Are we all open to Open Relationship?

It’s not like you don’t have an option? There is non-committal relationship or Polyamory also otherwise known as ‘Open Relationship’ and ‘Friends with benefits’. Maybe such relationship isn’t all that bad as long as it is under the knowledge and consent of all partners involved. You might sue me for speaking inappropriate in a so called “Decent Society” but that does not change the reality. “What is; it is”! And today’s generation is much smarter than we thing they are so I am assuming I am safe to speak as long as I speak the truth and if you judge me….Do I even care? Duh!

Some people opt for a committed relationship while others are not ready for it. Like not all fingers are the same; not all the people believe in same thing (at-least not at the same time).Life goes through its own course and teaches us lesson. With every mistake we make we learn and gain new experience. My point is, some people choose non-committed relationship after being betrayed (though at first being in a committed relationship) while some shift from non-committed to very committed relationship as and when they think they’ve met the right person. So! We never know, it’s only a matter of time for how when and where each one of us switch the roles and seek any other options we have.

I am speaking a reality that many of us know it very well but dare not speak. I am not taking any sides here and if you ask me “I still strongly believe in the arrival of My Mr Right and stubbornly believe in theory of Soulmates”. Everything else is crystal clear but what I don’t get is …despite having these options why do some people commit to someone but cheat behind their back and deceive? I mean what are they? Not normal for sure and sick I guess! They might say that “It’s not like I have committed a murder or something?” but I tell you, playing with someone’s true emotion is no less sin.

Non-committed relationship is acceptable (if everyone involved knows the truth) but cheating is simply not acceptable. So it’s better to be clear in your mind first. “It’s your life and sure you have all the right to live the way you want to but no one gives you any right to deceive someone else and destroy others life(I am referring to cheaters here so plz don’t mind me saying “You) 🙂

Choose your path as you wish, like I had mentioned in my 1st para “It’s not like you don’t have an option”…You sure do and many…

Long live Honesty! Cheers!


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