Formulas Fail To Fulfill Their Intention When It Comes To Human Emotion

There are no any hard and fast rules or formula you can apply to make someone fall for you or avoid your self from falling for anyone. Formulas Fails To Fulfill Their Intention When It Comes To Human Emotion.That does not serve any purpose and even if you think it does (that is just gonna be a plausible excuse you wanna give your self for self assurance).You could always try doing things just the opposite of what you actually wanna do, in order to win over someone but am just saving all that time and effort for you.

There are many strategies to apply, as there are plenty of free advices available. One more goes out for free from me :). I bet once in a while every one might have tried using one strategy or the other at least once in your lifetime to either win over someone or to avoid someone. This might have started way back:Your first crush(maybe), your x, your current BF/GF, your wife/husband (could be whoever).And if you say Nooo ! Haven’t ever tried using such strategies on no one..Than , Let me help you sharpen your memory 😉

Below are few tricks people use or some suggest others to use and right below that is me spicing it with my wit lol!

• Don’t chase her if you want her to chase you back.
>Fine! If you won’t chase her than be prepared to see her in someone else’s arm .

• Avoid her to make her notice you
>Cool!Avoid her and soon she will unnotice you( I came up with that word ehh)

• Compliments are imperative. Praise her even if you have to exaggerate.
>Ok! Praise her about her looks and she shall introduce you to her doctor ,who helped her get those perfect shape lol (Just kidding)but guys..come one!!No1 is so dumb anymore!

• Control your emotions and exhibit just the opposite.
>Yeah Rgt! I bet u will look rather hunk with those mixture looks: creased brows and puppy eyes, lips want to pout but somehow you manage to straighten that up (I can imagine).U Look Good Ehh! 😉

• >First impression is the last impression.
Wat duhhh !! Is it? Unless you don’t wanna provide her with more opportunities to know you better and love you more for who u are in real.

• > A man can surely tempt a girl with the mention of his salary
>I ask? Is that the type of a gurl you really wanna end up with? Or even spare u’re cash on? Ok! I can hear that—As U Wish !!Haha 🙂

• > Spruce It up or as Barney Stinson sys-Suit Up!
>Yup! And she goes..Oh!! Georgia Armani suit BUT “Made In China !?!” LOL! Come on guys stop faking it!

Hey stop it ! I can see you all are interested in noting down those inutile techniques and not concentration on what my message is about. That’s not my main purpose for writing this blog. Before you all even think of applying all those worthless techniques..think –think once again..can one prediction work for all the rest? Guys all girls are different and so are the size of their feet and the number of their sandal lol ! If you all want to go ahead and try it, which I am sure some of you all will do it anyway. …Just remember one thing: You may want to keep pressing the next bottom as there are variety and numerous option handy but I bet those girls you are hitting on gonna find even more options to chose which part of your body to hit 1st,. ;)this will leave u with no other option but to come back to my blog haha.Am just bragging that up(the blog part).Strategies are many that you all can use to fake it up.Sure some fish might be trapped on your net and they may even turn around to see but be prepared it might also be for a slap ! Oops ehh (that was a hard one)! Ehh 😉

This wasn’t intended for guys alone but just ended up happening soo gulyz(not to disappoint you all,I have got sth for you all too).IDK how many of you have watched the movie or read a book “He’s Just Not That Into You”.If not yet than you should grab the book or a DVD ASAP coz the writer and the production house is gonna pay me certain amount haha Just kidding. If not than read its comprehensive idea here on by blog BUT SAVE THIS FOR LATER;AFTER HAVING READ THIS ;):

Coming back to the point…by not doing things that you wanna do and spending all the effort and time improvising irrationally-won’t do any good. Better than feeding yourself with such crap rather be your most dynamic self, and let the chips fall where they may. That will save all the time, all the money and effort, that too for the right girl.:)

You all might have taken advice from your friends or family to help you get that attention from someone you are attracted to. Well! It’s always good to take help from your near and dear ones, those are the person who cares about you and are your well wishers, but intentionally instead of helping they might ruin it all. We all have distinct qualities; something that will work with one will not always work with another .Still if you wouldn’t want to listen than go ahead buy one of your friend’s advices. Dress like how he would and help them picturesque their fancy (Remember,you are just playing dummy; an experimentation).

Ok! Let’s assume that your friend’s suggested strategy actually worked and she fell in love with you. But don’t you think that you actually made her fall in love with one of your friend ? As you were pretending yourself to be. You are lucky if it works but how long would it last ?How long can you pretend not being yourself .If you say that you are ready to change yourself for her love and continue faking it, Well ! Trying that will only frustrate you as you can’t fake it for long. Finally one day when she won’t feel the connection as it was never you she fell in love with….Anyway why on earth would you think that you deserve being loved for who are not. Rather! Be Hated For Who You Are Than To Be Loved For Who You Are Not (have some dignity).

On contrary JIC if the strategy fails and she disapproves in rage you will also have to bear that slap and scorning which your friend should deserve. If you think it’s worth taking risk than go ahead do as you please but my only suggestion…Have some guts to open all doors of approval or rejection(at least in this case you are going to merit you’re your very own profit and loss).No one to blame, no hassle, no drama… You are solely gonna be responsible for yourself. Take the risk and let her hate you or love you for who you are. Get that slap if u must (at least this time you will own it for being yourself).So what if you fail few times ? Ultimately you will find the one who will love you back for who you really are and not someone who she thinks you to be, or what others want you to be.True Treasures Are Hard To Find.In any case,would you like to be with somebody who doesn’t want you to be you? Make things easier for her and ask her to find someone else.

It’s time we break the ice and get to know ourselves a little better. We all should stop assuming and analyzing. Stop listening to some or any love guru. Being Authentic And True To Your Self Is The Best Way To Be. And as I say “No Greater Sin than Lying and No Supreme Immortality than Telling the Truth”. Do as your heart please and always trust your feelings. Some wise man said it and he/she said it right. “Heart May Be On The Left, But It Is Always Right”. Avoid all the barriers and follow your intuition.Choose the path of truth w/o any hesitant, let’s try it out and see how we can better built this new world based on truth(no matter how bitter it gets).

Be Yourself, Be Content With Who You Are And Do As U Wish.Follow this 3 mantras in life and see how things blossoms.BTW this is suggested for good hearted people coz I don’t want t be responsible for aspiring people with wrong deeds to remain being bad and being content with their bad behaviors and continue doing things that they want to, like: banging and bashing things as they please LOL! 🙂 Here again, If I may sound like I am misguiding you (than don’t trust me if your heart tells you not to).

I hope I’ve accomplishing my desired end .You see,Advice Is Very Easy When It Comes To Providing But Try Implying And Tell Me If You Won’t Tremble ehh !That’s me !Take Care You All ! 🙂


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