Love Is …

Love is not someone you fancy or someone you are attracted to. Love is not the one you are engaged with due to circumstances or even have babies with. Love is not even someone you marry-Come on! How many marriages that we’ve seen have lasted? Marriage has indeed become a business deal-a compromise.

It’s human that betray but love is innocent,It’s human that make rules but love know no rules.Love to me is someone you long to be with even in old age or someone you couldn’t do without during your childhood because love is most visible in the absence of lust. It does not desire sexual pleasure or seek financial gain. Love only knows how to love-Unconditionally!

Keep Loving !


Love Is...

5 thoughts on “Love Is …

  1. I believe what you believe. I always believed what you believed. I’ll always believe what you’ll believe. Love is feeling above all feelings. When Love happens, you’re no more you. Your prayers are no more for you, now it’s for her. Your care is no more for you, now it’s for her. Love is most real thing in the world. When Love happens, you can’t hide it. The person becomes your world. Love is a sacrifice, you sacrifice your happiness for her. We compromise, we eat what she likes to eat, we wear what she likes, we do what she likes. Because Love is giving not taking. Love is an extra ordinary feeling. In your thoughts, you’ve her. She becomes your strength as well as weakness. That’s LOVE IS..


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