Mr. Right Isn’t Alright!

He is; he isn’t.
He exists; he doesn’t (I don’t know)

But he comes uninvited and leaves at his will.
He creates that emptiness and does not fill.

He is My Mr. Right but right now he isn’t feeling alright…
Coz Mr. Right has left; left me all alone (Again)!

He’s right here one moment and the other moment he’s gone.
There’s so much to say but always undone.

I feel he’s the one in fact everything,
But wait! Maybe he’s nobody in fact nothing.

He isn’t here, and now I am guessing he was never actually there.
Maybe he does not exist but –his presence I CANNOT resist.

Maybe he is here but he’s tired trying to be as right as I want him to be.
Maybe he DOES EXIST but just isn’t perfect as I imagine him to be.

Hmm that means “Mr. does exist while Mr. Right is just my imagination!


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