Goodness after all; prevails over all !

Yesterday evening on my way home, I was in this Tampoo ,where one beautiful lady-dressed proper, who also seemed to be in a rush, got inside the vehicle. She had to stand as all seats were taken. She was wearing salwar, and was standing slightly bent. I was seated right next to where she was standing.

To me it seemed like she was having difficulties managing her shawl, holding handbag along with some shopping bags. I asked her, if I could carry the bags for her? She handed them over to me with a smile.

After a while, my station had arrived so just when I was preparing myself to get down, she told me that she would like to pay for my fare .I told her politely “there’s really no need for that”. She again insisted and told me she wanted to. I again told her “thank you but no thank you.” We exchanged smile and I got down.

You might think why am I even sharing this? That’s normal -no big deal and if I seem bragging about the fare -how much could that be anyway? But it’s not about the amount (no matter how little or more).Though it may seem like a small incident but that’s the catch: Its small things like this we face every day and ignore them, its small things like this that brings abundance joy, its small things like this that makes all the difference.That’s the power of small.

I try everyday and I suggest,help a complete stranger, love all, care for even those who gives a damn,because acknowledging the fact that you have so much love within yourself makes all other worries small.Good deed is a service, you perform as a hobby, something (sth) you love doing. And just because you do sth for others doesn’t always mean you should get sth in return.Rejoice in giving and experience ineffable joy that no amount of money can ever buy. Goodness after all; prevails over all-it always does!Do good because that’s all you need to be good.

Happy Readings ! 🙂


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