Forgetting and forgiving is what keeps one happy

“Forgetting and forgiving is what keeps one happy.” I’ve always believed so and still do-now I agree even more strongly. Rephrasing it again … Forgiving part I get it but how do we forget? People often say-Forget the past in order to move on, that maybe true but how do we permanently erase it from our memory? We might have to completely lose our mind in order to do so?

Well! How about-not trying so hard just to forget, today or anytime soon? Can’t forget-don’t! Keep the memory, bcoz: if it wasn’t for all those mistakes you wouldn’t learn today, if it wasn’t for all those previous failures you wouldn’t be successful today.

There will come a day when with every passing time w/o even realizing those terrifying experiences will be gone for good. Give yourself sometime to forget but don’t take too long to forgive. You should not hold grudges because this life is too short to waste on hatred. Some wise man said-“Anger hurts you more than the person who upset you.”Wiser way out is to forgive. Assert positively! “That poor fellow was just a marionette in the hands of God, doing things what he was programmed to do”. Grant pardon! And let go because he/she did what they had to, in order to make you.

I strongly believe everything happens for a reason and yes they do. Life lessons come in different faces, some in blood relation while some in love relation. It could be your father, cousin, your friend or a boyfriend, could be anyone. Could be those you love, those you hate or those you simply ignore (or lets’ say those you try to ignore). Loved ones influence you and you hate those who disappoint you-Right? Well the trickiest part here is to get influenced by those who disappoint you. Think! If there were no pain you wouldn’t gain this strength today, if there were no heartbreaks you wouldn’t value what you have today.

Roads to Life are never too easy and it will never be bcoz they weren’t designed that way. It’s ok to fall-Failure is not those who fall but those who never step up after they fall. Like Mr Emerson said it, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”

I am neither an expert, nor intending to pass on hints or tricks on “10 ways to Let Go”-blah blah whatever it is. I am just an ordinary; sharing things that I have personally experienced while I myself am making mistakes, learning and healing in the process.

So I say “I forgive though I may not forget.” Things that they did and those whoever they are –shouldn’t matter. What matters is-what they did to harm somehow seem to benefit. Few instances as such-I haven’t forgotten. Even today, I often look back and SMILE … I Smile to see how far I’ve made it. I may be nobody but at least I am a better version of myself today and with every misery I only get better. Idk if there ever is gonna be “The Happy Ending” but I can proudly claim whatever is to come; I am prepared.

Happy Reading !

$hri§T 🙂

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