My Experience At Machan Wildlife

Oct 15 2010 Friday, me and one of my friend decided to backpack this Dashain.We made our trip to Machan Wildlife and Bandipur. Just two days before Phulpati ,while all the people were preparing for the big day, we prepared for the the big break lol.We escaped to explore the woods and up-close the nature.Dashain is the major festival in Hinduism, when special rituals are performed . It’s the day of feasting where animals are sacrificed to celebrate goddess Durga’s victory of good over evil. Taking about rituals, I did nothing less and did celebrate but differently. While most people were feasting all sorts of non-veggies, I chose to turn vegetarian this Dashain because animals look good where they belong rather than in the oven or on the plate. No offense to non-vegetarians, but it’s just a personal choice. Backpacking for a trip during such major festival and secluding oneself on the day of gathering and get-together was an extreme contrast but was equally everlasting and amazing experience.

Machan Wildlife Resort

MWR is located at the place called ‘Sunachuri’,Chitwan. They have two different properties in Chitwan, Machan Wildlife Resort (MWR) & Machan Paradise View (MPV).They have their own separate area for which royalty is paid to the government and the best season to visit Machan is from October to May. You can also find Machan Resorts On Facebook.Activities at Machan Includes: Nature Walks, Bird-Watching, Canoeing, Jeep Safari, Elephant Ride, Elephant Bathing, Cultural Programs, Briefing on cultural tribes and animals, Landscaping and many more…

Watch Out For Eyes Of An Animals Flashing Frm The Woods.

There Are 3 Options To Reach Machan:
1. By Flight: 25 minutes flight from KTM to Bharatpur. The distance from Bharatpur airport to Machan is about 40 kms and takes about 45 minutes drive.
2. Private hired vehicle: It takes about 4-5 hours drive
3. Tourist bus: Stops at Tadi Bazaar, which is about 28 kms from Machan.

We took Tourist bus from KTM.As we got off the bus,there was a Jeep waiting for us at ‘Tadi Bazaar, from there we headed towards resort. As Resort is located inside the jungle, Landrover is the means to transport as it drives through the rough terrain crossing the Rapti River. On our way to Machan me and my friend, we were barely talking to each other, not because we had nothing to talk about but without much talk we both seemed to be enjoying. View was captivating, sound and smell from the woods was truly mesmerizing. In between we would exchange looks, still without much to utter. But that subtle smiley eyes and lips on our face said it all.

Driving Across Rapti River

Nothing could be more pleasing than getting close to the nature. No matter how advance mankind may get with all the Hi-Fi Technologies and Latest Gadgets but soon one will lose interest from it. But when it comes to simplicity and authenticity, this never runs out of trend. No matter how hard you party at the end of the day, you long for home.No matter how many delicacies you may have tried but your major food shall always remain daal, bhaat, tarkati and achar(For Nepalese of course). I suggest one should take a break every once or twice a year from their monotonous routine and go serene .Coming close to the nature will help you rejuvenate yourself and this will actually help you find the real you.

Viewing Landrover Across The River

As we got off the Jeep,I was thinking I wouldn’t have enough energy do anything until next day but on seeing such ambiance I couldn’t resist to get into the pool, and I did just that,Splash !!Oops ehh !;)

Pool @ Machan

As per what I have assumed MWR don’t have food menus like normal resort or restaurant would offer, instead they serve you light and healthy food with options you can choose from. That is very concerned of them because while you are on your vacation and esp. on adventurous trip, it’s very important that you eat right and light to avoid falling sick. Imagine! After after all that time you took out from your busy schedule and spent all that money to make your journey worthwhile…but all got ruined because unexpectedly you fell sick? Too bad right? So fueling your body right amount will make you feel good on the inside and when you feel good from the inside you will definitely bestow the same on the outside.

Before the elephant safari we were asked to put on full sleeves so that we don’t get injured by the branches and the wild anonymous insects as nothing is predictable in the wild. We did as told but despite which I got hit by netted leaves on my hand .It was somewhat like Sishnu and it happened within the blink of an eye . It took me almost 5-6 hours to get my hand back to its normal shape lol. While my hand was running out of shape haha ,same time my friend got stung by an insect on the eyes and she was struggling to get it off. Getting into the wild is not always fun and comforting.You can always expect the unexpected.

Elephant Safari

Night time at Machan was such fun, lights on the resort prolly must have looked like a candle in the the middle of GREEN FOREST when viewed by huge Gorilla from his height LOL! Heights of imagination YAY ! Such delightful ambiances to lighten up the mood .Could hear the sound of a night, insect buzzing and the nature at the background (you all know what I mean,can u also hear what I mean? lol !)…Sitting before the camp fire and sipping that local beer from a glass and guff gaff with Ram dai and one of the guard was really fructifying. As that chill beer was being refilled, we all were getting all charged up and than the real talk began…wanna know the topic?? ? ….P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S lol! Wait ! Don’t you run away its interesting (Trust me).Hehe

I was surprised to see my friend Neha keeping herself updated with the current political situation of Nepal. There are many more who have alienated oneself from this matter (Including myself). That’s why I have mentioned above, that the conversation was truly and eye opener for me.When you ask someone about his/her political view, these are the probable answers you are likely to get: Politics! Not interested, Is a dirty game, Is an unfair play, Is a bargain between beggars and so on.. but again if you ask the same person, what do you know about politics or the politicians? Then he/she may run out of words. That’s the problem here. We all are commenting on something that we know nothing about. We seem to be Real Bindass People /Coolest People on earth !

