Dear …

This isn’t my first time trying to avoid being in contact with you, this ain’t my 1st attempt to end it with you but this time I’ll make sure it’s my last try. I’ve tried every possible ways to keep u off my mind. Trying to get distant with you wants me to want u even more but I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. Now let’s not delay for it might be too late. Funny but here I am trying to end what we never had -It’s time to call off the relation unrelated. It’s funny I am about the break up -but when were we together anyway?

Too bad we don’t have any choice for how when and where we fall in love with whom. Feelings simply arouse and it does come with a prior admonition. I wish I hadn’t fallen for you but I dint had any choice here too. You are not that what I had planned but you simply happened.

I admit am Philophobic-I fear falling deeply in love; I fear the pain in love, I fear being the one who waits. I must let you go-I must. I know sooner or later you are going to leave so why not now? Leave me now so that the memories won’t be too much to forget, emotions won’t be too deep to suppress and tears won’t hurt too much when they fall. You’ve got option and you’re undecided BUT…I don’t want to be an option I want to be a choice, If not yours someone else’s so don’t want to waste your or my time.

I cannot wait until the day when you finally decide to dump me.I cannot risk my life for sth that I am not even sure about, and I am not sure about this coz you yourself are not sure about this. You are undecided and confused so that keeps me lingering. I don’t prefer enjoying the meal if that’s not on my plate. I better be content with my own share.

It’s true, we fall in love not just once and I was fortunate to get that second chance but this time I don’t want fall; I want to rise. Love is the only reason I chose to be with you and same should be your case. Love makes you “Do” and not “Think” but if you are thinking and still thinking that means, you are thinking of ways to lie (manipulate).In that case, why don’t you try your luck with some bimbo.

Not everyone can stop you from doing the things that you would do anyway. If not in front,you would do it at any chance you get (If you know what I am getting at?). You hiding and doing it and never getting caught is not the point-You not wanting to do it at all is the main point. You remain faithful bcoz you want to prevent her from getting hurt- that’s when u know you are really in love.

Someone somewhere is there for you like someone somewhere is there for me. You know you are in love when…despite all the freedom you choose to remain faithful, your concern towards another person’s feeling, you understanding her unspoken words, you prioritizing her protection over your comfort-That Is when you know you are in Love.There is no other feeling greater than falling in love and there should just be one reason to be with somebody and that is love.

Take Care !

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