Congratulations! You’ve Just Been Rejected.

Rejection of any kind is hard to take but life is not a smooth sailing so you will have to live with it. It’s a part of life as time will not always be in your favor (not all the time).Strange as this may sound but the truth is, Rejection what it may seem like at the moment is not really a rejection but only a medium to guide you through your destiny. These refusal will give you pain, tears, realization and one day you shall wake up to experience that it does not hurt anymore (like it used to), your tears will run dry and you will feel stronger than yesteryears. Someday no amount of tears, heartbreak or rejections (of any kind) can break you down. Nothing can stop you from becoming who you are to become. No matter how lost you feel, destiny is gonna find you.

I heard it somewhere it says:“Don’t regret anything that you do because ultimately it makes who you are today or somebody you are to become someday. After all, all experience contributes to who we are meant to be. Understand this, harder the path becomes, bigger you are to become. Thomas Edition the famous scientist says;“Many Life’s Failure Are People Who Did Not Realize How Close They Were When They Gave Up”. That’s why I say:“You try you fail, you try you fail, you try you fail again but the only failure is when you stop trying”. Sometimes “Worst Things Happen For The Best And What May Seem Like A Failure Now Can Be An Opportunity For Sth Even Better”.

Where you are meant to be? What you’re destined to achieve? And somebody that you are to be someday, you don’t know it yet as future is uncertain but you never know what future has in store ; maybe god has some better plans for you than you have for yourself. When you are rejected you feel unwanted and worthless. At such moment you are in the state of mind where nothing pleases you, all you want to do is keep shut, and all you want to be is invisible. Such a feeling will make you want to spend more time with yourself, alone, contemplating but look at its positive side…Such an instance is actually providing you an opportunity to come closer to yourself .Think ! How many of us have time for such a moment?

We have dedicated all our time for all the rush and no time to sit down, relax and talk to oneself, amidst all the haste we seem farther from our self and become somebody else.We all are living but barely alive. We try to look as perfect for how we’re gonna be desired, we’re gonna act like how we’re gonna be noticed, amid this whirlpool of confusion; where are we, who are we, what have we become? But if rejection is gonna provide us that opportunity to get to know our self better than sure it is worthwhile. Taking sometime off and contemplating, connecting to our soul, consoling our inner yearnings and responding to our instinct will help us revive our spirit. You have nothing to lose but just few tears and in return you get-new you.

Anyone who is afraid of failure or to face rejection will never taste the real pleasure of success. Unlucky are those who are so called “lucky” because it’s only those who’ve starved get to experience the real taste and pleasure from food.When things become difficult and going gets tough ,when every effort seem to bring disappointment, that will be the time to water down you goal. You’ll have to slow down BUT only to amplify you ability. For instance : Like an arrow is pulled backward before it moves forward and like a trigger is pressed to aim higher, similar is your case. These small blunders are just a temporary set back and any as such temporary thing cannot hold you back (not for too long).So never let such temporary set-back hold you back.

All those tears you’ve cried, all those pain you’ve endeavored, all those push backs are ultimately gonna help you to speed up to the top. So don’t worry if you are rejected…don’t worry at all even if you are rejected time and again because what you are meant to be is not gonna come easy. So welcome all kinds of rejections open heartedly coz on the long run you will find it was all worth it.Thank day you might want to look back and smile and thank all those rejections for guiding you towards your right path. Don’t be afraid of challenges, obstacles or rejection, it’s those frightful things that will ultimately take away your fears.

Rejected and you are shown the back door but that door on the back could be just another beginning.Different and irregular route, but definitely not the wrong direction as some might presume. You are to make your path and find the way out, no matter which turn you take is always right, the only mantra is to keep going.You might question: Why me? Why in the whole wide world me to be chosen for this road full of hurdles? God chose you because you are the right choice and we better not question god’s deeds.You’ve probably been chosen because no one else could fit perfectly in your situation. We all have a role to play and each one of us are assigned with certain things, so each must do our part,coz if we won’t, no one else will.

