Your consent and I’m approved-Really?

Why should our life depend on others decision? Why do others have to validate our ability? Why do we need to impress the other person in life (throughout life)? Why most crucial decision of our life depends on others approval? Take a court room for an instance. Justice seems to be given more to evidence than to truth itself. Approval granted if someone is good at convincing others about the truth (that may/may not be the truth). Even as a child we hate the idea of being alone and if you can’t make friends without any choice you are making enemies. Likewise, if you are not good at socializing you are a weirdo?

We’ve been programmed to seek attention and approval maybe aforementioned in the reason. Everyone’s obsessed about the number these days. One’s popularity is rated and graded according to the majority of his/her fan following. How many likes they have on face book? Followers they have on twitter? Hits they have on their blog etc. It’s you and your action no doubt (but it’s others who validate it. Their decision will either make you or break you. This majority has been commercialized to an extend where people/organizations are ready to pay to increase the likes on their fan-page and its funny how people are ready to like the page to get paid. So quality does not matter as much as number does. Wow! & Ouch!

Most of our lives, someone’s consent is going to approve or disapprove of us; of who we are and what we can be-but why does it have to be that way? Throughout life most of our energy is spent convincing others. Be it making friends, acting good neighbors, being so not you when social, dressing out-of-your-comfort-zone when stepping out, convincing a Visa Counselor/ Reality TV judge, examiner etc. Or be it making an impression at the job interview, confessing love and convincing the guy/girl of your dream to marry you and then convincing their parents and so on and so forth…Phew!

I am no different and obviously I cannot step out of the house in my pajamas unless I am sleepwalking. I too hate to be alone but love to spend most of the time to myself. I would need other’s approval at times but it’s sad how most of the times, their decision is overpowering. However, I still try not to try too hard to please anyone; rather continue doing what I want to and whenever I want to, whether many like it or not — $hri§T

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