An Action to Initiate!

We all human are born free and equal.Having said that, if we were to rephrase this immortal declaration and instead of “All men are born free” how about , “All living beings are born free”? All gods’ creations whether it’s a dog, birds, pig, an elephant, a cow are all born free. In spite of the mushrooming schism, we all are equal with certain unalienable right, which brings us to a topic-Animal Rights!

There is a saying that most of us are familiar with, “When a dog bites a man that is not news, but when a man bites a dog-that is news”. There’s no doubt this proverb has helped us understand the meaning of “News” .But when we talk about animal rights and cruelty, this statement stands paradoxical because there are people who have bitten dogs (I don’t mean it literally though).Let’s cut that “Bite” to “Beat” ; even beating including other indifferent acts towards animals-is no less cynical. We meet such minor to major activities day-to-day but we don’t see such news making headlines every day-why? Ironically that’s not something new or unheard/unseen. It seems most of us are either too blind to see or succumbing to harsh realities.

Animals are exploited by humans in various forms. Let’s take entertainment as one example: From secular cock-fight, Cricket fight to bullfight – there are people who seek pleasure in the wanton infliction of pain. It would be rather inconvenient to say that, exploitation as a form of entertainment is in human nature because while there are people seeking pleasure from it, there are others who strike against it.Animal blood sports are anything but boring. They are sure to create either an excitement or reproach. We can see animal fighting with animals for human; I don’t see that’s the choice animals get to make for themselves at most cases.

Whenever there’s a fight involved it’s never fair because neither the party nor the players wins rather one/more life gets wasted in vain. What do we win to see one of these innocent creatures lose their life? Instead of making our ego a battle on these innocent animals why not create a win-win situation and nurture these beautiful god’s creation. As these species contributes a lot socially, psychologically, environmentally even ecologically. It’s also believed that Pets make great teachers of compassion but if this traditional bidding game continues, with it continues its tradition of brutality and end of humanity.

Besides entertainment there are animals being sacrificed as a part of a ritual, in the name of a religion. This again holds a two group; one that blindly follows that faith, while the other is fiercely fighting against it. It’s understandable; no two people completely share the same values and beliefs. Had it been the same, Earth would be no less than Heaven. I doubt if we ever, will be able to transform Earth into Heaven but we can save it from becoming more like hell.

We’ve seen how people abuse animals and assault them for no reason. We’ve heard it in the news how piglet were thrown alive, animal’s sickening conditions, their horrendous killing practices and more. Such animal cruelty and violence need to stop. Immanuel Kant has rightly said, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment towards animals”.Therefore, those ruthless actions could be the signs of criminology, because people who commit such acts don’t stop there. Please don’t get the implication wrong! This is not to detest non-vegetarians because that’s again a personal choice. The only concern is to change people’s perspective on how they see and treat these sentient beings. Through this article, motive is to discourage animal exploitation in the name of entertainment, religion, science, fashion and food.

You might have heard incredible stories of animal bravery that made headlines. There are countless heroic instances where animals have saved people from perilous circumstances. They’ve guarded several homes, guided the blind, and helped the disabled. Once the Pig named “LuLu” had saved her owner (Altsman’s) life when she had suffered a heart attack. Likewise, when a miserable Hurricane Katrina occurred down south USA, black Labrador named Katrina saved a drowning man. However the dog, was later rescued by rescue teams, and the dog got honored at that year’s Genesis Awards with a standing ovation. There are several stories of animal rescuing their masters (even complete strangers), that’s truly inspirational. Animals have served human kind, as long as life has existed on earth. They’ve been our companion, pet, lifesaver-a hero, also a true inspiration for many of us.

Besides these instinctive cases of animal performing dauntless deeds, we also have well-trained animals on the job, where they have served military and/or working with the investigating team. They are trained to sniff out drugs, and explosives, find missing people and help trace the convict. These animals are serving so that we civilians can lead a secure and happy life.It is our responsibility too, to give them same respect and right that they deserve. Animals may not speak but that does not mean they cannot feel or have to suffer just because they cannot speak. They feel and are more instinctive than we humans .God has created all for a reason. “Life” after all is a greatest gift from god to all living creatures-we must treasure it. Each life has been created to serve a purpose or else they wouldn’t exist in the first place.

We have many notable personalities speaking for animal right at every given opportunity. Taking Ellen DeGeneres for instance .She once said that, if cosmetic tests are to be performed, instead of testing it on innocent animals it should be tested on prisoners, who have been convicted of murder or rape, to make them realize what it feels like-to be hurt. Such wise and bold statements by some living legends have helped create awareness among people. Today we have so many organizations and public figures working towards raising awareness in support of animals. Many have turned vegetarian while others discourage wearing animal skin, lab tests and experimenting cosmetics on animals has been banned as well. It would be nice to offer our hand for the noble cause–if not at least encourage and wish for their excellence. Together we can help create this earth to be a better place. Let’s spread the words of wisdom and stop animal abuse because it’s a fact, we need them more than they need us.