If life prepared you like exams do….

If life gave you a chance like exams do? How prepared would you be? We are always prepared for exams but life (It never comes with a warning bell). We may have passed all exams till date but there are many who have failed numerous chapters in life.

Text throws us a question which you can assume and answer but LIFE! Even if it throws you an answer, you won’t be able to question. Like in exams, wish in life too we could sit for re-test again and again so that we could correct our actions, those which were misspelled, misread, misinterpreted or simply missed out. Wish we could go back in time and erase the errors from the past and if given a chance I swear to god! “I promise I would pen down the moment almighty would say “Time’s Over”.

Every year upon purchasing a new book there in the front cover we write our name, grade and it’s amazing how every year with every growing grade, we are leaving so much behind…Phase from Nursery to KG, One, Two till date…It’s saddening how with every “new” experience that we gain, we tend to lose more than we realize. Time is so ruthless that it steals our past and sometimes leaves no present (coz even at present we long our past). It’s funny the way it sounds, how with ‘New Time we grow Old’ and in ‘Old times, we were so Young’!

And this time, time has brought me to my final year’s exam .So here I am preparing for my finals, trying to concentrate…focus out from my past and focus in at the present…So I read “XY did this XY did that but why on earth should I even care who the hell XY is, or the things XY did and dates when XY did it? Seriously! Right now all I care is about-what I did, what I could have done and what I can do….It seems I am loosing focus, though I recognize words and I am reading them loud but I don’t know what I am reading but still am reading them…

Don’t feel like but I must go back to reading, good luck to me with my……not exams but life coz I will pass the exams for sure but life? I am quite not sure about that. So this time I must save some luck for life. Though have failed few lessons in life, can’t afford to get used to it. Without the dates, without the warning bell, without the routine, without the admit card, without it all -this time want to make it to life!

Happy Reading- $hri§T 🙂

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