Getting back to who I used to be…

Back Then…

When I lived I lived only in the present,
When I gave I gave to the fullest (200 of 100 %).
When I believed I believed only in one tense,
There was neither past nor future coz only present made sense.

I was happy being me until G@jN&&$H &uUcked it all away…

Then came you-but by then I had changed. I was no more the same girl who believed to live in every moment. I was more concerned of the future consequence.Alert to my past experience I was unconsciously leaving my present behind. I was trying to play safe to secure my heart from getting hurt in the future but I must have been a fool… coz now I realize,getting insecure at present with my future was indeed ruining my present. I was unknowingly inviting what I had been trying to avoid. I was ruining my today with some stupid prediction about tomorrow.

Time is flying faster than we realize so for the cure, I wanna get back to who I used to be before.I cannot afford to lose the only thing that has made me alive..(If Sush D is the reason I live,you are the reason i am alive).

Below are my previous thoughts which I need to re-implement:

I Have You Now And Right Now Is All I Have; Yesterday Is Long Gone Tomorrow Can Wait But All We Have Is Today To Celebrate-$hri§T

I May Have 1000 Reasons Why Not To Be With You But I Chose To Focus In Any One Reason Why I Should Be With You And That Reason Be Love….Let’s Not Decide Anything Let The Destiny Decide For Us Both-$hri§T

Life Is Short,Make It Big By Living Every Moment To The Fullest And Not Leaving A Single Moment To Live-$hri§T

I Know Not All Moments Are Mine, That’s The Reason I Leave No Opportunity To Smile-$hri§T

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