Chit Chat @ Nyte Tyme With Ram Dai,Guard,Neha And Myself

Back in the time when British was ruling half of the world, they were successful in doing so because they never under estimated their opposer and always kept themselves updated be it adapting their native language or culture.So when you say you say you are not interested in Politics that means you don’t like politics,or lets be direct,you hate politics right?So to win yourself over you better know Politics. It’s important, one should do Master in the field they want to combat. Meaning, one should know everything about the opposing party to win over,targeting their weakest point and not undervaluing opponent’s strength could help.

Pardon me for I am trying fetishize Politics in between, but it’s the part of my experience and realization @ Machan.So? Let’s talk politics. I beg-please have a sit. ..Someone knowledgeable and wicked and we call them? Playing politics, Office politics (also the survival of the fittest lol) .Maybe that’s why they say; “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. That’s obvious in human nature.

Still ! not Interested in Politics?Hmmm When it comes to interest no one can force anyone but how one can not be interested in their own life style as politics includes our daily activities. Everything that we do is politics; it’s the daily life style, activities, the entire system for how we run our life and how our life runs this nation and how this nation makes one country and how all countries makes a globe and the universe. Big picturing the cycle (Hehe).And running away from politics is like running away from the food that we eat, clothes that we buy, fuel that we fill up, salary that we get at the end of a month with subtracted TDS (tell me if you won’t be interested to know how much Tax is deducted?

Youths today are not interested in Politics maybe that’s one reason for why our country is still lacking behind despite having abundance of resources from the nature. We don’t lack anything all we lack is initiative. I alone can’t change the world, I alone can’t step in the field and expect the troop of youths to follow me, me mentioning about the political situation in the middle of the topic out from my trip might not help full fledged but I can always try and even if a single person gets the incite from my writing and are compelled to think seriously on the matter than my effort is not futile.

Ram dai was really concerned about this matter and was hopeful towards educated people to take some initiative and actually do something to enlighten many uneducated people like him. This almost made me shameful, while someone uneducated like Ram dai who has spent almost half of his life in the suburbs have such concern, what all we have been doing? Updating our FB status about our break up and patch up? Finding a high paid job? Busy money making? Applying for Study abroad and never returning back to our country?…That’s saddening! Studying abroad is good but not returning back is not good (Here I am trying to play safe for what if I go abroad for my further studies sometime in future lol),Yall might say it bluntly “talk the talk walk the walk” 😉

So we as the youth of today,we have the power in our hand to change tomorrow.Lets get into the dirty game(Politics s they say it).I wouldn’t mind dirtying my hand to clean things up,will you?
More Info and query about Machan:

Machan Wildlife Resort
Machan Paradise View
Head Office
Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
P.O.Box : 3140
Tel: 977-1-4225001, 4245401/402
Fax : 977-1-4240681
E-mail :

4 thoughts on “My Experience At Machan Wildlife

  1. politics in itself ain’t worst but how it is played makes it worst well in most of the countries in this entire world well almost in every country developed or undeveloped or underdeveloped.Have you ever noticed political system is either divided in which case some support someone while other supports others hence some does not like the others politics.And where there is full support well its hardly plausible but in such cases mostly it is dictatorial state hence hated by the rest (well in the name of democracy).man or women is born free but lives in chains and politics takes a big part in that chain .well we cannot cut the the chains (i do imagine and hope it happens :)john Lennon ) but it is not happening soon so when we have to live in a chain and here i agree with your view why not make it a better chains .well we created the chains and we can make it a better chain.we do have the power to change .people tend to forget the power of people.common people should take initiative for the change .you are correct about the money part too .. first step politics is synonymous to money hence transparency in the financial transaction .well how is the money is being spent well that money ain’t of politicians so they may have to give full account by full fully detailed i mean .people should start doing something about it as for me i am busy with my life :).

    wild life must had a great time 🙂 the pics looks awesome


    1. I agree wit u and that was my point too.Like u’ve put it in wrds..”Politics in itself ain’t worst but how it is played makes it worst”…Hopefully our generation and the generation after makes it a better chains 🙂

      I too am not much into Politics as I aint that smart to outsmart the smartest ;)…But talking abt initiative,we all can contribute(all we need to do is….we all should do our jobs correctly and rest will be taken care of).It’s all the cycle that rotates as non of us can isolate or escape this cycle,we benefit frm it and we hve to bear the loss altogether 🙂

      Abt our trip to Machan..Yeah ! Was fun and was a gr8 experience.Thanx fo writing in and yes U TC & Happy Dipawali !


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