Do I understand you? Nope!
Do I expect you to understand me? Maybe 😛

So give it a try to understand what I don’t understand. But wait, how can I expect someone whom I don’t understand to understand me?

Ah! Maybe, sometimes some people we have hard time understanding, understands us and we don’t understand how or perhaps why?

Now! Are those people for real or that just their pretentious act?

Hmm, you got me thinking here, but I think for anything and almost everything, probability is high but possibility is one.

Probably, it could be ANYTHING but possibly IT IS what you want to BELIEVE it is. Hence, this world of illusion!

Here, no one’s RIGHT and no! You are not WRONG!
Coz TRULY! We’re all living a LIE.
Everyone LONGS but nothing LASTS.
Corrupted minds & polluted souls.

You are what you can prove you are otherwise you are nothing. You are SOMEONE if someone else recognizes you as someone otherwise you are NOBODY.

I want to be WRONG in a RIGHTFUL way,
I dare not LIE about the TRUTH,
I want to live a FANTASY like as if its a REALITY,
I don’t want to LONG but LAST,
And I better not pollute my mind amid the corrupted souls.

I better be me not having the need to prove anyone anything. I know who I am and I know am worthy so best not to expect someone-else to dub me either as somebody/nobody, who are they to measure anyone’s worth anyway?

Now, you tell me, did you understand me?
Did you think that I would expect you to understand me?
How can you expect someone you did not understand to understand you?

Make sense? No? – Perfect!

– $hri$T

Neither Nor

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