She – That Girl within Me!

I talk to myself a lot. As crazy as it may sound but I can’t help it. Not that I don’t have anyone else to talk to but I prefer not to. All my woes and bliss, all other nonsensical jabber only makes sense to me and to her. “Her” as in “She”- That girl within me. You know what I mean? Ah! Who am I kidding. I bet you don’t, anyways for the purpose of this story, let me proceed…

One moment I’m discontent and complaining; the very next moment I’m consoling and priding myself. One moment I am questioning my deeds, next moment I’m warning myself-for how dare I doubt my action?

That girl right there within me, loves me when I don’t, takes care of me when I care less, misses me when I feel lost, reminds me when I forget, saves me when I’m in the verge of losing myself.

She feels my pain but doesn’t pity me rather says she’s proud of me. She’s seen it all yet never judges me because only she knows and I do, all that I’ve gone through and how I’ve passed the past.

All these years she’s always been there through my highs and lows. She cries when I cry; smiles when I smile. When she was born I was becoming and I bet she’s the only one who’ll follow me to grave.

She admits what upsets her most is to see me discontent. She has tried her best to cherish me, despite her attempt; I’m always complaining. It kills her when I tell that she isn’t enough for me. She’s been fulfilling yet I’m always looking for an outsider to fill in the blank.

No! I shouldn’t let her down. Many seasons came and went whilst I’d unintentionally invited few vultures along. Some declared their love and left pain as my share; many promises were made but only to break. But “She”- That girl right there within me, is still there with me.

She believes in me, keeps faith in me, trusts me, loves me, accepts me the way I am and moreover never leaves no matter what. So should I, I should do the same and appreciate what she’s trying and allow her to be me while I am emerging into my complete self.


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