Sensible Nonsense…

Haters/lovers, Religious/Impious, Blessed/Cursed… Whatever it is and whoever they are everyone thinks that they are right. I could be right, I could be wrong but in my mind I want to think I am right for the things I do. And I feel that I have the right to do the things I want to or those that I feel is rightfully mine to do or die for.

Idk what’s right/wrong but I want to know the truth. Could right be the truth but wrong in fact? But then truth is suppose to be right – right? But says who? You! And you too? You could be wrong too right?

Wrong for the right purpose can be right and right with the wrong intention can be wrong likewise, there’s a lie hidden in every truth so can truth in itself be a gullible lie?

Do I make any sense to you or is this a sensible non sense? You know what? Whatever you think doesn’t matter coz what I think matters all. Don’t look surprised, don’t you think you think likewise? Think and then….don’t tell me ): %^$#*@

– $hri$T

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