Long for stat, short for a blog post (maybe) ;)

I wanted to tweet also update my status on fan-page, so I started typing but only to backspace it and I did it repeatedly. Perplexed! I thought, maybe I don’t have anything to say/post as today’s been too normal. Nothing dramatic or traumatic worth a share to create an anxiety among readers and/or followers. I then logged off.

Still I felt reckless so I grabbed my notebook instead and started to pen my thoughts – not knowing what I’m going to write next, but I went on – I couldn’t stop, but I had to before all suppressed emotions and thoughts would explode. I then kept the notebook aside.

I was then thinking, “When there was so much to write about why did I hesitated to type/post my stat on fan-page in the first place?” Here for an answer, “seems! It’s not like there isn’t anything to say but just that at times we’re not sure whether to share…

Also, this shows that – at any given day and time, you always have so much to talk about, so much to write and/or share. You wouldn’t realize it until you give yourself sometime to have a little chat with yourself. Not sure about you guys but I connect to my inner self a lot and often, sometimes this habit helps me heal while othertimes its overbearing.

What ever it is as long as it feels right I wouldn’t consider it wrong and wouldn’t dare break the natural course of spontaneity.I shall continue to do what I love doing whether it makes sense to most. Also If you want to take it, here’s one suggestion, “Don’t just write or post anything on social networking sites just for the shake of it. Rather share if its worth and write when you feel the urge and need for it. Write your heart out whether or not to share is totally up to you.

Oh lord! I wanted to update my stat but ended up updating a blog post 😛 Too long for a stat-I know but should suffice for a blog post methinks 😉 And as always I did not plan this writing, just played along – going with the flow. This is how I like it, know it’s not perfect, unprepared I was, its unpolished too and raw but spontaneous and the best part- it doesn’t make much sense to all 😉 a



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