Watching the final episode of FRIENDS and…

Watching the final episode of FRIENDS (TV Show) again and crying my eyes out yet with a smile on my face 🙂 Lovin it! Going back to time where you notice, no-mention – oops – no invention of smart phones and how I like it simple. It’s funny how we get attached to these fictitious characters but not to forget, fiction however is inspired by real life.

Just while I was watching the finale, was wondering…Can history be repeated? I wonder if there will be yet another sitcom in American history as good as FRIENDS and I doubt if the remake of FRIENDS can beat the original?

Even if David Crane were to cast the same actors, I have my doubts if he could create that magic again. But who am I kidding? Here we are to consider the age factor (very imp) right? 😛

Now, this brings us to the reality of life or how I see it is: we all are growing old every second and in every breath we take, that’s moments slipping away and we are helpless, can’t do nothin abt it.

Some moments in life are blessing and we don’t want it to ever end but others are such tragic, we want time to heal it quick. Some moments are magical but not everyone realizes right there and sometimes by the time one realizes that moment is gone in a blink of an eye- just like that.

My point is, things happens – shits happen bcoz its life and people change, things change and nothings the same. Speaking of it – change after all is inevitable. That’s the fact and know it sucks; but can we do anything about it? Cannot! We’re all mortals but is that all that bad?

Believe it! Immortality isn’t a blessing after all. If everything was to be happy and all so very perfect, I’m sure we would tire out pretty easy. Kno change can be scary, it can get ugly, it’s crazy BUT isn’t that beautiful? After all, it isn’t all that bad coz it’s a part of life.

Life is beautiful because change is inevitable. I think it’s these flaws that make life a blessing. Its short-lived therefore must be valued. Why should there be a change? Why can’t life be normal? You may question? But what’s normal? Routine you mean? Now doesn’t just the idea exhaust you?

Know it sucks sometimes but still life is crazy beautiful in its own ugly way. So for the sake of UGLY:


Last but not the least, value time and live in the moment. Cherish the imperfection coz immortality is a blessing gifted to all mankind.

Hey but wasn’t I talking about an American sitcom? Yeah right – FRIENDS a TV Show and how thoughtful 😉

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