Writing back to readers/followers whom I’ve disappointed!

I’ve received messages where some people have expressed their disappointment. Now should I be sorry to disappoint my readers and few followers?

There’s no more drama happening in my life and I can’t help it but be thankful. As it is for the 1st time in a long time I am loving my life because it is normal, just like I’ve always wished for. There’s nothing to complain and nothing to boast about. Now if I am too busy living my normal life rather than entertaining anyone, that isn’t my problem.

Whenever I posted something in Alexa Creation fan-page, on Twitter or on my blog, I always used words to heal. Though am aware that the entire world is on the internet, however the purpose wasn’t and still isn’t to attract followers and least was I intending to entertain anyone.

I used web as a counselor. Someone to talk to whether or not s/he/it is listening. I just wanted to let those impetuous feelings out. I care less about what others think as long as I get to do what I want to, and as long it helps me feel better.

I never thought twice to express my feelings, no matter how private they were. I do understand if this is my strength it is also my weakness. If you don’t get it I too don’t get why you don’t get it. This is who I am and this is who I choose to be so let me just be.

I may have disappointed you all but I didn’t intend to and I am not apologetic too.

Thanks and TC! – $hri§T

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