You Are The Minor!

Before briefing on the topic that somehow convinced you to give it a reading, let me sum up few things, on its opposed i.e. Majority. As said, Majority holds a lot of power especially on today’s world.IDK how true but “Majority Counts”.One makes a difference-Yes! And one more makes a huge difference. More the merrier right?

How many friends on FB? How many followers on twitter? How many hits on your blog? How many records topped? How many copies of book you’ve sold? How many? “Oh! There are just too many of How many”.From voting for the right candidate to choosing the right celebrity and rating them for their stardom; Majority counts. Singer, actors, authors, writers, people from all profession gain recognition among the mass and their popularity totally based on number of admirers and followers they have. Most realties shows evaluate the winner based on majority votes one gets .If majority agrees it has GOT TO BE IT.

Don’t understand why other’s opinion is so important.Isnt it something like saying “You Exist Only If‐ I SAY‐YOU EXIST”.

Minor among majority feels left out and tormented.Mass has the power to control it, confirm it, corrode it even if the majority of the mass are culprit.It may be my illogical fallacy or may be an intellectual prophecy. Who decides? Yeah! Again the majority.

What a world we are living in where plurality is emphasized, gross is glorified and minor is just a miniature. We seem to be forgetting that its one that makes a difference (and a huge one).Majority or the society wasn’t built over night. It started with one and flourished into many. I believe God is only one but many people, their various thinking resulted in different religion where we find god in different shape and size.

Majority means the greater part or number and minority meaning lesser.If majority is what counts does that imply minors doesn’t fit the account? People who are different from others are the minor but their genuineness does not decrease just because they are few in number. Not to forget outstanding and extraordinary are always few in number. You are Minor therefore you are considered mad that consideration again confirmed by the majority who are insanely mad but thinks the other way round coz they are too many in number for minority to defeat.

I may sound like a mad person doing all the blabbering but I must say mad to me makes a lot of sense .Am not a misanthrope or against the majority but I prefer to focus‐in, those who are focused‐out.

Not all those who stand odd among the crowd are loser; he who stands out is indeed a leader.Minor doesn’t need any confirmation from the majority to claim their genuineness; that’s the attitude one should possess.

Minor am I? Yes! You‐ you, you, we all are the minor.You Are The Minor; Yet You Outsmart The Majority


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