all the time in the world, you are only fooling yourself for time is not anyone’s to reserve or waste. As Mahatma Gandhi has said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Live in the present for what if tomorrow never comes and learn plenty today so that you are all-prepared for tomorrow. Education is the only factor that changes all lives and by educating yourself today you can survive the CHANGE brought by TIME tomorrow.

And face it, life is gonna f**k you real hard and learn that there will be haters but there will be those who love you too. There will be people who may not stand your presence but think of those people whose life you’ve touched, those who cannot imagine their life w/o you. There will be people who might wish you were dead but think of those who pray for your long live every single day. How could you please everyone when even god could not. So you don’t always have to be likable, all you’ve got be is yourself.

I want to take a moment and thank all my dear friends, beloved family and well-wishers for being there for me. I could never describe in words what you are worth. I also want to thank god for giving me what I have today. I want to believe that I still have a long journey ahead, and for some reason I want to believe that we’ve left the worst behind and It’s time to PARTEH 😉 for what better reason to celebrate LIFE than to learn that you are still alive. 🙂

Yet! I Am Still Alive – II

If you’ve gone through my blog you might find another post with the same title and there’s one more thing that’s common – date perhaps!

March 6 2014, Thursday: It was somewhere around 5:15 p.m., Mum and I were on our way back home. I was the one riding a scooter. Suddenly, I heard my mum scream and before I could see what has happened; I had been dragged on the open road. Everything happened within a fraction of a a second and few moments after the accident I was frozen – as if time stood still.

When I’d realized that we just had an accident, my eyes were desperately looking for my mum, I looked in front, beside me and then backwards….there she was lying on the floor helplessly. I couldn’t tolerate to see what I saw at that moment. So I ran towards her and called out “Mum! How hurt are you?” But she did not answer. She looked at me – all confused. Her mouth was swollen, with the blood dripping from her lips and she was holding her broken tooth in her hand and was sitting there – in shock.

Few inches behind her – was a bus waiting for us to stand up, give them a side so that they could drive away. I noticed people had gathered around, just to stare – not a single soul to help (Although there was one woman who offered a helping hand but that woman was unable to speak, however, that disability of hers didn’t stop her from helping a complete stranger while rest of the so-called enabled crowd circled around just to stare.

I looked around to see if there were any policemen – found none. With the help of that woman, we got mum to walk towards the pedestrian zone. I then walked a few distance to keep my scooter in upright riding position. In trying to lift my scooter I felt a strong jerk on my right arm. It was then I noticed that my jacket was torn and I’d hurt my knees – could see the blood in my pant and my right arm was stiff.

I tried best not to burst into tears out of helplessness. I walked towards mum, helped her stand and asked her if she is ready to go? It took a minute/two for mum to speak. I asked her again, if she can manage to sit in the scooter. I told her that we’ll go the nearest hospital. She nodded her head, she was unable to stand on both the feet, and thus leaning towards me she hopped to make her way towards the scooter.

We went to the dentist first, after her check-up we both were given painkillers. People at the dental hospital were very helpful; they suggested that we must see the doctor who’s in Kalimati branch at the moment. Guy at the hospital suggested its best we leave the scooter here and take a cab instead. He further suggested that we can have our family or close friends come by to pick up the scooter tomorrow.

It had started to get dusky so I quickly called a cab and made our way to the hospital. On our way, mum spoke about the incident. She told me that she’d seen that guy with a black helmet from a distant, he was in full speed, he was about to hit a car on our right and that’s when she had screamed but instead that guy made a quick turn and came towards us instead as he could not slow down. First my mum was dragged on the road and then I was and later the scooter.

As she testified in detail, I recalled seeing a strangers motorcycle’s handle bar interlaced with our scooter. It seemed as if one man was riding two bikes at the same time. Few distance ahead, that guy somehow managed to get rid of my scooter, dropped in on the side of the road and ran before anyone could catch him or could note down his bike number. Thinking of it now, it seems all that happened so fast within a blink of an eye.

Mum further told me that, as soon as she hit the ground, she thought I was dragged along with the bike and next think she recalls is using all her energy to make an effort to stop the bus which stood just few inches from where she was lying on the road. [And that was the scenario I recalled again when I first saw her after the accident]. My eyes were watery but I held it back somehow.

I was angry and helpless at the same time. How can someone be so irresponsible (that guy who was riding as if he owned the road, the traffic police who was not there and those people who were there just to stare – as if there was some entertainment going on). How someone could come out of nowhere to drag us almost to our near death and run away – just like that? And most importantly why should someone else pay for someone else’s mistake? I had a lot of questions to which I also knew that there were no answer.

Soon we reached the hospital but the doctors and nurses in Jyoti Hospital suggested that we have to file a police report before they can go ahead with the medication. It was dark outside and lord! Just when the victim has somehow made it to the doctor and all we expect to get is an immediate medical treatment, doctors ask us to file a police report first? And that too when it’s almost dark? It seems legislation act and rules would do what it takes to make the procedure more complicated esp. for the victim. Oh lord – what world are we living in?

Thank god we had a nice dentist with us, who consoled the doctors and nurses in the Jyoti Hospital to give us the necessary medical treatment first. Mum had to wear leg brace and see a doctor again after a week. My report showed that there was blood clot on my right elbow thus doctors suggested not to strain it until fully recovered. We both were given injection, had our x-ray files, went through routine check-up and we were provided with the medicines.

We could file a police report but what evidence did we have? We didn’t have the bike number and there was no traffic around, no trace of the biker, people gathered but no one bothered to help or stop that rider from escaping, and we surely don’t have an image clicked of a rider (I doubt if that’s the facility we have in our country). Instead of going to the police with false/ no hope and wasting our energy, thought would be best to go home. I know silently bearing injustice is no less a crime but what would a common man do?

Just one phone call and news about the accident spread within close friends and families in no time, had our mobiles ringing endlessly. Was late at night and we had a tough day, so had to go home to rest. I was in pain but I could also see that my pain was nothing in comparison to what my mum was going through. She had her teeth broken and could not lift her left leg while I just had few scratches and pain on my right arm. But despite the pain I had to be strong – coz we only had each other at that point of time, my strength would give her some strength thus I had to be strong.

Next day our cousins visited to see, and one of them happened to mention the date. Yes the Nepali date that seemed to be a curse of some kind. Falgun 23 was the date when our cousin brother had died in a bike accident almost 5 years back, same date three years back I had an accident, I had mentioned about it in my blog too and now, around the same date we got into an accident – again.

Is it just a co-incidence? Whatever it is – from this day forward I better watch up for the month of March. However, I am thankful to god because it could have been worst and yet we’re still alive. I believe we have a long life ahead, there’s so much to do, SOMEBODY to become so we ain’t gonna die so soon and definitely not like this.