There is only one you and no other can replace you. Similarly you are chosen for this task because no one else could embrace such ugliness as beautifully as you could. So you say what ? you are rejected? Congratulations once again for you have been rejected (Again). 🙂

God Bless All !
$hri§T 🙂

14 thoughts on “Congratulations! You’ve Just Been Rejected.

  1. Where you are meant to be? What you’re destined to achieve? have you read jean paul sarte being and nothingness though i haven’t read the whole book well was far too difficult to understand him but i did get my message from few words .also may want to watch ‘when Nietzsche wept’ just watched it few hours ago was pretty good from my standing .just trying to give you alternative view of the world though myself ain’t able to grasp it wholly but still . i did notice we are similar in many ways of thinking with few differences and i feel like me trying to bridge the gap through ‘being and nothingness’ but you are you and me well me 🙂 .i also have a do not give up attitude i think few years back well more than few years back when our team was playing football well losing heavily well my whole team did give up and stopped even trying well it was only i running after the football though i was unable to even touch the football well the other team was too damn good but i did not give up i kept trying until time ended well we lost but still ..not a inspiring story but the point was i also think i do not give in in life just like you 🙂 see i see you cheeky avater line but still ..i am not coming on to you or something here 🙂 seriously i am not i just like how you think we two are bit similar may be it is because of the star sign i do not want to believe in it but maybe …
    also i thing you are trying to give yourself hope in times and the title is bad in my view (well engulfed by todays media you 🙂 well it is just flashy trying to catch people attention by saying the not so obvious .
    hope you have your loves those thing you love to do come true well it does sounds a bit like you are waiting for a miracle well those things are achievable but still i just thought
    as for me i ‘will’ sky dive in Mt Everest :)someday yes someday


  2. well ‘we cannot stop the natural flow of thoughts’ well its a line from gorillaz stops the dams .thought it was appropriate with the length of my above article


    1. Hellow there pawan !

      Nope I hvnt had a chance to read “Being and Nothingness”(Not yet)and also I hvnt watched the movie “When Nietzsche Wept”…but now that uve mentioned..I betta look for one.

      Let me rephrase what uve mentioned above..”I Guess We Are Similar But In Different Ways,You Are You And I No Doubt Am Me ” 🙂

      Go getter attitude in u huh !?!Good to go !So ure into football and sports?Hmm cool !Talking abt inspiration…What’s the fun in the competition if it becomes win win situation.Someone has to lose and your not giving up easy & go getter attitude in itself is an inspiring (for me at least).

      Also abt dreaming big,all I can say is that,”Miracle Is Just A Name You Give To Sth That U Achieve Esp When U Dnt Want To Credit Ureself”.

      And Good luck to you abt that.. “sky diving” Mt Everest?Wooo ! Hope you come out,one piece Hehe ! 😉


  3. oh your wants is connected i see . i think you want to or ought to be a very famous writer , earnings will follow and well rest will flow with it 🙂 .i just said the miracle part for i see a lot of god in your article literally :)..
    which religion do you follow ?who is your god ? do try to understand my question ..part of being and nothingness (existence precedes essence) .


    1. @Pawan: I was born Hindu but I wouldn’t place myself with following one particular…I believe there is only one god that every religion names differently and I strongly believe there is only one Religion i.e Religion Of Humanity ! TC ! 🙂


  4. There are so many people out there wanting to write about themselves and their thoughts but there are few who really writes. It is not necessary that one should be correct about the words in-scripted out from one’s thought, as our thoughts are innocent.
    I salute to those who writes! I salute to those who knows the essence of words!


  5. ah i did not asked the question to know your answer ,i asked it for you to dwell on it…do you ever ask your self why there are so many religions and gods …my belief is depressing but still , like jean paul sarte said we are condemned to be free .and i am telling you this because of your ‘destiny’ belief just in case .it is like Buddha said ‘we are our choices ‘.hey i might end up making you a depressed person like me 🙂 well i find everything we do simply pointless (stupid social creations = programmed) :).i do not know what i need to do but i do know what i want to do (well i just thought if it made me feel bad maybe it will make me feel good).


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