Here I am sharing something with everyone with an intention of being heard by someone. I am not expecting anything from anyone but probably something from someone. I can give up anything for someone because he is everything to me.

But why does me wanting something from him is so much for him to give? Why does my someone at times act like everyone? Everything works smooth as long as I keep my feelings shut but the moment I let is out ,is the moment he gets hurt. Now, should I be content with what he gives or do I vouch for what I want ?Is how much he gives is what I deserve ? Or do I deserve what I really want?

Someone is happy as long as I am giving,loving,understanding,compromising but the moment I want something in return, my someone treats me as if I am his no one.

Attention everyone !Everything mentioned here is about someone and hopefully no one is annoyed instead everyone enjoyed this short tale on someone. And dear someone,no one understands you and loves-the way I do, you know that too. So will you stop acting like everyone ?


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